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   Chapter 5 Now you see!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 3856

Updated: 2018-04-29 15:55

Leaving the cruise ship Leah flagged down a cab while saying goodbye to Vivian

"See you in one month Viv." Leah hugged Vivian

"Yeah we finally get a little break so I am going to rest for the most part of my vacation, since once it is over we will be on the ship for the rest of the year which is a full five months" Vivian started to feel that one month of vacation is not going to be enough for the work that will have to be done want the vacation is over.

"Vivi you make sure to take care of yourself and say hi to your family for me"

"I will lele, message me when you arrive home alright and give that hard headed bro of yours a punch in the face for me" 'since I owe home a good beating' Vivian though

"Okay! Bye bye!" Leah waved Vivian bye before she got into the taxi to go home.


In one of country's Benvice suburb areas Leah arrived at the place she had called home for five years. Leah knocked on the door twice before someone answers

"Leah?" The one who answered the door is Leah adopted sister Adele. Adele was shocked but then she sneered " Aren't you suppose to be on a ship someway far from here!" Adele annoyingly said.

Adele her father and her brother went to the outskirts of country Shilna to find some relatives to see how they were, she never thought that they would have bought back another mouth to feed instead, she would always remember when she first saw Leah in tattered clothing dyed in blood that seemed not to be her own and two guns in her hands chanting save me save me, that was enough to make Adele want to vomit for days.

"So.... how long are you here for this time" Adele said while leaning on the door frame

"Adele you can ask your questions after I come inside" after Leah said that she walked in the house and brushed Adele shoulder. Adele turned around and sneered before she close the door " You know we are better off without you so

why bother coming back?"

"Because unlike you dad and Theo think of me as family and besides with the money I send back do you think you can wear the clothes you have on now!

"You!" Adele tried to talk back but like the words were stuck in her throat.

"Leah is that you downstairs?" A man with cane came down the stairs looking a bit tired

"Dad!" Leah ran to the man and give him a big hug and a kiss.

How have you been these part few months dad?" Leah said while tears came down her cheeks. After not seeing the adopted father for a few months he seemed to aged a little more.

"Lele!" A young energetic voice came from the backyard. " you finally remembered that you still have family at home."

" So sorry Theo but you already know once the ship goes out to see it will be a while before it gets back"

"Yeah yeah so.... What presents did you get for me this time"

"Well first present" Leah walked forward to her brother and give him a punch on his arm. "Ouch! What the hell was that for?"

" How would I know, Viv told me to give it to you in the face but I give it to you on your arm, so why does Viv want to beat you up hmmm. Leah ask Theo with one of her eyebrows raised

" Its just because I beat her in one of the online games that I played"

"Ooohh" Leah dragged it out as if realizing something

" Are you by any chance 'handsome love man'

Theo faced flushed when he heard the same " yeah so what am I lying? I am obviously handsome!" Leah and her Dad laugh at the sight of Theo showing off his confidence.

" and that's all you can ever do Theo and that's why you still failed your last test papers." Adele sneered at at everyone before she stomped upstairs to her room.

" Don't mind her Leah come come let's sit down and continue to chat my back is not what it used to be."

"OK dad" Leah held on to her father's arm and guided her to the living room and Theo followed.

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