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   Chapter 4 Unexpected Visit

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It was noon as Sean returned home. Kosa would be working in her forge, making her usual orders from the other working reject demigods. The common items were bolts, sheet metal, machine parts, and simple hunting rifles and their ammunition. All this made locally from the planet's ore. One that Kosa had always despised in terms of quality and uses. The only metal she could conjure with it was poor iron. The ore was too fragile to even make the simplest steel. That annoyed her the most. Some orders were for knives and even axes, but Kosa never liked taking those orders. For the iron she made from the ore was too soft for any cutting, and sharpening a blade made out of it would be very annoying as the blade would easily dull. The number of complaints of knives being blunt and axes breaking from one attempt at chopping wood was too many to count. So when those days of orders for knives and axes came in, Kosa would quickly turn into a pretty grumpy Wolfarian, cursing the nastiest words that were in her native tongue as she did the difficult task. This was, unfortunately, one of those days.

"Madarchod!" Sean heard Kosa bowel as he put away the rock cutter and made his way into the forge. From his pack, he pulled out the small amount of ore he had collected from today and dropped it into the bin sitting next to smelter and spare anvil. He then made his way to Kosa, witnessing her frustratingly hammering away at a skinning knife from the iron she hated so much. "This crap is softer than my first love's Lannd, " Kosa grumbled. Sean didn't need a translation to figure out what Lannd meant.

"Enjoying yourself?" Sean asked sarcastically, leaning against the wall as he watched Kosa work.

Kosa replied just as sarcastically with, "Oh, I love making knives out of the single most pathetic iron in Centra. It can barely cut through the thinnest skin before getting dull. Incredible, am I right?" She stopped hammering, grabbing the tiny soon to be knife by its naked handle and dropped it in the pool of water behind her. The hot blade crashed and submerged in the water with a hot hiss of steam. Kosa gave a quiet groan, knowing she still had six more of the same thing to go. Six more sessions of pure stress. "Anyway....what brings you back early?"

"I didn't really bother with the ore. You're not exactly thrilled to see more of the stuff today anyway."

"You got that right, " Kosa acknowledged. From under the anvil, she pulled out a pair of tongs and used them to reach inside the smelter, pulling out another soon to be knife and placed it on the anvil. "So did you at least stop by to see Vanna?" She asked, beginning to hammer at the freshly made metal.

"I did."

"And what's the stuff she conjured up this time?"

"Completely different from the rest, that's for sure. It's more of a lotion than medication."

Sean reviewed the interaction with Vanna today, thinking about what he said to her before he left. Something he always did after talking to just about anyone. "If I find myself in a time where I can't reach light to escape my demons, I doubt I'll be able to fight them off." His words came back to him. Looking at it now, he realized just how hurtful that degrading comment on himself was to her. Once more he had played the heartless bastard that doesn't think twice about what they say. He wasn't surprised. He never was. Cursing himself under his breath, he immediately planned to make it up to her tomorrow.

"Well in this scenario, I would usually make you my assistant for today, but I'm not in the need of help right now. Ironic too with how much I hate these kinds of orders." Kosa said, finishing the current knife and repeating the whole process once more.

"That reminds used to make all sorts of weapons and armor before your exile, right?" Sean asked.

"Mhm. Well, that was before I told my sadistic bitch of a Mother to kiss my furry ass. Why are you asking?"

"Oh, I was just wondering, " Sean revealed the broken sword. "Because I figured you would know something about this."

Kosa stopped hammering, looking at the broken sword with bewilderment. She then took the blade gently from Sean's hands, examining it closely. "Where the hell did you get this, Sean?" The light from the smelter's fire hit the sword, causing its glossy metal to give off a low glow in the dimmed forge.

"I found it in the veins today. It was buried under some rock under the ore."

Kosa looks to the handle and hilt, then back at the blade with complete confusion. The sword was nothing but foreign to her. Nothing she had ever made or come across in her days as a smith.

"So, what is it? It's a sword obviously, but you know what I mean."

"Sean I've never seen anything like this in my life. That is all I can really answer, " She took her index finger, running it down the flat part of the strange weapon. "The shape itself is something that is common among swords. Broad and straight. But what has me puzzled is its hilt and handle. That part usually tells you what type it is and where it came from. It's nothing I've ever seen. I've studied and forged all kinds of weapons from all three races. This is not any of those three or any minor race out there. And to add insult to injury, the metal this thing is made out of is something completely unknown to me as well. I can't tell if it's some sort of steel, iron, or even titanium." She ran the finger down the sword's blade. "You said that you found this in the veins?" Sean nodded. That only deepened Kosa's confusion. "If it was just sitting under that ore, it would have been there for a really long time if the rock formed around it, and I mean a really long time. A thousand years or so at the least. Yet it looks brand new...." As finger was halfway down the blade, the tip of her finger was cut open, blood flowing out instantly. The sudden cut summoned a small sting of pain in her finger. She reacted with a small flinch, looking at her bleeding finger and back at

the blade with awe. "And still sharp as all hell I see."

For even Kosa to be completely clueless was a surprise to Sean, and only spawned more questions that had yet to be answered. How did it end up here? How long was it trapped in the veins? Where did it come from? If Kosa didn't have an answer, he doubted that anyone else here would. Everything about this thing was nothing less than bizarre. Yet fascinating at the same time.

"Well, as you can already see it's broken. Is there any possible way you could fix it?" Sean asked, looking at the blade with full fascination.

Kosa shook her head. "Like I said, I have no idea what it's made out of. Even if it was made out of something I was familiar with, reforging a sword to be whole again would be extremely hard. Especially since the other half is not in our possession. I would haft to make it a completely new half. That process alone wouldn't be worth it. Not with the set up I have here at least. What once used to be a sword is nothing but a deformed dagger now."

"Is there anything you can do for it?"

Kosa thought about it for a moment, then looking at the hilt and handle. "I can't make it whole again, but I can try and give it a fresh hilt and handle. I don't even haft to forge them come to think of it, " She placed the sword on the anvil, going over to the corner of the forge and rummaging through a rusty metal box. "I think it's somewhere in here- Ah, there it is." From the box, she held out a dusty hilt and handle. She returned to the sword, removing the decaying handle and hilt it had. "This should be the right size, " With only little effort, she slid the new hilt and handle on. She finished the job with a pyramid-shaped cap that twisted on nicely to lock the hilt and handle firmly in place. "Perfect fit, " She said, with a small smile. She gave the sword a small toss, catching it on its blade and handing it to Sean. "There you are."

Sean took the sword from Kosa, looking at its new look. The hilt was in the shape of what could be seen as a stretched hexagon. The metal it was made from was steel with a chrome-like surface. Serving as a centerpiece was green, opaque glass. As for the handle, it was a simple round rectangular base covered in tightly wrapped velvet bands. The cap that kept these two in place was a glossy white, with what seemed to be a sharp point. No doubt it was to serve as an extra punch for hitting someone with the butt of the sword.

Sean looked at the sword with childish excitement, but it died quickly as he looked to Kosa with question. "Wait so you're letting me keep it?"

Kosa gave her famous sly grin and shrugged. "It's the least I can do. I didn't get you anything for your birthday two months ago anyway. It's only fair. Besides, I have no use for it. I'm more of an axe kind of Wolfarian. Swords don't suit me. Especially something that small wouldn't be the right size for my big hands."

"Th-thank you." Sean said, staring at his new sword like a child getting a new toy.

"No sweat." Kosa winked. "Now if you'll excuse me, I haft to get back to my torture session, " She said with a deep sigh, proceeding back to making the knives.

Sean nodded. "I'll go make lunch then." He turned around and made his way back to the kitchen.

"Can you add the Darmari wine with it when it's ready? I kind of need the buzz to keep me working right now." Kosa requested.

"Uhhh, no. The last time you took a few sips of that, you were completely drunk. You could barely stand on your two feet."

"Oh come on. I won't drink that much. I know that stuff is strong, but I'm not going to be wasted on two sips." Kosa protested.

"You're joking, right?"

Sean knew better than anyone about Kosa's drinking problem. Once she started, she wouldn't stop until she passed out. It didn't help either that Wolfarians were notoriously known for having a low alcohol tolerance. One shot was all they needed to be drunk as if it were an entire bottle. They also have been known for being pretty violent once intoxicated. That wasn't the case for Kosa, luckily. She was more of the kind of drunk that was ridiculously flirty with anyone of the opposite sex within her drunken sight. Her target would usually be Sean too. He never mentions those instances with Kosa, however. The last thing he needed was for things to get awkward between them. Especially if she were to try physical affection in her drunken episodes. Her hugs were hard on his back as it was.

"Come on, Please?" Kosa begged. "One tiny little sip is all I need. I need something to take the edge off."

Sean groaned. "Ugh fine, but just one small sip. If you try to take more than that, I am to have the full right to smash the bottle. Deal?"

"Yeah, yeah." Kosa chuckled.

Sean entered the kitchen, placing his new sword on the table and getting right down to cooking lunch. With only so much to work with, he would haft to settle with making sandwiches. Again. Mostly using Doka meat and poorly made cheese. Again. Luckily, he had plenty of spices and herbs to work with to change the flavor up a bit. With good concentration, the meat's flavor wouldn't be stale and dry as it usually was. The chances of that happening, however, were a little slim. But alas, with his ever-growing skill in cooking, he would find a way despite the odds. It was the least he could do for Kosa after all this time. Everyone else in the colony had seen him as something better off dying somewhere deep in the cold dessert. Except for Vanna of course.

A knock came at the door. Sean stopped cooking, turning off the stove temporarily and putting down the spatula. Before he could place his hand on the doorknob, the door swung open violently. The person on the other side who opened the door themselves was none other than Vanna. She hadn't been putting on her usual smile. No. There was nothing but deep fear in her expression. Her eyes were the same way. Clearly, something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

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