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   Chapter 7 Keep you anger to yourself!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 3342

Updated: 2018-06-04 22:52

Leah had slept from the time she got there till late into the night so by the time she had got up it was already pass mid-night, so she got up and went straight to the kitchen to look for something quick and easy to cook.

' I hope Dad has something that I can eat, hmm I am so hungry I can eat a whole cow' Leah thought.'

She found some left overs but she wasn't in the mood for rice so Leah just did a cup noodles before she went right back to sleep.


For the next few days Leah had just stayed home without talking one step outside, only thing was keeping her company was Viv calling her now and then and her annoying brother on days he doesn't have now she bored!

Leah had a few friends, and the ones she made was by no means associated with Adele or her gossipy friends.

After Leah had breakfast she messaged her good friend she met at a race track Johnathan who is a race car driver in the capital of Benvice.

Leah:' hey bro long time n

at Adele.

Adele heard what was said and she had no choice but to swallow her anger back down because if her secret was told to everyone she will be in big trouble, not to mention the reputation that she worked so hard to build at her campus.

"humph just don't do anything to disgraceful!" Adele said while walking back to her bedroom.

"Haven't you already done disgraceful things Adele so you should just keep that advise to yourself."

" LEAH!, Don't go to far!" ' if it wasn't for that secret you have on me do you think I would yield to you now'

Leah turn and walked through the door leaving Adele digging her nails into her palm until they bleed.

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