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   Chapter 1 A Morning in The Cold Desert

The God Eater By H.J. Mayland Characters: 5245

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Night had come to meet dawn on the horizon, the two giving a kiss goodbye as night disappeared slowly into the horizon and dawn cloaked the sky where its lover had once been. The two moons went with night, joining them in their daytime slumber. At the same time, the single dwarf star had made its way to take their place, providing the dessert world with its limited heat. The light from the dwarf star flooded down onto the sandy surface of the planet, leaving very little trace of the night's shade and blanketing the desert in its very little warm glow. A day on planet Davian had now begun, and the day dwelling life along with it.

The dwarf star's light reached over the wall of dunes where a small colony refuged behind. Along with the rest, this colony would awaken with the rest of the planet, the people it held yawning and stretching along with it. Their day of work would now start as it had for any other day in the means of surviving in their exile.

Within this colony sat a tool forge owned by a Wolfarian smith named Kosa. Along with everyone else, she woke the moment the dwarf star's light touched the colony. She would now begin her usual morning routine.

"Sean wake up!" The gruff-voiced wolfarian woman gently shouted as she got out of bed and changed into her work clothes.

From the room next to her came a single groan and a couple of short thuds on the floor. The owner of those two sounds of drowsiness being Sean. Same as Kosa, he got out of bed and dressed. "Still not used to the short nights I see." Kosa thought. And he wasn't. Even after a year on Davian, four hours of sleep instead of eight was still not enough for Human boy's body. Even then, it's would be something Sean would haft to get used to given time. It wasn't like neither of them was going to leave this wasteland anytime soon. Exile usually means forever after all.

Kosa slipped on her smithing gloves and exited her room, reaching downstairs to the kitchen. Sean followed only seconds after. Kosa sat down at the four-person table, giving herself time wake up completely. Four hours wasn't even enough for a big and strong Wolfarian like her. Still, she had to stay strong. Especially for Sean.

"We're running low on Doka sausage again, " Sean said, pulling out a pan from the cupboard and setting it on the stove. "So you'll haft to deal with just eggs for today." He reached down for the eggs he mentioned, cracking them open and letting the yolk spill into the pan, a hiss of heat in response to the impact of the pan's instantly heated surface.

"My sense of taste might as well be dead at this rate,

" Kosa responded. "The taste of those eggs are plainer than the color of my fur."

"Would it be better if I scrambled them and added Musk cheese?"

"Are you trying to make me vomit?"

"Maybe...." Sean teased, flipping the cooked eggs twice before sliding them onto a plate and handing it to Kosa. "Wouldn't be a bad idea. Don't think anyone would notice if you just suddenly die of illness." He morbidly added.

They both looked at each other in the eyes with grim expressions for a long, silent moment. Sean's lips quivered, a snicker along with it. Kosa did as well. Then in harmony, they burst out laughing. After a solid minute of laughter, Kosa gave out a satisfied sigh, taking her large furry hand and ruffling Sean's long, brown hair.

"Never a dull moment with you around, " Kosa chuckled. She took the eggs off the plate, opening her muzzle and dropping the eggs inside and consuming them with only a few chomps. "Well, off to the forge with me. You know the drill." Sean nodded, throwing the plate and the pan into the sink behind him. He would wash them later tonight. Kosa got up and headed for the door, but quickly stopping in her tracks before she opened it, turning back to Sean. "Oh, nearly forgot. Once you're done mining ore in the veins, head to Vanna's place. She'll be expecting you."

"New medication?" Sean asked.

Kosa nodded. "Don't forget it. We both know she'll just come looking for you if you don't show up. The last thing I want is to catch you two here alone."

"Oh come on! I already told you I'm not attracted to her."

"Says the human teenager who keeps looking at her ass with every given opportunity."

The fact caught Sean completely off guard, his face turning red. "W-well...I..." Sean stumbled.

Kosa grinned in victory and waved goodbye to the now flustered Sean, leaving the household. Sean gave a grunt, lightheartedly cursing under his breath. Once again, Kosa had seen right through him like glass. It was something that mildly irritated him, but also something he was glad Kosa was able to do. As it felt like no one could understand or tolerate him. As he felt like just another reject child of one of the countless Divinities that wasn't right in the head. Something that would just lie there and be completely miserable. A complete waste of existence.

Sean shook his head, quickly getting over the embarrassment blow that Kosa had thrown at him. Taking the rock cutter, he headed out the door as Kosa did. The half of his day now would start. Mining ore so Kosa doesn't run out of metal to use. If only it was that easy for the Doka sausage.

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