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   Chapter 6 Escape

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The slaughter began within seconds, large patches of rejects spilling out into the colony's narrow streets. They pushed and shoved each other desperately, but to no use. They were only making themselves bigger targets as Kansta's squad of three open fired as the rejects ran the narrow streets like terrified rats. The soldiers hardly needed to aim, ninety percent of their shots hitting the targets and making them drop to the ground instantly. Dozens were mowed down within a minute of the shooting, their bodies and blood spilling onto the sandy ground.

Kansta laughed with joy at the sight of the slaughter. "And here I thought they would put up a fight, " The remaining rejects at the front of the panicked lines scattered, running to corners and alleyways. Kansta sighed, gesturing the three troops to split up and commence their little genocide. All three simply nodded, splitting up down the fork of the streets and searching for anyone who was hiding. "But I guess they are rejects for a reason, huh?" She grinned.

Kosa quickly locked the door, pressing her ear up against it to listen to anything coming near their location. In her big furry hands was her smithing hammer, clenched tightly and ready to use it as a weapon when danger was to approach. Her heart was pounding and her big meaty arms slowly shook anxiously. Under her quiet breath, she cursed every word in her native tongue.

As Kosa stood guard, Vanna and Sean hid under the kitchen table. Sean had been shaking uncontrollably, wheezing and clawing at his forehead. Vanna held him tightly in her arms, desperately trying to calm him down. Yet to no avail. No amount of soft words or the gentle stroking of his hair did he relax. At that rate, Sean wouldn't be able to recover his already fragile mind.

"How is he doing?" Kosa asked.

"If he was an ordinary human, he would have already died from his overwhelming heart rate alone." Vanna reluctantly answered.

"I'll take it there's nothing you can do for him then."

Vanna shook her head. "It would be different if I had access to high-end medical supplies and no form of medication that I already give him can save him right now-" Her eyes widened. "Wait, where is the lotion I gave him today?"

Kosa thought about it for a moment. "Check his pack. I think he has it in there."

Gently letting go of Sean, Vanna reached for his pack that sat alone on the floor only a few feet away. She rummaged through, finding the bottles of her home-brewed lotion easily. She took one and returned to Sean. Holding him back in her arms, she opened the bottle, placing a few drops on Sean's wrist and rubbing it slowly. The lotion kicked in within minutes, making Sean slowly calm down to a stable state. Sean took a deep breath. He looked up at Vanna, silently thanking her. Vanna replied back with a smile.

Vanna took her eyes off Sean, looking to Kosa. "I don't think we can stay here for long." She Stated.

"You think? Unless you know where to go, we're pinned down no matter what. What is even going on anyway?"

"It's obvious, isn't it? The Divinities know we're all alive and now they want to get rid of us once and for all." Vanna answered.

Kosa peeked an eye into the window. The streets were deserted as she could see. It had seemed that no one was coming down their direction. That didn't mean that no one would eventually, though. "Just how many divinities did you see?"

"There only seemed to be one and three troopers following them. I didn't see anyone else."

Kosa closed her eyes for a moment, trying to come to her senses. "Well, what do you suggest we do, doc? You're the smart one here."

"Hmmm...." Vanna thought about it quickly, processing the options in her head. "Well, seeing as the divinity had a squad with them, it would be easy to assume that they came down to Davian via shuttle or gunship. If that's the case, it might be unguarded. Which would leave it for us to hijack it and escape. Where we would go from there is uncertain, however."

"I know a place where we can hide. But what if the ship they came here on is a battlecruiser?"

"I highly doubt that." Vanna corrected. "If they did, you think there wouldn't be a point in them sending one divinity and some soldiers to do their dirty work. We would see it hovering over us before it would obliterate us all in a nanosecond." She added.

"Okay. Sneak out and find the shuttle. Got it." Kosa looked at Sean. "Is Sean able to move?" Vanna looked at Sean, and

deeper into the divinity. Kansta's body quickly grew weak as the agony she was feeling went on. The twitching stopped and she collapsed to the ground right next to Kosa. Kansta laid their lifelessly, her white eyes flickering away as if they were a dying flame. She was dead. Dead at the hands of an unsuspecting reject.

"I-I actually did it, " He noticed Kosa, blood flowing out from her mouth and nose, but still breathing. "K-Kosa are you okay?" Kosa gave a weak nod, slowly getting herself up. Relieved, Sean dropped the broken sword, helping Kosa stand up.

"How the hell did you manage to pull that off?" Kosa asked, coughing.

Sean looked at the dead divinity, surprised himself that he actually managed to kill Kansta in his desperate attempt to save his friend. "Complete luck." He answered. A strange urge came over him. A hidden instinct. He slowly approached the divinity's corpse, noticing that her dark matter had not faded away when she died. Strange. As that had been something that was supposed to happen. Yet it was still lively. Both his hands subconsciously reached to the metal corpse, slowly his hands being engulfed by the dark matter when they touched it. Sean felt nothing at first, only a feeling of cold in his hands. Freezing cold.

Kosa only watched his strange behavior as she took time to breathe. "Sean, what are you doing?" She simply asked. Sean didn't answer. She squinted her glowing dark blue eyes, noticing something. The dark matter had been reacting to Sean. While his hands stood inside the thick of it, strands of its essence were flowing into his arms like misty tubes. A jolt of pain surged through Sean, making him arch his back. "Sean?!" An electric static like noise could be heard, the dark matter flowing into Sean much more aggressively now. Sean couldn't fight back. He could only gasp as the dark matter kept flowing into him. The stream was not limitless, the dark matter coming from the dead divinity fading as more and more entered into him. It eventually stopped within a minute of what must have been a painful procedure. Sean regained control, collapsing on his knees and hands.

"By the spirits, are both of you okay?!" Vanna cried as she came running into the scene. She stopped between both of them, not exactly sure which one she should attend to first.

"You tell me, doc. I'm coughing up blood and suffering from a nasty headache. I'd said say I'm a picture of health." Kosa sarcastically said, slowly walking over to Vanna and wiping away the dripping blood from her muzzle. She looked at Sean for a brief moment, then to Vanna. He was fine. "Did you find the shuttle?"

Vanna nodded, quickly moving to check on Sean. "It's just over the dune wall a couple yards away. But what about you two? Aren't you going to explain to me what had just happened as I ran all the way back here?"

A roar of gunshots echoed from a couple blocks away. "Let's worry about that later. Right now we need to get the hell out of here."

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