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   Chapter 8 More Trinkets to The Collection

The God Eater By H.J. Mayland Characters: 3260

Updated: 2018-03-30 00:02

The sands of Davian have a tendency of burying away the things that were meant to be forgotten, to wash away the blood and tears that had been spilled. The secrets this place has hidden away deep in its depths are countless. Ancient even. There is no telling what is beneath the surface that you stand on. For all you could know, you could be only a few feet above a buried skeleton. Perhaps even a lost civilization. Now the sands this day would claim more things to their timeless collection. The fresh and mangled corpses of the unwanted and the shunned. The reject children of the divinities. No one desired them. No one wished to see them live. It would seem like Izio was the only one who actually cared for their well being, doing whatever he could to keep them safe and hidden. He failed to protect those who cannot protect themselves and prevent cruel deeds committed by the military or the divinities themselves. This was no exception.

The wind had picked itself up

escribed. No reject here didn't even have the green glowing eyes as you mentioned. We saw every color, but not green." Izio reached behind his back, drawing out a curved, black sword. He opened his eyes, keeping his small smile.

"If that's the case, then I can't let any of you live, " He stated. "All of you and this murderous monster, Kansta, will be buried in these sands along with all these poor rejects." The winds roared louder, drowning out any sound, and the sands making it nearly impossible to see. And in the cloak of the flying sand, the three troopers could only see Izio's glowing red eyes and the partial silhouette of his sword.

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