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   Chapter 4 Deja Vu 2

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On board one of the most luxurious cruise ships the Casa Vin Fillio, at this moment all members of staff are being investigated for the missing money a few nights ago

"Detective as I told you before at that time I was working in in the dining area because they were short on staff". Leah said as the detective was giving her a hard time.

"I am just doing my job to make sure everyone stories add up to the night of the crime" just a few million dollars the the CEO is making a big fuss when he can easily compensate the money, why does he want to go through all of this? It is just to find the culprit or is there something deeper going on. The detective sighed.

"OK miss you may go now, until said otherwise".

Leah let out a sign of relief "so can we get off the ship now" the entire crew has been kept prisoners for the last two days while the passengers got to leave as soon as the boat docked.

"Lele I feel so suffocated in this ship the guess can leave but we can't"

" I know right Viv I just hope we can leave soon".


In one of the v.i.p cabins on board the ship.

"My Lord!" seeing the person who he called slowly open his eyes with a bloodthirsty cold like emotion Neil was a little startled

In a cold, detached and horsed voice " What is it Neil? You had better not have awoken me for trivial matters".

"No sir I have some news regarding the waitress from before that you told me to investigate". Hearing those words the man who was still sleepy was now wide awake.

"What is it tell me, every since I saw that girl's face I been feeling uncomfortable."

"I found out that the two of you have a sort of history together." The man eyes open wide for two seconds before going back to its original size. "Continue"

"Yes my lord, in my findings so far I found out she was once one of 'His' people.... And by his people I mean Krisner's inside people". When Neil was finish the man jolted up of the bed and stared intensely at Neil. " I though I suppressed him and all his people how is one of them able to escape and enter my domain?

" Neil was quiet for two seconds before opening his mouth again. " She was already out of our grasp before we suppressed Krisner my lord"

The man sneered " So they don't know where she is, if they had they would not have allowed me to suppress them until now."

Neil quickly continued " It seemed she went missing and since we suppressed his Intel he may not know that we have one of his people within our grasp right now."

"Correct if one of his inside people was captured and he had known about it he would have made his move, so the question is why and how did she enter this ship." The man started tapping the table top hear him while looking through the window of the ship to the city.

Neil decided to ask " Do you want me to fire the girl?"

"No don't keep her here let's see what she is up to, in the mean time you go and confined the investigation about our little visitor and keep a close eye on her as well."

"Yes my lord I will do as you wish" Be slightly bowed and left the room making sure to close the door behind him carefully.

The man continue to stare through the window deep in thought

' Krisner you bastard!.... You actually let her fall into my hands.... It Only took a little investigation and I already guessed who our little visitor is and you don't even know she is already in my hands hahahahaha let's see who is the winner in the next match! The man thought


Meanwhile somewhere far out on an abandoned island.

"Master we still can't find any news on her I fear...she may already be dead".

A man with black shoulder length hair laying lazily on a couch with one hand covering his eyes to block out the light slowly open his bloodthirsty hazel like eyes and spoke like a ghost with a slight horse voice

"It is time!.... We have been silent for five years now it is time to go and take and eye for and eye a tooth for a tooth from those who suppressed me, and about her if we can't find her I want to see her corpse, I don't believe she is dead!"

' you better not be' the man (on the island) thought to himself.

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