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   Chapter 7 Shaking and Glowing

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No time was wasted as the three entered the shuttle that practically had been waiting for them outside the dune wall. Far larger than what was expected, but only required one person to pilot it. Being the only one who had the knowledge to fly, Vanna took control. She made no hesitation, bringing the large shuttle to life and flying it out of Davian's atmosphere. There was no point in saying goodbye. Goodbye to the only place they had ever called home. Goodbye to the short-lived memories of happiness and peace they had found. None of that for Davian. There was just too much fixated on what should be done next. Where would they go? Where would they hide? All this and more of an escape that may or may not be pointless within the borders of a large empire. But before those worries, Vanna would first need to try to fly past the Ravager unnoticed. She did this easily, now flying the shuttle far from the Ravager and into the depths of empty, lonely space.

Safe for now, the three settled into what would seem like their temporary home. They explored its rooms, finding everything they would coincidentally need. The shuttle had seemed to be more of a flying base camp from what they found. For it contained living quarters with several bunks, a kitchen supplied with all sorts of food and water, a shower room that could hold more than one person at a time, a fully functioning bathroom, and even a lounging room assembled with two couches and a wide table with a computer installed inside. Compared to their homes on Davian, this place was luxury. Also discovered in the shuttle was an armory. Filled to the brim with standard weapons and armor of the Divinity empire's central military. Kosa decided to leave this room untouched, though. Hearing the same guns being fired back at Davian that sit untouched in the armory was too painful to look at. Especially for Sean.

"The shuttle is on autopilot with the coordinates you gave me, " Vanna said to Kosa as she entered the lounging room. Kosa was laying on the couch to the left, Sean asleep in her arms.

"How long will it take?" Kosa asked in a quiet tone.

"Four standard days. It could have been two, but it's probably best we don't take the nearest wormhole gate. We both know it won't be long before the whole empire starts looking for us."

"You don't need to remind me. But as long as we stick to the backwater worlds we should be fine."

Vanna sat on the couch to the right, facing across from Kosa and Sean. "Speaking of which, where are we going? You gave me the coordinates, but it didn't tell me the name of the planet."

Kosa looked at Sean, staying quiet for a moment. "It's a moon actually. One of the four that orbits Wolfar. In our tongue, we call it wicinstayazan. In human tongue, "it means sore eye moon". From the title alone, you could already tell it's a very welcoming place. The empire deems it as the moon of crime. Can't blame them either. The place is known for all sorts of shady shit. Gambling, illegal slave and drug trafficking, you name it."

"And why would you find it to be a good idea to bring us to such a place? Especially when such a place would make someone like Sean an easy target for all those horrible things."

"Simple, " Kosa gently stroked Sean's hair. "The military grip there is pretty weak. The crime lords there control the whole moon unchallenged. If there are any military officials, they're probably corrupted by the gangster money alone. One of these crime lords is someone that

of the event. His body didn't seem to react to what was happening. Again, as if it were natural. The shaking was something completely new to her medical experience, but the glowing part was somehow familiar. It also came to her that nothing like this of Sean happened until today. Until he killed the divinity.

"Looking it over, I can only assume that purple glow is divinity energy. It looks like it was the energy you took from that divinity you just killed, but that should be impossible. You can't just drain a divinity and take its power as your own. The only way you could ever do something like that is injecting it manually into your veins. But that process is known to be extremely painful. Deadly even in most cases. Your body reacted to it like it was nothing, though. No pain. Only that shaking you felt."

"Woa woa, you're telling us that Sean took the energy and now it's his? I thought he never had divinity energy." Kosa implied.

"He doesn't. Well, he didn't. And with that thought in mind, " Vanna took Sean's wrist, carefully feeling his pulse. As shown before it was normal, but inspecting the pulse closer, she felt four barely noticeable additional pulses as the current one finished. This process kept repeating. "He didn't before, but now he does. It's faint, but still divinity energy regardless. If I were to guess, I would say he's Maggot god level now. Level one most likely." She let go of Sean. "Sean, do me a favor and punch that wall over there." She pointed to the wall behind them.

"What? Why!?"

"Don't worry, you don't need to punch hard. A simple jab will do. I just need to be sure."

"Uh, y-yeah." Sean got up and approached the wall. The wall was heavily plated steel with heavy-duty bolts, keeping the numerous plates in place. Hitting your fists on this would no doubt be a little painful. Even with a weak jab. Hesitantly, Sean cocked back his right arm and charged his fist straight into the steel wall. His fist collided with the steel, creating a hollow clanging sound upon impact. Nothing happened for a split second, but in the blink of an eye, the steel had a deep dent and a much louder clang followed. Sean was astonished by what he just did, Kosa as well. Vanna only smiled and crossed her arms.

"Congratulations, Sean. You are now officially a full-fledged demigod."

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