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   Chapter 21 The Mirror

Towards the Inner By Jerronime Characters: 21570

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People around Naomi noticed major changes in her behaviour, in her relation to herself, in her expression. She exuded peace. The time filled with a number of friends, acquaintances, family members, colleagues, business partners, got decluttered. The density of "the territory open for people" got thinner. The space between those who belonged to her life reduced, emptied, and of the red blood cells, only the white blood cells remained. And of those white, only the real, perennial, valuable and kind remained. Her new radiation, new appearance, new expression did not require additional buttering up. Her counterparts, or those whom she met by chance, either understood this revolutionary inner change through and through, felt it, and in their eyes, it made Naomi even more attractive and loving or did not notice this change at all. In the most cases, they did not understand it whatsoever; it became unbearable for them, striking. Her direct eye contact, a slight smile, and the ineffable peace that emanated from her caused a diversion of energy. In most cases.

It took less than two months, and her life space was cleared of parasites, from false, superficial people. A few stayed, but only those, who always loved her for her inner self. Now, Naomi watched them from the other bank of the river. Love helped her to. A deeply-suffered experienced and felt to the bones love – such that advanced her from an unknown dimension to a new quality of life. She never forgot Osho's words in the sense of:

If you identify with your heart, then your desires upgrade to a higher level. Higher than the mind. You will be more aesthetically targeted; you will become more sensitive, aware, loving. The mind is aggressive, the heart is perceptive. The mind is of the male essence, the heart is of the female. The mind is logic, the heart is love.

Meditation helped her to be herself, with herself and at peace. Step by step, it brought to her life a new quality, vividness, beauty and intelligence, which are borrowed from others, but grew out of her inner, are rooted in her existence, and since she was not a coward, they began to blossom and bear fruit.

Meditation is a revelation. It is not about quiet sitting or chanting mantras. It is a question of revealing the fine functions of the mind. The moment you understand how the mind works, comes the wonderful revelation, the revelation that does not originate from the mind. It is the knowledge of being, soul and consciousness. The mind is only a mechanism, but when you come to a revelation, a certain energy pattern is established. And this energy pattern is caught by the mind.

Meditation causes change, advances to higher levels of consciousness and changes the whole lifestyle. Meditation changes reactions and responses so much that it is hard to believe – a person, who would react in the same situation with anger, now responds with compassion and deep love. Naomi carried in her heart Osho's words:

A meditator must be all the time like a mirror. What does this mean? Be like a mirror means that you simply just perceive. In pure perception, your mind cannot drag you into the mud, into the sewers. In anger, hatred, jealousy, your mind does not have enough strength to resist the aware consciousness. In meditation, the mind is completely powerless, and because of it, your entire being is at deep peace, such that is beyond common understanding.

Meditation is the ultimate experience of bliss. It is not possible to summon it artificially, or with drugs or with mechanisms, it cannot be summoned from outside.

Meditation wakes you up, gives you clear vision, then you will not reject anything from what you will see.

It has been a long time since Naomi met with some members of her family, and now they met. Before, they had respected her, because she had been still a kind of "leader", "decoration", but never before had she felt such complete joy and such pure love. Those relatives, whom she loved most but did not know to express it adequately, were a completely different reflection. Naomi felt that for them, she is someone, whom they even maybe like, want to protect and naturally care about. In this category, she had never belonged to.

Let's not forget that Naomi was not an unknown figure in a sphere where she worked. On the contrary. She climbed high up into the heights of social, business and even a little political life, although not intentionally, for she was nominated to a certain position thanks to her creativity and management skills. These always brought new fruits usable on multiple fronts, contributed to the fact that she was pulled into this realm of shallow, intriguing liars with no internal values. She was led by her ego, desire for power, for fame, for money – same as "they" desired and so she associated with "them". That was the past. Today, this dimension was an exhausted, unwanted zone – a "taboo". Osho pitches it like this:

A man greedy for money gradually begins to acquire the properties of money. He loses spirituality, loses his soul. He reduces to a thing. If you love money, you will be like money. You start to be like it. If you love a house, gradually you become materialised. You become what you love. Love has an alchemistic power. Never love the wrong things because they will change you. Nothing changes as love. Love something that advances you to the next level. Something beyond you.

Now, back to Rebecca, the friend, with whom Naomi had stayed for the first hardest days after the break-up. They first met five years ago, thanks to the new job as an external media expert to one minister. Besides that they were supposed to cooperate in the field of media campaigns of the minister, they got on well from the first moment. Lovely, smiling, bright. They totally clicked. Both had quite similar life fates behind – without a "real" father, without a loving father, formed to perfection, grew into a similar type of "woman with male features" – strong shoulders, self-sufficient, also financially. Longing for love, yet still in a relationship leading nowhere, either because they had created a projection of the father – a man, who neither gave nor will give nothing, or out of fear that they would find themselves in bondage, would have to share, to know to receive, not have the need to lead, not have to care of everything… This was a big unknown for them…

They were both the "mistress" in their relationships at

n, who does everything well, is perfect and wronged by everyone. Now, Naomi saw it from the other side. Rebecca remained stuck in the cycle of her conditioning… Obviously for quite a long time more – for all the hints and indirect links she did not notice, did not hear or did not want to see.

A few days ago, Rebecca asked her for advice. They wanted to move her to another section which she did not know at all. If she did not accept this offer, she would lose her current position, which the lobbyists wanted to put their new man to, and so she boycotted this transfer. Clearly, she was aware of her intelligence and also her advantage that they indeed wanted to fill her position by someone else, but only because they wanted her on the new post. They had confidence in her… Naomi was informed accordingly about everything. Despite the fact that she did not want to ever engage in such processes, the boys – lobbyists – liked her. After all, she was always just like a male – logical, clear and concise, discreet, with a sense of humour. And paradoxically with age, more and more interesting, more attractive…

And so an unwritten rule occurred that Naomi learned of most new plans first. Then Rebecca. Then the others.

Naomi thus forwarded her point of view to Rebecca. If Rebecca is a good manager, which Naomi thinks she is, she can handle leading any division at any resort, as well as a tire factory – it is about management. Moreover, it will open up new horizons… she will meet new people, new contacts, new space. Finally, Rebecca liked it… So much so that she started to push. Everyone, in every direction. She wanted it very much. With a huge aching for something desire and under pressure somehow nothing works. She did not get the position. She remained at the original one. Of course, Naomi's fingermarks were on it. With a smile in his eyes, Mike came to announce that to Naomi. He knew that he could "exaggerate", with some irony and sarcasm. Naomi is their man. She is a player, she is cool. She is on top of things. Now even more than ever before.

"Well, Rebecca was very sad. She expressed that YOU certainly proposed someone else for her new possible position. And she even knows whom…?"

He winked… with a smile in his eyes, trying to keep his lips straight… He did not hold it very well.

"Really? And who should that be? For in fact, if I've suggested someone, you would have to know something about it, wouldn't you? To whom all such proposals go…? Not to some Mike?"

"Uh-oh… Don't shout right away, " laughed Mike "It's nice of her, isn't it? You saved her ass last year when that big media project was on fire, and now, she's accusing you of 'adultery'…"

"But, well… you know what she's like… We know our people… Let it be… I'm sorry for her. Nothing else. I thank Alice, Osho, and the universe, however it is to be called, that I've cleansed myself and got on to a completely different path."

"See, that's it. You're too much balanced and peaceful. Aren't you sick?"

"Moron, " and they both laughed.

"By the way, were you with Alice today?" Naomi winked at him.

"Yes, we had lunch today –"

"Oh, great! And did she tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"That Rebecca boasted to her… that you've been chasing her. For three years already. She's just keeping distance. Wow, when I found out, I died with laughter. So you two are together, and she praises her that you're going after her. Of course, Alice doesn't share her privacy with her, even Rebecca gave her a job and found her accommodation – with me. What a service she did to us, no? To me, she found an angel, soul mate, best friend, and to you, she found your soon-to-be wife. Oh, if only she knew that you're with Alice… But why does she do it? Why boast that you're going after her? Have you ever hit on her?"

"Oh, eww, no, stop… She's simply like that, she just has to show off, wriggle out of everything and blame others."

"We're all bad, yes. Bad, unfair and she's the only one who is wronged."

Naomi squinted thoughtfully. Only two years ago, Naomi was Rebecca – thinking exactly the same, only with a more developed sense of humour and empathy for the society she was in – somewhat alike she was three months ago and totally different she is now!

What good happened to her!

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