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   Chapter 19 The Trip

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The idea was different. The subconscious "planned" somewhat differently than what actually happened. Although, maybe it was the main purpose and effect of this journey… to meet people with whom fate connected her and whom she had not seen for at least five years; thanks to them, to understand the terms "friendship" and "soulmates", to clarify the essence of true selfless love, as well as to open her eyes and see, that however her life was, and however she thought she lived a "superficial life" which was not fulfilled and apparently, had not the "right" people in, it was not so. Naomi met just those, whom she was supposed to meet, and they all were supposed to move her further in her quest for happiness, for love.

Friends. On their part, Naomi felt a deep, sincere love, inner peace, but with her way of thinking and understanding at the time, five or six years ago, she did not ascribe any particular significance to their love.

She took it as: They love her, so what? So what – that they miss her, that they want to see her, that they e-mail her, that they keep in touch, that they invite her periodically to come to Crete. It is "normal". After all, everybody loves her, adores her… So, nothing special. For a long five years, Naomi did not even bother to send them a message on her own, to initiate any contact. It was either Stalo who called her whether she is doing fine and all is well, or Theo did. Even his name is remarkable – o theos means "God" in Greek. They both "fell in love" with Naomi. She became their energy, inspiration, wind in their sails. Selflessly, just so, just because they saw her inner, real inner. Yes, they did. Being pure and clean they saw the others as they saw themselves, without prejudice. Naomi liked them, felt a deep affection, but at that time, she did not know any other way to explain, then just like a common fact, that with charming Naomi, everyone must fall in love. In whatever way, but must….

It had to take five long years, and she had to hit rock bottom, to understand, experience, and feel this thing called true selfless love without any borders. The "just-like-that" love. Neither a partnership nor interpersonal. Stalo and Theo, they just loved her. Not only that they accepted Naomi as she was on the surface then – questionable, turbulence-like and vain, always in a hurry, although smart and intelligent, but also "know-it-all", imperative and last but not least, energetic, merry and sarcastic. Moreover, they saw her deepest inner right at the moment they met for the first time, they saw there is a good, quality person sleeping inside as if they waited for her to wake up, appear in their lives and love them in return.

They waited five long years to meet her – and they finally met in a completely different dimension. Stalo and Theo were the magnet that pulled her into an otherwise uninteresting destination, especially out of season – neither winter nor summer. Naomi took Alice on the trip, and so they both hit the road – for a four-day trip with no plans and no idea at all about what this journey would mean in their lives. From the beginning, the trip ran smoothly, and time-wise everything fit so well, suspiciously well, as if somebody organised every single thing and every single minute – amazingly spectacularly perfect.

She acted only on intuition. First, she bought the tickets and then sent a message to Stalo, "I arrive on Crete. From… to… for four days. Will you have time for coffee?"

Naomi had absolutely no idea what the reaction would be, had no news about her in the last two or three years and did not know if Stalo is still managing a hotel with Theo or not, or has another job, another business; had no idea whether the whole trip will not be clear mirage, complete nonsense, a waste of money and time. Although, these two last factors were completely irrelevant in her current frame of mind. Time she had as much as she wanted and could use it for any activity, even of a senseless nature, just to not to feel lonely. It began to gnaw at her. You see, to be lonely and to be alone are two different things. Aloneness was relieving, enjoyable. But in the crowd of people, while playing golf, in the restaurant, or on the way to the cinema, theatre, airport, at a party, Naomi felt lonely. She was in the crowd, but lonely in the crowd. Since she did not recognise her inner self, her consciousness and its depth, which we all are gifted with, she has always been only on the surface and lonely. Whether she was with friends, in a crowd or with people, she was lonely. Especially in this period, because she knew to be "not lonely" only with Patrick, so it seemed. She did not know what it is when you are yourself, a company for yourself, when you love yourself while feeling love towards the others.

Money lost its priority. All her life, since she was eighteen, Naomi was determined to achieve a splendid, luxury life. Lust for power, for recognition, for money became the foundation of her life. She chased those and subordinating her – only her own – life to them. She loved, fell in love, knew to feel love and feelings – such quality was incorporated into her, but sleeping; it woke up and fell asleep again. Just like the whole society, which she was part of and whose pace together with principles and clichés she adopted. However high her awareness of the shallowness of life and people thanks to Daniel and Alice was, yet Crete with Theo and Stalo had to come to complete the picture. As Osho described a kind of modern new age being – a person whom we should become to reach enlightenment and to live our lives in harmony, such person waited for her in Crete. Osho called him "Zorba the Buddha", someone who enjoys the worldly pleasures of Zorba the Greek as well as peace, silence, and meditation of Gautama Buddha. Such a person was Theo. This man received them in Crete with love, with such love, wisdom, humbleness… that on the third day at one point both girls could not hold on anymore and burst into tears, just like that, just being touched by it. It was unbearable to see so much of such goodness and peaceful soul, serenity, wisdom, humbleness…

"Alice, you ready? Apparently, the driver is already here and waiting."

"Yes, let's go. Did you remember the crystal?"

"And how many books by Osho shall I take?"

"Well, I don't know… You think there will be time for reading?"

"Know what? I have literally no idea what will be and how it will be. Only that Stalo, that friend of mine, she replied back to me within about five minutes after receiving my message that the driver of Theo's school will be waiting for us and that we have accommodation in the hotel next to her new business – some cafeteria or something… So I don't know… Whether we'll just hang out at the swimming pool or go sightseeing… No idea what exactly there's to do in Crete at this time of year. Really. Do you like history?"

"Well… See, the Seven Wonders of the World – those I'd like to see. But as a child, my parents dragged me through some castles and chateaus – that I didn't like, not a bit."

"Well then…" sighed Naomi, thinking, what a pity that she had been to Crete so many times and had never had the time nor was very interested in visiting historical attractions. She had been dragged by her foolish and fast program – business, meetings, new and new contracts, good dining in quality restaurants in the evenings, here and there some lunch, disco and clubbing. Now, the historical sightseeing attracted, almost tugged her to Crete, to Knossos. She let it be, after all, they had no schedule, no program, and so no idea what awaited them there.

"Let's go… He's waiting…"

The moment they stepped out of the house, a corporate chauffeur arrived. Precisely on the second. They moved in the direction of the airport.

"Do we have enough time? What time is your flight?"

"Totally fine… We have forty minutes…"

The driver made one more attempt to ignite a conversation but in vain. Naomi did not like it… not anymore. She needed to sink into her world, wanted to think, meditate, and not to mouth empty words about the weather and politics. Alice perceived it. Her consciousness read Naomi's. Empathy was on the same wavelength. The driver, despite being a good and kind man, did not understand. He did not understand empathy. Polite or impolite, Naomi listened to her inner. And she needed silence.

She felt a slight dejection, almost fear of this step into the unknown. What if Patrick calls her while she is in Crete? How will it work on her? What to say to him? Will he understand that she is totally down? That she is searching for any haven, signal or sign, whatever her subconscious or a medium show her? She believed in it all, just to make their paths join again: So much she loved him. She perceived her consciousness, the force which more and more often and vigorously echoed: Stop! Stop! Do not push! Forget! It doesn't work this way. The more you desire, the more you want, the more and faster it recedes. Dive into yourself. Only perceive yourself. Learn solitude, learn to meditate, learn to love yourself…! No… again a whirl of thoughts, fantasies, deep streams of thought went in a quite unnecessarily direction, had exactly the opposite charge than should, and created the extreme opposite energy than Naomi would ever want or wish.

This trip to Crete, close to the mythological civilisation, close to the ancient past of people with pure souls, living in harmony, in peace, without wars, without any found weapons (while or because of that, they lived blooming and in love), will certainly mix up the energy in a way that Patrick will awake and they will meet. He will certainly even welcome her at the airport on her arrival from Crete.

All this she had fabricated from scratch… It was running in front of her eyes like a movie.

Nothing happened.

Thus, a lot happened.

But completely from the opposite end. Naomi came to the very end. And were it not for those two guardian angels by her side, a different story would be narrated, next life story.

"Ti kanete? How are you?" asked the driver, actually the manager of Theo's school who waited for them at the airport in Heraklion.

"Kala. Fine, " replied Naomi.

She loved Greek language, it always had been close to her, she learned it without any courses, just like that, from life, but she learned spoken and written. It became for her a fascinating and fabulous tool for communicating. So rich, such incredibly rich vocabulary for describing phenomena and things… No wonder. Her native language has reportedly two hundred thousand words, English has around a million and Greek has apparently seventy million words, of course, including medicine and scientific terms and other derivatives, which so many other world languages adopted and assimilated.

"I'll take you now to the hotel arranged by Ms Stalo. The hotel is just across the street from her new job – a restaurant. So once you unpack, you can go there on foot. And later on, I'll come for you at about seven. Mr Theo would like to welcome you to his school."

"Really? Mr Theo? That's so nice of him…"

"Ah, here it is, his Culinary school… on the right side…"

"Wow. That's what I call progress. I remember it as a small house with five classes about six years ago. This now seems to be a pretty big colossus…"

"Yes, I'm actually the manager of this school… Mr Theo bought this old building, a former hotel and made it into a modern school for chefs – super modern and super high-tech. You'll see…"

"We're looking forward to it!"

"Alice, " turned Naomi to Alice, who in the meantime enjoyed in silence the journey on the back seat. "You get it? They're waiting for us. Stalo arranged accommodation for us, Theo awaits us at his school this evening, Stalo is waiting for us… like, I mean, they're waiting for us. It all starts coming true. You see? I'm about to faint! This will be a journey."

"OK, eucharistoume, " they thanked him when they reached the destination and were welcomed by the owner of the lovely family hotel, where Stalo used to work as a manager once, and where Naomi used to stay during her business trips to Crete. And the owner remembered Naomi and was obviously delighted, downright thrilled to see her again and to welcome them to her hotel.

What a positive energy! The host gave them quick weather forecast that just yesterday it was cloudy with a strong wind from the north. Today is sunny and cloudless, and it shall stay this way until Sunday. So even the weather worked for them, even the weather had been organised.

They unpacked, showered, laughed at funny stories from the the flight, and then set off to say hello to Stalo.

Beautiful little restaurant, a cosy house in typical Cretan style, four tables inside, ten or thirteen tables outside among the olive trees, an olive grove spreading over several acres. Little garden with a bush of vegetables and all imaginable foliage, cosy little kitchen the size of six square meters – how even can one cook in it? All the real food – made with fresh vegetables, fresh fish, fruits locally harvested (either their own harvest or from the next-door neighbour or grandma) such as beans, favas, homemade cheeses or made and delivered by Theo's school. This was a fairytale, prepared with love by the two cooks – Stalo and her ninety-year-old mom. Her mom was a small, but vital woman with smiling eyes, fresh mind, sense of humour and pearls of Greek wisdom, that spiced up their conversations about life, relationships, work.

So these two beautiful creatures were waiting for them. In the garden among the olive trees. What joy and happiness shined from their faces when they saw Naomi…! Indescribable.

"Ela Naomi, where have you been for so long?" launched Stalo's mother. "How long since we saw you last?"

"Five years, " Stalo remembered exactly. "She forgot about us. Here and there we just called, but otherwise, it seems she lost interest in Crete… and in us…"

"Oh, c'mon, Stalo, " replied an outraged Naomi, "you know how it goes. You know I went through a rough period full of many projects and the last year and a half in a relationship – when we travelled everywhere, but Crete. But surely I don't have to remind you how much I missed all of you and how much I love you all."

"No. No, " replied Stalo, "we believe you… We missed you, and we're happy that you're finally here. Again."

"I'm happy too, Stalo. And by the way, let me introduce you to my guardian angel – Alice."

"Oh, hello, Alice. How are you?"

"Hello… Okay!" Alice did not know English very well, but apparently, she did not make a big fuss about saying the correct thing…

"She looks like a very nice person, " said Stalo.

They greeted each other, kissed cheek to cheek, had Greek coffee… and Naomi went through the cross-examination: Where she had been, what she was doing, how was her work, whether she had opened her dream culinary school (something like Theo had), whether she was married, why not yet, is she going to… Well, and then they came to the sensitive strings – she came to heal her heart, recover those different positive forces, which she still had in herself… Who was that…? Why did they break up…? Is it definite…?

No, she did not think it is definitive, just time is needed…

Naomi was not very open to discussing such topics, so it was right about time, that the driver picked them up and took them to Theo to have a look at the school he had built in the five years since Naomi's last visit. He did an incredible job there. Yes, Theo knew how to work, was a well-known and great entrepreneur in the hotel industry, catering and yachting trade… But to build such a school? That she did not expect.

Naomi was looking forward to seeing Theo. She always liked him, could not define exactly how – whether as a father, brother, or a friend. As if she knew him for a thousand years. It was not a love of a woman to a man; it was a love to a beloved human being. Pure love. But a few years ago, she had not known to name it like this, and so she had let it be… Even though she had not retained any specific contact with him, Theo sporadically had contacted her, especially right at the moments, when something had just happened – when she had just broken up, when her business partners had stolen from her and had discredited her good name on the market, when she had been robbed in Amsterdam of everything except her phone, even then he felt it, even then he suddenly called to find out if she was alright. Simply said, they were linked, connected, and he perceived her, as a being, who he wanted to take care of.

"Ah! So you made it after all?" rumbled Theo's hoarse voice of thunder, "You missed us, finally? After five years?" he hugged and kissed Naomi.

"How pretty you are! I dare to say you're even prettier, you don't age, rather you're getting younger… You're a doll… And who's this little one? Ela jasu… ti kaneis."

"Jasu…" tried Alice to imitate this one-word greeting with the right accent.

"Let me introduce you to Alice – my friend, my angel."

"Is she? Looks like. Another doll with you… But you're still young, Alice! How old are you, eighteen?"

Alice started laughing, of course. She had the ineffably valuable feature that she knew to laugh through life. She looked at everyone with love. You could never see in her eyes even a drop of anger, a speck of crooked thought. She would either share with you in a good way your thoughts, desires, fears, and attitudes or simply politely distanced herself if she felt that the energy with you is not the best. She would distance herself and remain closed in her shell, but never (at least as far as the short time that Naomi knew her concerned) would she broadcast negative energy to anyone, against anyone.

"No!" Alice began to laugh, "Twenty-nine."

"No way!" said Theo "You're a doll too… What to do, beauty attracts beauty. And love and goodness do the same."

"We agree."

After the first two minutes, both girls felt in Theo's offices good and safe, like two roses in bloom.

"Would you like some coffee? Ouzo? Whisky?" Sure they would like. Ouzo. So what…! should they drink coffee for night…? The girls agreed and laughed.

"Then I'll show you the school… And afterwards, we'll go to have something to eat at Stalo… Agree?"

"Yes!" Both, Naomi and Alice, were already dying of hunger, which did not happen at home. But here, in the fresh air, the sea, the scent of olives and the entire flora around made them hungry. And they looked forward to the unique Cretan cuisine – to all its famous appetisers, dining style in the form of mezedes containing a lot of small dishes with a variety of starters, from the cold dips to the hot meals. All healthy and nutritious… Naomi remembered well the taste of this special cuisine but did not completely expect such a great dining experience, which they experienced an hour later in Stalo's restaurant. Stalo, in her mini kitchen, where one person could barely fit (according to Naomi), prepared for them perhaps fifty courses…

Stalo was cooking, serving the food… and in the evening, a few – well, quite a few – guests flocked in, and Stalo met them all with a smile, with peace and tranquillity. Everyone treated each other as equal – nicely, respectfully. Loudly sang out a greeting, how is life going… shouted from table to table… Absolutely calmly, Stalo announced to Theo that the owner of the local radio-station sits inside, and Theo, absolutely calmly, sent him his greetings… Here, no one was playing at anything.

On a small wooden table with woven chairs the dishes were coming one after another – Greek salad, stuffed vegetables, dakos, bean fava, sfongato zucchini, gemista, tzatziki, sofegado from vegetables, lamb in three styles, olives, cheeses… it did not have an end. Finally sweet tiganopita…

Everything was homemade, real, vibrantly fresh! With flavour and no aftertaste. Cooked with love and tradition.

During the guided tour of Theo's school, Naomi and Alice were on the verge of collapse… out of wonder – wonder about what Theo has built here, by h

s to their inner world, became the richest people inside, although the world does not lie at their feet but within them the music plays and odes to joy. A creative person owns himself, he is his own master.

Naomi was sitting on the sofa next to the captain (the captain was Theo) thinking and watching. Beside her, Alice also contemplated and every now and then released a sigh of joy. The sea, the nature, the colours around, the harbour leaving from their sight, Heraklion, and the mainland – receding, distinctive with so many hills, and even snow-caps, and they are sitting here in bikinis on a yacht sailing towards the azimuth of the small uninhabited island next to Crete, named Zeus' island. Again, "God", the island of God. Naomi watched the spontaneity and naturalness, with which Theo did everything, and always with a smile – at least in the eyes.

He let the dishes, ouzo, water, olives, bread to be served. Three helpers – one dressed in a dirty tracksuit (for the last two days he was probably washing the deck after some technical work), the second one looked like as if he had just walked out of the hotel kitchen, and the third one was clothed as normally as you would expect for yachts – brought a whole rich range onto the quarterdeck, spread out glasses, bowls of all sorts of goodies: anchovies, salmon, vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice, cheese, olives, bread, poured ouzo and they all toasted in unison. Not only Theo, Alice, and Naomi, but the staff as well. The helpers then left for a little while, and when they returned started eating without any ado. It was all acceptable because Theo did not make differences in people. Not because he was richer and they worked for him. Simply, they were people just like Theo was. Yet everything was so natural, nothing seemed inappropriate, vulgar or improper. We all are human beings and equal part of the world.

They ate, drank ouzo, Theo docked at the island, and they all jumped at his command into the water. At first, it seemed icy, but then they got used to it and remained in it for quite a long time. Meanwhile, Theo – determined to prepare an even greater feast for the girls – bought freshly caught fish from the fishermen anchored in the same bay. And when three of Theo's friends sailed by in Theo's second, smaller yacht, and anchored at their side, the feast was ready. The helpers grilled lamb chops, various other meats and fish, and this all was, naturally, accompanied by wine and cheese, olives, whatever. Typical Greek-style feast. And the three friends, who sailed to Theo, were simple and nice, who seemed to also live for the present moment, for love and the work they love. At least it looked like so at that moment.

Naomi whispered to Alice:

"While basking in the sun, before lunch, it happened."

"OMG, what happened?"

"I separated us. It came by itself. I saw Patrick lying in the bedroom, and then I saw myself getting up as if coming out from him. He remained lying. I was so transparent like a ghost… I said farewell to him, although he was sleeping, gave him a kiss and left the house. I feel immense relief. I feel as if I get rid of the shackles on my feet, invisible handcuffs, by which I had been chained to him. I notice no change in feelings, but such liberation within."

"Oh, Naomi, you cannot imagine how happy I am. After all, we couldn't bear to see you like that anymore."

On the way back, all three sat on the quarterdeck. First, the girls interrogated Theo regarding his family, work, political opinions, religion, church… Basically, they no longer had any doubt – Theo was indeed the prototype of Osho's Zorba the Buddha. Such a clear mind, such serenity, balance, peace, love and consciousness…

But Theo wanted to know about Naomi. Wanted answers. Why? Why is she so changed? Why is she so sad…? What did that man do to her, or what did she do to him…?

"I don't know, Theo. Nothing. Nothing fatal. I loved him. I didn't lie to him, nor cheated, nor humiliated, nor abused, no… I don't know. If there were some crossing borders, then it came from ordinary life, or established customs, or perhaps from my way of living I learned in my childhood – to take care of myself. Since childhood, I actually was beginning to be a strong guy, because circumstances forced me to be so. I had to protect my closest person, then soon after to care for myself, stand on my own feet. Then I had to impress the family of my first guy – my first love – to charm them with my successes, simply because they were too much into material things, and I was trying to prove that I knew to be equal to them and worthy for their son, only if I was properly rich… You see? Actually, it's mind-boggling to me now. But OK, these were the experiences that always moved me further. But on the other hand, they made me into some kind of buffalo which pushes everything, knows to organise everything, to do everything, ensure it, take care of it. Nevertheless, I've never done it to humiliate someone; rather I did it not to be a burden, not to cost a penny to anyone and to do always everything perfectly. Apparently, it turned out that I actually was 'showing off' and 'competing' and violating someone's ego and 'making a jerk out of him' – as I was told or as it got to my ears.

"You know, you both, if the old Naomi sat here now, she would have let off a shower of curses, about how much he hurt her and what a bastard he behaved to her.

"But now I know that his behaviour was just my projection. What I was doing and what I was, that I saw in him, and it bothered me about him, and vice versa – what he saw in me and bothered him, were his mistakes, either from the present or past.

"See, as I was contemplating about it here, that sick self-confidence was behind it all. I've cleaned it now because I coped with my past and actually with all my being and existence, but if Patrick doesn't cope with it, we'll never be able to meet and tune into to the same wavelength. 'Cause now, I won't judge him for anything, I just want to feel the love from him and to give him mine and everything would go the natural way and evolve. But if he doesn't do the same, probably he'll always search and find flaws and mistakes in me, which he makes, maybe even those, which actually I don't make, but which he'll see glimpses of. It's just, his quality as a human is great, but society had taught him to have self-confidence which manages him and his life at the moment."

Theo steered the ship and headed for port and quietly began to chant something more akin to a wise book:

"You know, self-confidence is a disease… Consciousness is health, but self-confidence is a disease – it means that something is not right. However, it was a kind of knot, a complex. Self-confidence is morbidity. Self-confidence is a frozen state, a blockage, like a dirty pool, not flowing anywhere, it only dries up, evaporates and dies. And of course – stinks. Consciousness has no idea of I – of the ego. Has no idea of the separation from existence, is not aware of any obstacles, doesn't notice any conflict between the individual and whole because the whole is constantly giving and we constantly give to the whole. But a self-confident person, there's something wrong with him – he takes but doesn't give; he collects but doesn't share. Such person sets a boundary around, which may never be crossed… He deploys around himself the sign: 'No Trespassing' and gradually he becomes a grave, a corpse because life is about sharing –"

He breathed in and probably had on the tongue another wise sentence when Naomi interrupted him:

"Theo, wait, wait… This everything, all that you said, just fits… I don't really want to analyse and criticise anyone because as I've realised, we all only see what we're able to perceive, and therefore only a projection of ourselves, of our parents or of situations already seen and experienced. But one thing I always missed, and it seemed to me that it is quite crucial and essential… I've always felt that I'm the one who gives. But not materially – although that was a load as well – I mean, I've felt I was the one who gives emotionally. I sacrificed time, including my work time which I really needed, I was giving all I could and did everything I read in their eyes. Really. I can see it clearly now.

"And you know, what actually hit me now? It seems to me that he actually hasn't experienced love for a woman yet. Yes, he's afraid of love. When I imagine his ex-wife, they didn't fit together at all, not even typologically. And based on the information that came into my ears, or he told me himself, they didn't have much in common. Two completely different dimensions of mind, struggling for long 20 years until they divorced. It was chemistry, passion, and like every other couple in the world today, they thought, that it's love, then children were born, but the two of them were in 'the institution of marriage', while in fact, they didn't fit together at all. He transferred all his love for his children and got stuck there.

"Then he had some girlfriends, but typologically again only companions for the elimination of loneliness. In fact, he didn't love any of them, and as soon as he felt pressure, the pressure of stronger volume, or other 'securities', immediately he ended it all. But it didn't hurt. Because he didn't love."

Theo stared into the distance, and Alice spoke. She had to add to this analysis, as she could not bear to see Naomi so miserable and wanted to know why two people, who, according to her, fit together, had to break up.

"He not only has the ego but mostly fear. Basically, he didn't want to be alone, he wanted to have a partner, but one that doesn't pierce his heart with Cupid's arrow. One that will constantly be with him, will share his interests, will be representative so he would be proud of. One who will be completely financially independent, slightly masculine – be a 'buddy' for any discussion – and at the same time sensitive, giving love, tender, understanding, who will be witty, clever, empathetic… Such woman, he dreamed about but never met. Until now. And it was so flawless that he got scared. He was afraid of love because it wasn't scheduled in his plans… His ego didn't plan to love someone other than his children. He had never experienced it and didn't know it. This feeling spooked him, and he found and is still finding irrelevant excuses for termination of this relationship. He couldn't accept that love. His mind didn't exceed his ego, and he just freaked out. He got scared."

"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!" they both shouted. Naomi looked at Alice as if dazed.

"I've never heard you talk about Patrick in such perspective and so systematically."

"Come here, you… 'System', " smiled Naomi back to her.

"But it's true, isn't it?!"

"Is it true? I believe so. Who doesn't call during the whole time? Not even one greeting, one message whether I'm okay. Only the one who's afraid of himself, afraid of love. Until he overcomes it, unfortunately, this road will be closed."

"Naomi, I just want to say, " Theo turned to her, "don't be sad anymore. And start to open your heart and eyes. Don't wait. You have wonderful qualities and beautiful soul. If you weren't, people wouldn't love you as they do. And you deserve love. I remember you from five or six years ago. You've matured, you've overcome your ego since. You're already a person with the consciousness, and your qualities are thus more enhanced. Be proud of yourself, love yourself and don't let yourself be hurt by people, who have never undergone even a short part of the path you've walked, and who aren't interested to see deeper than on the surface, to see to the bottom of the lake."

"Oooohhhh Theo, Theo… Thank you, " Naomi hugged him. "You're the most beautiful person I've ever known. I appreciate you and thank you for everything."

They were almost at the port. Alice and Naomi looked at each other and wept… Naomi emotional from Theo's words, wept from sorrow, self-pity, mourning for Patrick and the revelation that had just arrived. Alice – she did not know why.

"Why are you crying?"

"I don't know, " she began to laugh through her tears. "I barely ever cry, I don't understand why I'm crying now. Probably I'm so fucked up with nerves from the emotions from all this around here, and especially from Theo."

Theo had gone to dock the boat… He found them in a vale of tears… He was sad too and not in a mood for talking. And so he called a taxi, they all said their farewells… The two girls mewling like goats… Theo sadly watched them leave…

On the way, they stopped at Stalo's. They said their farewells to her too, again accompanied by a stream of tears. Their departure was coming. And Stalo joined them in tears…

"Promise me, you'll come back soon. Naomi, not in five years…"

"Don't worry, Stalo… we'll come back… After all, we're reborn, " replied Naomi…

Stalo squinted a little strangely, really did not understand, but never mind. They felt that they would be coming back soon. Perhaps even this year.

They wished each other a good night, Stalo wished them a happy homecoming, packed them cheeses, olives, oils and they left. In the morning they flew away.

Nothing special happened. Yet a lot happened.

They again moved many miles ahead. Skipped over a lot of stones of realisation again and made sure that their path of transformation is the right path.

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