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   Chapter 3 Demons in The Shadows

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The colony was in its usual state. Quiet but lively. The more physically fit people of the colony were either hunting the Doka herds over the dune wall or doing any grunt work like construction and keeping watch. The smarter ones would be sorting out food and supplies, salvaging and repairing tech, or even working medical roles like. They were all rejects, but that didn't mean they couldn't learn to survive and stay organized. Though as pointless as it seemed, it's all they could do when the universe they once knew had turned its back on them.

As Sean made his way through the sandy streets, he kept his head down low and gripped the broken sword. He didn't want to be seen again. Not like last time. Kosa couldn't save him from it if it happened again. It was too late, though. He could feel the eyes on him already. No doubt they were all looking at him with disapproval.

"Dammnit why is that little freak still alive?" Someone to his left whispered.

"Beats me. He's the one who claims to be a son of the World Eater, right?" Someone else replied.

"He's such a liar. No one as pathetic as him could be the World Eater's kid."

Sean slowly began to shake, and panic began to settle in, but he kept walking. There was just no other option. Vanna's house was just a couple yards away. All he had to do was endure it a little longer.

"I don't understand why Kosa even bothers with him. Her ears are probably deaf from his crying and stuttering." Several quietly laughed at the comment.

Sean's chest tightened, his eyes welling up. Regardless, he kept walking and made it to Vanna's door. He rushed inside and slammed the door behind him. The mutters from outside were instantly drowned out as the door closed. He collapsed on his knees, closing his eyes and sighing with relief. This sort of thing happened more often than he would like. At least they didn't decide to gang up on him this time.

Opening his eyes, he could see someone standing only a few feet away from him. It was a young Half-Human Darmari woman. One with smooth, violet skin. She had glowing pink eyes and short dark blue hair. The outfit she wore was a black buttoned medical coat that covered even the waist down where her typical lounging pants would be seen. This was Vanna. The colony's medicine maker and a trusted friend of Kosa and Sean.

"Uh...hey." Sean said, now realizing how rude it actually was for him to rush inside without warning.

"Get up, you goof, " She replied with a smile. Sean did as asked and stood up. "Why are you here so early? You usually don't show up until afternoon."

"Well, I guess I felt a bit lazy today, " Sean answered with a nervous laugh. He didn't want her to know what had happened at the ore veins today, nor of what he had to go through on the way here.

Vanna's smile faded, her mood from happy to concerned. "Sean, you know you're a terrible liar, " Of course, she saw through him. Sean couldn't lie to even save his life. "Another attack?" Sean nodded, hanging his head in shame. "Hey don't worry. That's why I'm here." She reassured in a soft tone, patting him twice on the cheek. "Why don't you come sit down. You can tell me about it while I finish up the medication. I only need to add a few things before I can give it to you." She grabbed him by the wrist and started tugging him to her living room.

She let go when they both made it in, Sean sitting on the velvet couch as she went to work over a steaming pot. The crackling and bubbling from the pot was oddly soothing as Sean stretched out and laid down on his back. The smell of jasmine was in the air, calming his nerves as he quickly let go what had just happened outside. The bubbling and crackling of the pot drowned out the repeating echo of their hateful comments in his head, the Jasmine scent brushing off that uncomfortable feeling of their disgusted reaction when they saw him.

"So what made it happen this time?" Vanna asked. "A loud sound, an incident, or even a mistake you made?"

Sean closed his eyes, going back to when he was in the ore veins. "A flashback actually, " He answered. "Just one of the many that keep repeating in my head."

Vanna stopped working her magic on the pot, looking to Sean. "....What was the flashback specifically?"

"I think you know. The ones that sometimes keep me up at night. The ones of the days before my exile, " Sean began to clench his fists, his fingernails pushing deep into his skin. "The ones that remind me of what I am and always will be."

Vanna slowly made her way towards Sean, sitting beside him and gently taking his hand and loosening his fist. She was already worried before. Now she was starting to get a little scared for him.

"Sean listen to me, okay?" Vanna demanded, her tone very quiet and soft as if she were talking to a wounded animal. "What your brother and father did to you was unforgivable. No one should haft to go through that much torture. But those things you dealt with are over. I know it's hard, but eventually, you haft to let go and move on. If you continue to curl up and cry, nothing will change. Your scars will never heal if you keep letting what they d

id to you play in your head."

Sean opened his eyes, looking into Vanna's. "It's not like I can control it. They just jump out at me like demons in the shadows."

Vanna sighed. "I know they do, Sean. But they can only hurt you if you stay in their shadows. They can't touch you if you're in the light. Also known as the present."

"And if there's no light to find?"

Vanna shrugged. "Then I guess your only option is to be stronger than the demons that hunt you." She stood up and returned to the pot.

Sean watched her as she worked for a moment, then looking up at the ceiling as he laid accompanied by his thoughts. He didn't disagree with her. He knows he has to let go of it all, but that was obviously easier said than done. It doesn't exactly help either that almost everyone in the colony had seen him a very similar way that his family did. They didn't even believe that he was the World Eater's Son. Green eyed liar they all had called him. The green-eyed part was unnecessary. Even with the fact that Sean was the only Demigod with green glowing eyes.

"Hey, Vanna..."


"After you give me a batch of your newest medication, can you test my energy level?

Vanna looked at him over her shoulder with a puzzled look. "Can I ask why exactly? You know what level you're at, and I doubt it has even changed. You can't get stronger or weaker at any given time. Everyone knows that."

"I know, but I just haft to be sure."

"Be sure of what?"

"I just need to..."

She shook her head and turned back to the pot. "Alright fine, but I don't see what would even be the point. Don't be surprised if it's the same as before." Vanna stopped stirring the pot and turned off the stove below. "Anyway, it's done. Be a dear and grab me the five little bottles in the kitchen? They should be sitting on the counter next to the sink."

"Got it." Sean said, getting up and doing as asked. They were right where she said they were, five little bottles sitting right next to the sink. The bottles themselves were not the prescription ones she had always used for her home-brewed pills. Instead, they were tiny, round glass bottles with cone-shaped lids. Never the less, he grabbed the five strange looking bottles and brought them back to Vanna.

"Thank you." She grabbed one bottle at a time, taking the spoon she was using to stir and filling the bottles with the brewed liquid that was in the pot. The liquid was yellow and seemed to be thinner than water as they quickly slid down and took shape inside the bottles. "As you can tell, this not the usual stuff I give you. Seeing as any pills I give you really don't do anything, I decided to go with a different approach. Let me make it clear that you don't digest this. You'll have stomaches that are as bad as the Dinchi Flu. You rub this on your skin."

"And what exactly does that do?" Sean inquired, taking each bottle as she filled them.

"If my hypothesis is correct, it should calm your nerves. Trust me, you don't want me going into all the scientific reasons on why it can do that."

Sean looked at the liquid in the bottles with concern. "If your hypothesis is correct? So you're basically telling me you're not completely sure this will work? Not to mention if there are any side effects."

"Would you like to go back to batch six?" Vanna teased.

"Anything but batch six!"

Vanna giggled. "I'm sure you'll be fine. If it gives you a rash or something worse, just come back to me. Simple as that." She filled the last bottle, handing it to Sean. "Now for this stuff, it's easy to understand. Whenever you feel anxious or even on the verge of an attack, just rub it on your wrist and give it a minute or so to kick in. All there is to it. If it works that is."

Sean nodded as he put the bottles into his pack. "So about that energy level test..."

Vanna shook her head and smiled. "I'll go get the meter." She walked out of the room and headed upstairs, coming back only a minute later with a small box-shaped device. "Tell me again why you are even bothering with this?" She questioned, placing the box down.

"You said that in order to get rid of my demons, I must go into the light so they can't touch me. And if there is no light, I haft to be stronger than them, right?"

"And what's your point?"

Sean didn't answer, only grabbing the handle on the machine. The little device beeped a few times. The gauge in the center light up, reading the information off of Sean. The gauge itself was labeled in a bottom to top order with the titles, Maggot God, Lesser God, Minor God, Major God, and Pure God. These were the levels that decided how powerful a Demigod or Divinity. Maggot God being the weakest, and Pure God being the strongest. The result after the device computed the data ended up with the Gauge not moving an inch at all from the starting point. It was as though the Gauge was broken. It wasn't.

"If I find myself in a time where I can't reach light to escape my demons, I doubt I'll be able to fight them off, " Sean concluded, grabbing all his things and walking out the door without saying another word. Not even saying goodbye to Vanna.

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