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   Chapter 0 Prologue

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She stared deep down into the colossal crater from the edge. It stretched far off beyond her view of the horizon before her, its bottom barely visible to the naked eye. There she could see nothing but more dirt, along with rocks scattered across the ground. She looked closer into the seemingly endless crater. She could see bone within the ground and wedged in some of the rocks. Ancient and fossilized bone. The shapes and sizes vary, but they all seemed to have similar features that looked like some coincidental pattern. Fins, scales, and other things that would be natural for a creature dwelling inside water. According to the texts she found in the city ruins; this gargantuan crater before her is what was called an ocean in this planet's tongue. And from what she learned, they used to be filled to the brim with water where these aquatic animals thrived in. It would only make sense as to why they died along with their home.

"Strange how so much water just disappeared like that, " She said to herself out loud, placing a hand on her stomach. "Wouldn't you agree?" A small kick was her reply. She smiled.

She looked up the sky. It was as dead as the former ocean. No clouds as described in the rotting old books. No clear blue sky. Only a deceased brown. All of this was one big disappointment, really. The archives had told of how this planet had once been beautiful and filled with interesting life. Oceans, blue skies, green flora called grass, and even a season where the planet would be covered in a white matter they called snow. The snow part intrigued her the most. As the pictures in the archives showed how beautiful it all looked when it came down from the sky like slow falling rain. But alas, none of that was here anymore. It was even hard to call this place a planet. More like a corpse of rock and minerals if she was being generous. A look alike to its own moon when she really thought about


"Ah, there you are. You had me worried." A male voice behind her said. She glanced over her shoulder to see Kash Duvati or World Eater in English. But to her, he was her son's Father, and to the child on the way as well.

She faced World Eater and gave him a warm smile. "Forgive me, Dear. I simply wandered off to see more of this desolate place."

"I wouldn't see the point. It looks like this in every part of this dead world, " World Eater replied. The god looked to the crater with his empty blue eyes. "It only makes me wish we had discovered this solar system sooner. Their kind was completely careless with their own homeworld. Pathetic really." He looked at his human hand. "I honestly hate taking this form knowing how the whole race is such a disease."

"I'd watch your tongue, Dear. You forget your two children are human." She pointed out.

" make a fair point, " World Eater looked up the sky. "I just hope they won't be anything like their kind. The unpredictability of humans is an uncomfortable thought to me."

She chuckled. "If you hate them so much, then why did you choose to Father them in a human form?"

World Eater looked to the corner of his eye, seeing his six-year-old son, Izio, curiously inspecting a rotting tree. Izio's red glowing eyes stared with awe at the fossil of a thing. The decaying bark and crooked branches were strangely interesting to him. The boy put both hands on the tree, feeling the chalky brown surface. He eventually felt his Father's eyes on him, looking right back in response.

"Well, even when they are such parasites, I find them to be the most bearable to look at amongst all the other organics I've seen. It's just unfortunate that they can't look like your race." World Eater answered.

"Even if they did, they would only be making your kind be suspicious of your long absence. And we both know why we can't have that." She added.

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