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   Chapter 1 I hate love

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 1487

Updated: 2018-04-06 09:04

On board the the Casa Vin Fillio one of the largest cruise ships in the world and being one of the largest cruise ships everyone knows it will be filled to the brim with some if the richest aristocratic families or people with a lot of money. Leah Perris is our main protagonist is about to lose her patient with an unruly fat customer.

"Sir the chef already said he can't meet with you right as he is busy serving other important guest"

"Hump!!! Or do you mean getting his have on money by curry favoring with those people with a little extra money hump!!"

Leah was starting to get really annoyed with this fellow, for peace sake I an only a small waitress what does the head chef business got to do with me huh?

"Sir since i have

relayed the message I will take my leave now"

Leah didn't even take two steps when she felt a big fat hand grab her by the wrist

"Did I say you can go? You people have no sense of superiority here. I will say this one more time get your head chef here right now or I will ask management to fire you!"

The man voice got louder and louder attracting the gazes of a lot of other people who came to dine as well as Leah looked around she can see the disgust in peoples eyes for the fat man and the pity for her but no one will ever get up and say anything since she is only a lowly waitress. Suddenly foot steps can be heard walking toward Leah direction with a little class a little arrogance and a lot of expensiveness in the shoes!

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