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   Chapter 9 Reward and Payback

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The soothing sizzle of the boiling moisture from the steaks kept Sean focused, flipping and turning the food in the pan with a smooth glide of his hand. He didn't think much of it as he continued to cook. His developed instincts had just kicked in, subconsciously adding the desired spices that he knew went well with the meal. The meal itself was a favorite of Kosas if he could recall correctly. Ravki Steak spiced with black pepper and Eos salt, with a slight coating of spicy/sweet sauce. The mixed smell of the cooking steaks and Eos salt gracefully reeked the air, a scented pleasure for Kosa's canine nose. Her mouth watered at the smell, even almost tasting the steak at that.

"Okay, I think they're done." Sean said, turning off the stove and placing all three steaks on their own separate plate. He grabbed one plate, letting the other two sit and wait as he brought the held steak to Kosa who had been waiting excitedly at the table. Placing it on the table, Kosa quickly grabbed the fork she had placed beside her and jabbed it eagerly into the steak. Lifting it up, she opened up her muzzle and took a large bite out of the steak, proceeding to chomp up the chunk she bit off with her canine teeth. The taste of the steak was a perfect mixture of bittersweet and salty delight. The juicy moisture the steak had been plumped up with had only made the sensation even better. Now swallowing the chewed up meat, Kosa closed her eyes in joy and grinned.

"Damn it's been too long since I had something this good!" She joyously cried. Sean smiled, satisfied to see he had once again made Kosa happy with his cooking.

"I'm gonna go check on Vanna." Sean said, taking the two other plates of steak that waited on the counter. Kosa only nodded as she continued to enjoy her meal.

Sean did not need to travel far, finding Vanna operating in the cockpit as she had been since they all had woken up to the second morning of their trip. In fact, she hadn't really done anything but navigate the shuttle since the discovery of Sean's new power. Both him and Kosa couldn't help but be worried about her mental condition. The possibilities of what would be running through her mind were endless. Perhaps it would be the best time for him to see if she was alright.

"Hey." Sean said as he entered the cockpit. Vanna slowly looked up, giving Sean a faint smile.

"Oh, hey. Dinner?" Sean nodded, handing her the plate. She took it, looking down at the steak that was waiting to be consumed. "Ravki steak? Heh, I'm sure Kosa is happy right now."

"She is. Happiest I've ever seen her since I let her drink again." Vanna frowned at the reply, setting the plate on the dashboard and locking her eyes to the controls before her. Sean tilted his head to the side, confused on her reaction. "Are you okay? You've been a bit quiet for two days. I'm starting to get worried."

She shook her head. "I'm fine, Sean."

"Are you sure-"

"I said I'm fine!" She barked. Sean jerked back a little, freezing up. He looked at her with slight fear, his hands slowly starting to shake. Her eyes went wide as she just realized what she did. "Oh shoot, I'm sorry." She grabbed the plate from Sean, taking both his hands. "Look, I'm just a little worked up right now, okay?" She sighed. "I mean...can you blame me? After everything that has happened. And yet where I see myself worked up, Kosa just acts like everything is fine. I can't help but be a little angry at that. And no offense, but you as well."

Sean looked away from Vanna, setting his eyes on the stars shown before through the pilot's window of the cockpit. They glistened an array of colors, shining with grace in

erstand. Well, at least to know when having a horrible divinity parent." Sean stayed quiet. "I can see now that what happened on Davian is basically normal to you and Kosa....especially Kosa." Vanna flicked her hair back and turned off the shower. She picked up her towel, using it to dry her hair and then wrapping it around her body. At the same time, Sean had also finished up, turning off the shower and drying his hair. He reached to his left, grabbing his freshly cleaned clothes. In seconds, he had them on. Feeling fresh and clean, he made way to exit the shower room. "You sure have a weird habit of walking out on me like that." Vanna remarked. Sean stopped in his tracks and turned to her, now feeling a little guilty. She casually approached him. "With my apology out of the way, I wanted to say something. Summary of it, I'm getting worried.

Sean tilted his head, confused. "Worried about what?"

"Everything. This crazy new thing with your body, your safety, your sanity. I could go on. I get scared about the possible things that may happen once we get to our destination. At least from what Kosa described, it's not safe. At least with Kosa, I know she can handle herself. But you, I really don't know what to think."

"You forget that we have a seven foot, two hundred and fifty-pound wolfarian with us. I don't think either of us really needs to worry about each other."

Vanna laughed. "Yeah, I guess you're right." She gently cupped Sean's cheek. "But do I need to remind you that it was you who killed the divinity?"

"You know that was luck."

"Maybe it was. But it still took guts to do that. Stupid and careless guts, but still guts. Pretty sure your new maggot god level proves that enough. It's funny when I think about it too. There you were, beating yourself up because you didn't have an energy level. On the same day, however, some divinity comes about and you kill it, then take their power as your own." Sean looked at his hands, thinking it over now. "You ask me, fate is calling your name. I wouldn't go ignoring it." She cupped the other cheek. "And before I forget...." She leaned into Sean, softly letting her lips meet his. Sean didn't know how to react, only standing there and melting into the kiss. She held it for a long moment, pulling back and smiling. "I believe you earned that. I owed you one anyway." She concluded, exiting the shower room. "Oh, and it seems I'm walking out on you now."

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