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   Chapter 5 Exile Means Death

The God Eater By H.J. Mayland Characters: 2621

Updated: 2018-03-29 00:02

-In orbit of Davian within the flagship, Ravager-

Davian wasn't much to look at from up above. It was just sand. That's how you could ever describe it. Cold, deep, lonely sand that stretched all around. As it would rotate, it wouldn't look like it was actually moving. For the sand and the dunes it covered look completely identical to each other. That fact alone, staring deeply at it makes it seem as if time had stopped. And as you look away, it would start again.

"Sir, Kansta had just sent in a report." The Captain said. Izio snapped from the planet's trance, looking back to the captain that stood right next to him. He adjusted his glowing red eyes, giving them a few blinks.

"And what did she find?" Izio inquired. The Captain seemed a little nervous to tell him, onl

sta has just engaged with her squad!" A crew member cried. "She's attacking the rejects as we speak!"

"What?!" Izio jerked his head to the crew member, panic now stirring up inside of him. It was too late. He looked down at the floor, defeated. "Damnit." He grunted. The thought of Sean had raced in his head. The only chance for him to protect his little Brother slipped away from Kansta's recklessness. All he could do now is hope that the careless Divinity would be overwhelmed. Though that would be very unlikely.

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