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   Chapter 6 Well Done!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 2417

Updated: 2018-06-03 12:52

Leah started to give both her dad and her brother their presents

" Lele what is this that it is wrapped up so tightly?"

"Huh, Oh that....." Leah let out a little chuckled, " Open and see for your self"

Father Perris opened the bag to his surprise he saw an old hand painted type mahjong that he can add to his collection he opened his eyes wide with disbelief

" Lele girl, where did you get this."

Leah was satisfied with her father's reaction

" I got it from an antique store in country Dubay, the man was moving to his birth country and he was packing up and shipping the antiques he had to his son and a few things happen while I was their and he give me the mahjong set at more than half the original p

alking to much.

"Anyways Dad see that Adele get the clothes I got for her I just was to take a nice bath and sleep after alli only have a short few months before I have to work till I drop" Leah said while gathering her stuff to go to her room to sleep for a while.

" Yes yes yes I will wake you back up later for dinner Ok .... so you can go up and rest." Theo didn't forget to hug and thank Leah for the clothes even tho he was still upset he didn't get his dream phone.

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