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   Chapter 10 Never Alone

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Silent but pressuring. Spacious, but somehow the feeling of claustrophobia as you stood in the midst of the chamber, surrounded by eight thrones sat upon by the most powerful beings in Centra. The most powerfully unchecked being Izio's father. The World Eater. There were no closed walls. Only reinforced glass, showing the countless fleets of battlecruisers and transport coming in and out from around the house of the council. The countless stars being blocked by the ships, shining bright like gold. This was the council chamber. Where the eight dictators of the Divinity Empire decide the fates of entire worlds and civilizations. No number could be given for all those who were doomed by the judgment of the eight gods. And now it was Izio who would stand before the eight, their flaming eyes gazing down at him.

"Good morning, Izio, " The World Eater said, breaking the eerie silence. He sat upon his throne, facing directly in front of Izio. He was in his pure form. A human-shaped shell of heavily bolted metal, his dark matter glowing a dark blue from the shell's openings. The facepiece would be an expressionless face. One with no mouth or nose. Only a pair of intimidating, flaming blue eyes that have constantly judged and looked down on those lesser than him.

A sense of fear rushed through Izio's blood, making the sensation of freezing cold shiver over his entire body. "Get yourself together" he commanded himself. Standing up straight and hands cupped behind his lower back, he would now speak. "And to you too, Father. And as you all know on this morning, I come with news of my mission."

"Well, spit it out already!" A rough feminine voice grunted. Izio tracked the voice to his right, seeing the Goddess of war, Chulasin. Like his father, Chulasin was also in her pure form. One that could be best described as a metal wolfarian. One with dark matter glowing out from the shell with crimson red, the flaming eyes glowing the same color.

"Ah, right. Forgive me, sister." Izio responded.

"You better be for wasting our time." She hissed. The World Eater stared over to Chulasin, his flaming eyes narrowing to make a glare. She stared back, then looking away and not saying anything else. No words needed to be said for what he was telling her.

"You were saying, Izio?"

Izio nodded. "We, unfortunately, we found that the rumors were in fact true." Murmurs instantly filled the room, all in angry and shocked tones. With the rise of the World Eater's hand, the murmurs stopped. "However, the rejects did not pose any real threat on discovery. I had sent Kansta and a three-man squad to rid of them for good. At first, it seemed like an easy extermination, but in some sickening twist, Kansta and her squad died on the planet. I personally went down myself and killed the murderer. Where Kansta failed, I had no trouble killing them and any remaining survivors. So in other words, the rejects were all put to death as they should in the end. We all can sleep easy knowing that they are erased from the face of the universe for good."

The world Eater chuckled, pleased. "Good work, Izio. I should have expected nothing less of you. Once more, you have done our glorious empire a great service. I couldn't ask for a better son." They sighed. "Now tell me, did you find your brother on Davian?"

Izio paused, then nodded. "Yes. I found him cowering in one of the rundown houses."

"Oh? I do hope you didn't spare him."

"No, I killed him...." Izio choked on his next words, wanting to swallow them down. Even if he did, it wouldn't matter. "He died....he died like the pathetic

a man-eating predator.

Desdemona watched this all unfold, unsure of what to do or say. "Ummm..." The only thing that she could conjure. Izio and Lauren both stared at her. Lauren herself dropped her grin, locking eyes with Desdemona fiercely. Much like a beast seeing something as a possible threat.

"And who might you be?" Lauren asked coldly.

"Oh, uhh. I'm-"

"That's Commander Fruff." Izio interrupted. "She's joining me on my next assignment. And don't get defensive, she's not a threat. At least from my observation. Now could you please get off me?" Slowly, she got off of Izio while still locking eyes with Desdemona. Desdemona felt a chill go down her spine as Lauren kept staring daggers at her. Hunger was in Lauren's eyes. A deep and ferocious hunger that had been burned into those eyes like a brand or an old scar. That detail didn't help to make her feel any safer from this strange, darker skinned human before her. Looking at it too, she never actually seen a human of Lauren's skin color. Last time she had remembered, all humans had palish skin. Or as humans referred to it, white or caucasian. Yet Lauren was a bit darker than that.

"Well, I am Lauren." She began. "Elite Assassin slash seductress for hire. My customer mostly being the Divinity Empire." Lauren placed a hand on her right hip, casually leaning her body to the left slightly. "Also lovely fiancee to my Izio." She frowned. "And you better remember that fact if you know what's good for ya." She hissed.

Desdemona gave a slight nod. Hesitantly, she responded with, "Oh, of course. I won't do anything. I couldn't even bear the thought."

"Good." Lauren said with a grin.

"Are you done, now?" Izio said as he dusted off his uniform and straightened his fluffy brown hair. "Because I'd really like to get a move on. I've never been late and I don't want to be now."

Lauren looked at him with begging eyes. "Can I come?" He wanted to say no, but she doesn't take no for an answer. Not from him anyway. Tells her to not cuddle him in bed. She does it. Tells her to let him take a shower alone. She gets in anyway. No was not a word in her vocabulary.

"Fine. Just leave the commander alone. I don't need you harassing her like you did with all the women in my crew." He answered reluctantly. Heading further down corridor now, he gestured both Lauren and Desdemona to follow. "Now let's get a move on."

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