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   Chapter 2 I hate love 2

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 3313

Updated: 2018-04-12 18:36

Leah turned around and at the sight she saw she gasped!

"Such a handsome man" Leah though to herself.

Everyone in the dining area looked shock at the man they were seeing before there eyes. He was tall about "6 feet tall broad shoulders, even his face from the jaw line to the tip of his brows was shaped like a god like being, (having an attractive, well-proportioned, and imposing appearance suggestive of health, strength and good-looks)

Leah though to herself 'he looked so handsome like god carefully sculpted him with the utmost care.

The fat unruly man was most shock as this man stood right in front him

Upon realising who it was the fat man stood up

"b..boss, CEO Harry are your doing on this fine night"

The fat unruly man stood up to greet his boss with his hands rubbing together greedily like a child expecting a gift.

The man narrowed his eyes away from the fat man onto the waitress who was looking at him and he couldn't help but frown.

"What are you doing just standing there instead of serving customers" his voice was deep, husky and a little horse but the sexy kind and it also held authority, arrogance while a little overbearingness to it.

Leah cheeks were a little flushed about seeing his appearance but she snapped out of it when she heard his voice speaking to her

"Sorry sir I had just finish serving this customer but he keeps requesting me to call over the head chef"

"Oh... Is that so"

Hearing the man response the fat man, Leah and even the guess that was close by couldn't help but feel a little goose bumps when hearing g the dangerousness in his voice

".....Yes sir it is


The man shifted his eyes back and fourth from the fat unruly man to Leah three time before he finally spoke to the fat man

"This cruise ship is a luxury ship for those of upper standings or those who have money to spend since when does my cruise ship offer there services to ugly pigs"

The fat man mouth twitched upon hearing what the CEO Harry had said.

My apologizes CEO Harry I only wanted to compliment the head chef on a job well done with the food sir hahaha" the fat man nervously said while trying to keep himself from being shamed in front of everyone

" Our head chef time is precious and if he can't come he can't come so why is a little president of a little car dealership company trying to show off"

His words hit the unruly fat man right on his head like a hammer on a nail. The fat man gnashed is teeth together for the was CEO Harry emphasized the word little that came out his mouth twice in the same sentence

"Mr Grocy don't let me have to throw you of my ship and let your company go bankrupt if anything like this ever happens again"

"...yes yes Mr Harry I understand I understand"

"Good... We are done here"

Continue walking CEO Harry stopped a few steps in front and looked again at the waitress

"You!.....get back to work"

Leah jumped at the sudden call

" Yes Sir!"

CEO Harry continued to walk and Leah turned around and looked at his back with both amazement and confusion in her eyes ' for a moment I thought I knew him from somewhere' Leah thought to herself as she walked to serve other customers as she bowed to leave she turned and quickly left the fat man all by himself.

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