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   Chapter 2 A Broken Sword

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The large veins of ore were always surprisingly warm for some odd reason. Whenever you got near them, you could feel their blasts of heat covering your whole body even from a few feet away. As warm as they were, they were still safe to touch with bare hands. In fact, holding a piece of the ore could keep you warm from head to toe for several hours in the cold desert world.

A gust of wind picked up in Sean's direction, his hair being affected the most. He was temporarily blinded with his bangs in front of his eyes now. An annoying thing that had happened too often of every day. Kosa always told him to cut his hair shorter. Moments like these seemed like he should have listened to her.

With a single swipe, he moved the bangs from his eyesight and turned on the rock cutter. It gave a small hum, then a roar as its drill spun to life at high speed. The sound of the machine always put Sean on edge, his harassing anxiety always making him worry about the small possibility of him making a slip and causing the drilling side to hurt him severely, and even possibly kill him instantly. He gripped the rock cutter tight with the thought, despite how slim the chance of it happening was. Slowly, he made the rock cutter collide with the ore vein he faced. The collision made a rumbling vibration and a painful high pitched scratching like nails on a chalkboard. Sean gritted his teeth to both things, his arms shaking a little as he held the rock cutter in place. From there, he let his body do the rest of the procedure in a subconscious manner. As it would cut out the ore he would ease his mind by being lost in thought or memories. The memories he would try to avoid.

Not memories here on Davian. Like the ones of Kosa and Vanna or anyone, he had met and known since his exile. No. It was the memories that would come to haunt him occasionally in his dreams. The ones of his Father and Brother, and the countless times they had mocked or beat him. The blue and red glowing eyes burned in his mind like a branding on the skin. A reminder of why he was here, and why there was nothing left for him to do but rot away in this cold desert.

Sean laid on the cold metal floor, curled up in a ball and breathing heavily at a dangerous rate. His whole body shook violently, tears and blood going down his face. His brother, Izio, was on one knee, looking down at his younger brother with disgust. A pathetic worm in his red glowing eyes.

"I will never understand how you're even remotely related to me, " Izio said, getting up on his feet and then kicking Sean hard in the gut. Sean gasped, blood spilling out from his mouth. Izio growled in response saying, "You're no Son of a God, and nor are you a Brother of mine!" He barked. "Let the feeling of choking on your own blood be a reminder of that..."

Sean snapped back into reality. He gasped and dropped the rock cutter, the rock cutter turning off on impact as part of its safety system. Sean dropped to his knees, his breathing going heavy and onto the verge of wheezing. His whole body shook nearly out of control. He clawed at his forehead with both hands as he desperately tried to regain control of his mind and body once more.

"Inhale then count to four." Vanna's voice echoed in his head. He did, taking control of his lungs and taking a deep breath, holding it as he mentally

counted. At four he exhaled the contained air, holding that still as he counted again. He repeated the process, calming himself down in a couple of minutes.

"Wh-why can't th-this stop?" Sean stuttered as he got back up on his feet slowly, his knees feeling shaky and his head feeling very light.

He attempted to pick the rock cutter back up, but now it felt like twice the weight it was before. This resulted in Sean dropping it once again. He let out a deep sigh and gently sat down to wait for his body to completely recover from his sudden panic attack. It happened more often than what he would like, unfortunately. When he started having these things were uncertain to him. He wanted it to end, and he tried everything to fix it after he went into exile. But with very little success since after being here for a year.

Sean stared at the ore vein in front of him for a moment. He did it unintentionally, just subconsciously doing so as he waited to recover. Nothing really seemed out of place, other than the cut-out parts where chunks of the vein had once been. But something caught his eye after giving the cut-out section a second glance. Something was embedded underneath where the ore once was. Something metallic and seemingly flat surfaced. At closer inspection, Sean swore he could see a what looked like some sort of metal blade sticking out from the rocky surface. He got up and took a closer look, confirming his assumption.

The blade was poking out from the front. Where the tip of the blade should have been was broken off. In fact, it seemed a large portion of the blade was gone. Curious about what was still intact, Sean grabbed the blade and gave it a firm pull. The rock around the thing was surprisingly loose and the blade came out with ease.

It was not some measly dagger as Sean expected. It was actually a sword from the looks of it, and most of it still there and in good condition. The blade itself mostly. As there was strangely no sign of age or rust. It was as though the thing was made fresh from a forge just recently. The rest of it was a different story, though. As the hilt and handle were rotted out almost completely. Not much was left of it, either. Only a few chunks barely holding itself together. They were a strange shape too. The handle was curved to the left, the hilt from the looks of it seemed to be in a hexagonal kind of shape with both ends having branchlike arms.

How the sword even got here was the biggest question Sean had. Especially on a planet that had no history of any civilization before them that they were aware of. Regardless, it was an interesting find in such an empty place. Kosa would no doubt be interested in fixing it if even possible. It had been awhile since she even worked on anything despite tools and machine parts. Weapons being something she had been dying to do. For that was her specialty.

Sean had seen no point in getting back to mining now. Even the little amount he got today would be enough. Kosa had more than plenty to last her for a couple weeks at the least. With that, Sean gathered the small amount of ore collected and made his way back to the colony, the broken sword in hand. The discovery of the sword made him forget about his little flashback. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be long before it eventually came back to him. It always did.

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