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   Chapter 13 Falling in Love and So On…

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A usual visit to her hairdresser – an expert beyond words, empathetic with deep eyes full of warmth. When he looked at you, it was as if he scanned you to your innermost core. At the same time, he was always highly modest and humble to his employees, and clients, even though, one does not always have the mood to be nice. He just had that in him.

Naomi was on her typical business-social trip to the Island. As always, she had perfectly balanced and active program, so that there would be not a minute of solitary or relaxation. She was a machine with no space for cleansing, recharging, reset, always active, always in the centre of the action, surrounded by people, and by business meetings related to upcoming media campaigns of a global character. A manager would normally need a week to calmly handle all the deals with all the shifting around the Island. Naomi squeezed everything into two days – from dawn to dusk, with breaks for a business lunch, or business dinner, a pace impossible, driven by the longing for the open position of director general of the whole corporation.

It is clear, that after the fusion of her business with this global giant she had to perform and show everyone what a powerful, smart person she is, how she manages to negotiate and sign contracts in three different countries, within one week. She did not ever wonder where her life was moving towards, all she had were her career plans for the future only – to be the first, extraordinary, rich, have power, and decide over the widest range of activities, deals, and people.

And so, she "flew into" the salon of her favourite hairdresser, who had somehow a calming effect on her. Peace in his eyes, patient mind, he loved his job and was thus himself at work. Thanks to him, Naomi had an excellent hairstyle, he knew how to add and remover new hair, extend, shorten – whatever was trendy, and practical in her busy life.

He liked her. He saw through what is hidden beneath that hard shell – that she is a quality person, a woman with whom life has played a little, starting with the "being-without-a –father" feeling, to the broad shoulders, and taking care of herself and everyone. He saw in her the innocent little Naomi longing for love – the honest, reciprocated, and genuine kind of love. He saw it from the very beginning; since they met.

Naomi pulled out her MacBook and started to tap. E-mails, contracts, replies. She was not aware anymore of where she was, what someone was doing with her. She was back in her working world. When she heard the background conversation, she woke up… Gradually he began to attract her attention. Hairdresser's colleague finished her traditional Turkish coffee, and he began to read from it. You probably know of it – a cup that is inverted for some time – and then, the dregs remaining at the bottom and on the sides of the cup can be "read." It particularly drew Naomi that anything the hairdresser read, met with a colleague's "YES! That's right!" His figurative, metaphorical twists and turns in reading were interpreted the other side into real events and phenomena that really had happened were happening or should happen, whether as planned or indicated by all that should happen.

Naomi put her work aside.

"That's incredible. Can you do a reading for me?"

"Sure, anything for you."

And so it was. The girls made coffee; she drank it hot to have a result sooner, turned the cup over and waited…

At that time, all astrological predictions, numerology and all forms of divination served her as a kind of indicator. She ran to them and believed that they were telling the truth. When she projected it back, eighty percent of them were off; they had had no real prediction abilities. If they had, then she would already have had at least two children, an understanding husband and a happy life. Whether her life the way she lived it was happy, that was a different question altogether. Naomi always had idealised it and changed even the worst, most critical situations into some cloud, illusion. But that was unsustainable. And so the clouds had kept growing and overshadowed her. The accumulated rain had to reveal itself, had to storm out somewhere. Irritability, outbursts, poor health.

Only the hairdresser's prediction was fulfilled literally. His first and each every one. They were symbolic but true.

"I see the letter 'L'… do you know someone with 'L'? And here I see someone… above the letter. You'll meet someone… not in a year, but now, in 46 days…"

"Well sure, perhaps I'll meet someone in Las Vegas; I'm flying directly there for a conference…"

"Yes?" he smiled so strangely, in his own thoughts…

"But it's gonna be a ladies-only thing, in Las Vegas. With the flight there and back and one day of the conference in between, there will be no time for 'socialising'…"

"I don't know, but it'll be strong. You have an open road. I see here flowers… You will be happy…"

"And supposedly he's 'Mr Right'?"

"That I don't know, I see a meadow and a tree, you in a long dress as if you were at a wedding – but that I don't know exactly. But it will happen soon, very soon…"

Naomi did not need more. For her – burnout, arid, longing for love, for support, real shoulders to lean on– this was enough.

Shining and radiant, she flew out of the hair salon. The next day, she flew to Las Vegas. "L" as LOVE. Could he have meant "L" for love? She had to be shining bright like a flashlight, for, at the airport, everyone regardless of gender turned their head towards her. And out of nowhere, a "Stud" came to her. A figure made by sports, like water polo, beautiful face, attractive smile.

"Where are you going?" asked he.

This is it, she thought. As if it would happen immediately? Like right the next morning? She did not want to believe it either. But… he must be at least thirteen years younger than her. Is it "okay"?

"Hi! May I ask you? Are you travelling to London? You know which gate?"

"Nope, I fly to Las Vegas."

"Ah, OK. I fly to London. You're very beautiful!"

"Thank you, " blushed Naomi.

"How long will you be in the USA? Or do you live there?"

"No, no… I'm just going to a conference. I'll be back in Europe in a few days."

"Ah, I see… Could I get your e-mail? Or number? I'd be happy to invite you to dinner or lunch. Sometime. Somewhere…"

He got it. She gave him her business card right away – with both, her number and e-mail. And he called. At once. All the "Ls". There were no doubts about it, what her hairdresser had predicted.

At the conference in Las Vegas, Naomi did not even go out of her room. Well, she suffered the conference, but afterwards, there was no nightlife, no people, and no new faces. Her room only. She could not wait for her flight home. Her new acquaintance – Lucas – called her as soon as he arrived in London. And fired straight away, when would she return to her Homeland and what is the best hotel in her city. She could not even sleep. After she comes home, then only one more night and then he comes – the athlete, handsome, sympathetic, originally from L.A, an American living in Europe. He worked as a scout manager for water sports and was a former water polo player himself. And yes, he was about nine years younger, but that was no concern for Naomi at that period of her life. He, of course, did not know her age and put her automatically in the same category, as his.

On the eve of the "grand" date, smoothly as if sent from heaven or the universe (as Naomi believed), a message came. From a person, who was her personal alternative doctor, counsellor in personal life, confessor – Jasmine. Some few years ago, Naomi had set on the path of prevention better than any doctor or pharmaceutical. And thanks to Jasmine's diagnostics, she had strengthened her immunity so that over the last five years she had never been ill or sick. Here and there, she felt a virus flying by or a bacteria or parasites trying to settle, but thanks to the complete cleansing of her body, which she had been slogging away for the last two years, she knew exactly how to allocate the problem, how to feel it, and understand it. And so she just jumped for a quick check, took anti-parasitics or drops designed to attack against undesirable pathogens in the body, and within twenty-four hours she was fine.

So this Jasmine wrote her, "I have a guy for you."

Well, great. It did not interest Naomi at all at that moment. Too late. But, Jasmine was Jasmine… And Naomi had respect for her, for she was one of the few, one of the balanced and sincere ladies with capital "L". So it could not be some bullshit. They've known each other for five years, and she has never written anything like that to her. Until now.

"He's well off. Divorced. With adult children. Only plays golf. Hardly works. Is intelligent, looks balanced… Check him out on FB."

Oh. Well, OK, thought Naomi. Grudgingly, she opened FB and looked at his photo. A strange feeling – no "wow", but something was telling her, that she should meet him. Later that evening, she would return to that photo at least a hundred times. His eyes, his facial expression – as if she had known him for a hundred years.

So she let it go with a flow.

Jasmine organised a meeting – a dinner for the three of them in two days, and she would leave earlier to make space for just the two of them – Naomi and him.

But Jasmine's plan and Jasmine's guy did not bother her, as on the next day, she was supposed to have a date with Lucas, her destined. And so it happened. Lucas flew from London because of her, stayed in the Hilton, reserved a private launch for two and welcomed her with a bouquet of roses. He was charming – tall, tanned, dark brown hair lightened by the sun and tousled in a stylish modern way, gorgeous body, pleasant smile, white teeth, nice hands and stylish sports clothes as per the newest fashion. The conversation began… and half an hour later, Naomi knew it was passé. Screw her bloody intellect! Why does she need a more prudent, more clever partner, otherwise she loses interest? Damn it! Such a nice, attentive, good man. History repeats itself. Any such smitten, dedicated, kind, attentive, yet well off and smart guy she quickly leaves. She always had been and still was fascinated and in love always only with those, who were strong, charming and charismatic on the outside, but full of rooted blocks, egoism, narcissism (and sadism at worst) on the inside.

Well, and one such waited for her the following day. Incredibly beautiful, charming, kind, family-orientated, smart, intelligent, allegedly thanks to his cleverness also rich, and his body just like the best Hollywood actors. In his 50s. It was like a dream. The evening had barely begun, and suddenly it was morning. It happened so fast that before they knew it, they were embraced in each other's arms. At his home – from which Naomi did not return to hers since. It was incredible, fast, spontaneous. Already from the next day, they were living together. In his luxurious home – an opulent mansion in the posh quarter of the city.

Five long years after her only long-standing relationship, she was about to live with someone, at once, suddenly. In an environment, where once another woman had ruled (two, in fact), where father and son lived up to now, in a house of a man with a 30-year-established family routine and rules. No romance, "all-or-nothing" right from the beginning. Hidden paranoia – either be with me or nothing. Under control, always in the eye, they shared everything together from day one. Which woman – one in love after five years of loneliness – would not be flattered, would not be charmed by that?

Until then, her loneliness had been filled only by her work and in-love suitors, whose names had created a three-page-long list on her phone. She called them the Fun-Club; picking out of them this one to hang out, that one to have a chat with… She had not taken them to bed, as that was something she was not capable of doing without love. During almost six years she had not been able to fall in love. No one had charmed her, fulfilled her, no one had gained her heart. And now, boom! Maybe she had longed for love so much, that she put a man in his fifties, who looked better than the others, on a pedestal and made a centre of the universe out of him. He was disciplined, self-confident and intelligent, he loved his children, so one could assume that he was capable of loving in general… at least, it had seemed so at the beginning. Apart all of that, he was handsome, his body and face as from a magazine. And even the following aspect did not have a big value for Naomi, yet nowadays, it is a sign of outstanding skills, or a proof of a natural smartness, or maybe the luck of being in the right place at the right time… Long story short, he was rich.

From the very beginning, it seemed he loved her; they felt as if they had known each other for centuries, not just a few days. They behaved so naturally as two souls who had lived through more than one entire life or as a husband and wife who know each other thoroughly and are aware of that. They had the same way of thinking, and reactions towards people and phenomena around them. From the very beginning. So what happened?

Naomi started to realise that Patrick had created an extra strong relationship with property and money, which sometimes seemed like stronger than his feelings for her. But every time, she persuaded herself that in fact, it was a good quality, as he obviously valued what he had achieved and gained. What is wrong about that, no?

There was this dance of his – a slow step closer to her and a quick step away from her at once. She had no idea of what chaos and mess were waiting for her. And the damn game of ego and love started – a game of being in love and Patrick's fear.

"What time will you come today? When will you finish?" he asked her over morning coffee.

"I don't know; I'll try to come as early as possible. I have foreign partners here today, and we're concluding a couple of contracts."

"I see. And who exactly?"

"From Germany, lawyers who prepare the contracts for all our big campaigns."

"A tough day then…?"

"Don't know, most probably yes, I can't tell right now."

At five, she wrote to him that she would come at six, as they had not finished yet. At around six, she wrote, that she was heading home. But, while she made her way home to a different district than she was accustomed to, while she parked outside the house on the street full of cars, as in the luxurious garage full of luxury cars, there was no space for her… father had cooked some pasta, and together with his son, they ate in unison. As soon as she stepped into, she felt the tension.

"Hi, everyone!"

"Hi!" answered Palko. Nothing from his father.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't leave earlier…"

"OK, but in the future, you could let us know sooner. We waited for you to go for dinner outside, and at the end, I had to cook myself."

"Oh, you're used to eating this early?"

"Yes, at six, as is normal."

Goodness, sure, yes, what a dummy she is. She was still in her island-style, where she ate nothing the whole day, as the meal time was at around nine in the evening… That was her lifestyle in the Homeland as well. She was neither sick nor malnourished; she was healthy, worked out, danced, and it was her pace, her rhythm. Well, what to do; she has to start getting adjusted to a new rhythm.

It took two days for things to go back to normal. Patrick expected a big I'm-so-sorry from her. But from her point of view, nothing grave had happened, she was just not used to report the exact timing of coming back from work – not from the party, not from a date, but from a routine stressed hard work.

It took few days before he was able to cuddle up with her and make love. In the first months, it was mutual, full of lust, tender. But something was always missing; only she could not see that. She was accustomed to passion, loving; the one who loved her loved her to the very end of any relationship, but always with passion, not for sex…

In this case, she often had the feeling that perhaps it did not matter whether she was the one lying there or someone else, or God forbid, he does himself. Such coldness, many times no kisses, no touching, just an act – an act of satisfaction. After all, one cannot have the desire for it every day… No, no, no. It was her fault; even then she already put on those rose-coloured spectacles, wanted just to give and adapt. Like a beggar begging for love. The more she gave, the more subservient she felt. Carrot and stick – on the one hand, beautiful words and the way he loved her and wanted to know all about her; on the other hand, remorse as to why she did not say anything without him asking, and that he did not know what she was doing the whole day… Well, what would she do the whole day? She worked hard to have sources to live from and lead an entire company. She worked her butt off to buy what she needed and to fulfil her dreams.

She did not want to be dependent! And mainly, she felt that this "millionaire's" basic criterion was to find an independent woman, who would want nothing from him, who would not threaten their family budget and assets, would never impoverish his children, and would never propose "let's get married". He already had had a wife once and now did not want to share anything with anyone anymore.

She did feel he loved her but did not understand why he could not provide her with some grounding – some assurance that they belonged together. Even if only symbolically. After all, he knew that she did not want his possessions; she wanted only to belong to him. Forever.

In this, Naomi was "cool". Right during their first conversation on their first date, she revealed to him that the institution of "marriage" means nothing to her. Three times she could have tied the knot, three engagement rings lying in her closet at home. Every time she had fled. She had felt she had not been ready, or that one had not been "Mr Predestined". She believed in the fatal karmic love that it is worthy to wait for a long time – better wait for a long time then to get married and then divorced. And somehow she felt that she has known Patrick for thousands of years, and he had said the same thing to her, just two days after their first date.

So she wanted nothing, she needed nothing; she expected nothing from anyone. No one had to worry about her. Only that she just a little overestimated herself as a person, as a woman. As someone who loves and expects something more from a partner – expects a feeling of home, stability, a sense of strong arms, that in every situation there was someone she could lean on. However, she did not get the signals that she could start to feel this.

He reproached her for working too much and coming home late, yet when they went with his children shopping in brand stores, Naomi paid for her own and for gifts she had chosen for them, Patrick paid for himself and his children. No gifts involved.

She wanted very much to be a part of them, be equal, to look equally luxurious and to shop in the same luxury stores as they did – to pay from her pocket, of course. Many times she bought a present for them, as she loved giving presents, no expense spared. But an income, pretty income is crucial for this lifestyle. Income is usually a produc

"You're amazing! How did you manage it, at all? We were all day together yesterday…"

"While you mowed the grass, " winked Naomi at him and kissed him.

He hugged her and went to devote himself to his beloved divine daughter and her husband.

The visit lasted until the evening. Pleasant entertainment, the whole day was completely different than originally planned. What to do, man proposes, God – or as in this case Daughter – disposes.

The best time was when Naomi and Patrick had been alone. Like lovebirds – at that time they had understood each other, thus, at the very beginning, before Daughter's influences and worldviews had started to interfere. Then, everything went downhill. But the first year, everything – travel, golf, sports, whether skating, or tennis, or volleyball – everything had been in sync, absolute teamwork as if they had been one body, one soul. Sometimes, when she had watched him at a party with people or at golf playing in a "flight" in front of her, and she had seen him only here and there, she had felt as if she had known him for eternity. She anticipated his reactions, movements, facial expressions. Everything was nice and pleasant to her. And surely, she would be able to tackle everything, even the conflicts, to withstand with peace anything, if not influence of the devil in angel's cloth, who had Patrick wrapped around her finger since her birth. Beware, all these facts just quietly whispered to Naomi – she never felt or showed hate or thirst for revenge against Daughter, against anyone of his family. She just constantly felt a discomfort, that someone had been digging the ground under her feet and whatever she would do, that ground would be less and less, until she falls into an abyss. And she can do nothing against it. If everything she had felt from the very beginning – the karmic connection, eternity, predestined love – was a deception only, then she will just have to adapt. She did not know then which other drastic dimensions this would lead to. What this dear Daughter is capable of to make sure her daddy would not fall in love – let alone, not fall in love head over heels – with "dangerous" and good Naomi.

Once, they all were invited to a rural lakeside mansion in Italy, which belonged to the Daughter's in-laws. It was fine; someone got drunk here and there, but otherwise, it was a nice well-being and relaxation. To Naomi, it seemed that she had caught the eye of the baroness – Daughter's mother-in-law. Baroness came from the same region, like Naomi, just different background. Large estates and the title were returned to her in restitution. And her husband had inherited pretty nice large estates and property from his ancestors; after some privatisation. Baroness was nice, had a sense of humour – the sarcastic kind – she did sports and had quite sober views. So Naomi opened to her a little. One evening, when a little bit tipsy men left, they both remained seated. They lit up a cigarette. Naomi did not smoke with Patrick, if so, then only occasionally, when they drank, but always in front of him, never in secret. Patrick hated smoking. Paradoxically, his mother and sisters smoked. But certainly, not his children…

This was a social occasion. Baroness immediately asked her suspiciously, whether Patrick knew that she smoked.

"Yes, he knows. Here and there I've lit up also in front of him. He saw me."

"OK, because when Daughter started to go out with my son before she was pregnant, she smoked, secretly, my son wasn't supposed to know. She was smoking for a long time without him knowing."

"Did she? I'd never guess that she ever smoked." It hit her by surprise that the innocent girl – the little angel, who respects her father so much – would ever lie to him.

"And what about you and Patrick? How are the things between you?" asked Baroness directly. "Does he intend to marry you? How long have you two been together… quite a long time… a year already, is it not?"

"Yes, something like that, " answered Naomi. "You see, I'm not pushing this. For me, marriage's just a piece of paper. I'm self-sufficient anyway, so I don't need his fortune, and as long as I feel that he loves me, there's no need to worry about it."

"What about some stability, a feeling of safety? Guarantees that a woman wishes for?" exhorted Baroness.

Well, at that exact moment, Naomi did not know what to answer. She just knew that she felt less and less of the stability and feeling of safety. And, of course, not to even mention children.

"And what about a child?" as if Baroness read her thoughts.

"Nothing. That's a taboo. It was announced to me, right on the very first night, when we met, that nothing like that would be taken into consideration."

"And you do not want any? How old are you? You have never had a child, have you?"

"No, I haven't. I've never been married, I always ran away, I've got three engagement rings left at home, and I've always believed in the destined love. The right thing, which when it comes, I'll know that's it, I'll know at once. I feel this with Patrick. And I feel I don't have to worry about having a child. If this is the 'right thing', the right love, then his heart will open. I feel this love. If this love that I'm feeling, is right, so it will also open his heart. As they say: destiny will take care."

And that was a mistake; this whole conversation was a mistake. It meant that Naomi is sure with Daughter's daddy and his love, that Naomi wants a child. For sure, Baroness would not hesitate and handed over the "good" news – not with a bad intention, rather with a good intention. She certainly found Naomi sympathetic and wished her the best… In the end, it would be good to be a real family. A turn of the screw – Patrick was no longer in love; he became a marionette whose strings were controlled by his lifetime owner, the one and only. Everything got worse, everything got under pressure. The things meaningless up to then, became meaningful since.

Some time later, they went again to the Island. It was one of many Naomi's business trips to the Island. Of course, she automatically bought a ticket for Patrick and booked VIP Service – a limousine from the airport to her home, the island penthouse.

At the airport, while she was organising the car, a message came via messenger. Automatically, she handed the phone to Patrick to check it. Supposedly that is how it should be, how it is right, as they do not have any secrets between them. He informed her every time, when his phone beeped, who was writing, and who needs what. Naomi did not require it. It was his privacy, she respected it. But he felt it that way, and so he reported it. Thus, she began to do so as well. Not every time was it entirely appropriate – for example, once she had an intimate message conversation with her best friend, and he accused her of writing too much with who-knows-whom, because she could not and did not want to read the messages out loud to him, for they were about him – nothing bad, just dry girls' analysis of him and their relationship – in communication with her "bestie". She stopped with it since. Her phone became a public reading book. He could look at it anytime he wanted, read anything he wanted.

During the journey from the airport, Naomi involuntarily looked at the house, in which she had lived with the first fateful love of her life. It was rather a habit than out of interest, as it had been long eight years ago. Patrick noticed it and immediately began to grumble.

"You simply can't let go your ex? Why are you looking there? Was it his house? It was, wasn't it?! You showed me last time, I remember."

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry. I don't know. So many years, I used to pass by and probably it's just force of a habit. Of course, it's over and done, it's been so long. After all, we remained friends, and even his name means nothing anymore –"

"So why are you looking there? You can't help yourself. All the time you must provoke."

"But I'm not provoking at all. I'm here with you. I love you and want to be with you. For ever!"

By the time they got home, Patrick was so angry, that he was already shouting. Naomi could no longer hold it in and cried out:

"And why are you shouting so much? Do you give me any security at all? Do have any serious plans with me? Do you even want to ever marry me?"

"Never!" flew out of his mouth. "Under such circumstances never."

Naomi stood as if scalded. Firstly – she had never ever asked any man if he had intended to marry her; she was always the princess, the one whom they had wanted, whom they had asked, to whom they had proposed… the one who had gotten scared and fled away. Secondly – no one had ever said to her such categorical "never".

They both got stuck.

Since then, they slept separately. It was Naomi, who made an effort to restore the peace. She apologised, not even knowing for what. But that day was the beginning of the fall.

Such a hard, drastic, arrogant reply.

Then why was he with her? She felt that deep in his heart he loves her, but as if he was scared to open up. She was quiet, trying, pursuing her efforts in every area, but it seemed that everything was useless.

More and more, the discomfort and negative vibration were coming from every side, even from within his friends, even during the golf game which she had organised, at a destination where she had had perfect connections and contacts to arrange the golf game for her and her partner – Patrick.

Again, Naomi tried to organise everything to the best, arrange everything so that everyone would be more than satisfied. Patrick even had to restrain her. She was lovely, responsive in advance, she organised arrivals, departures, golf times, all extra requirements, the shared table on every evening – the best place in the restaurant and complimentary wine. Everything and anything. All of Patrick's associates were captured, and evaluated them as an exemplary couple, that they are similar to each other and are meant to be together… Everyone was apparently very satisfied; they saw Naomi as a first-class organiser who was perfect for Patrick. A destiny woman. Fantastic.

After their break-up, the same people had a completely different opinion. Reportedly, Naomi was too active, overfull of action, leaving Patrick, that super powerful man, behind – and that, that was not appropriate.

The last day of their trip, Naomi started to feel bad. Sick. Never, since she used preventive methods of alternative medicine, was she sick. Now it hit her. At the airport, she already had had a temperature of at least 40°C. Patrick took nice care of her during the whole flight. They arrived home, Naomi sweated it all out, and in the morning she was fit as a flea again. Apparently, it had been energetic exhaustion from all the sacrifices, and from so many "good" and "honest" people around her.

All of them wished her well "from the bottom of their hearts".

None of them even talked to her after the break-up. None! Not even a call how she is, whether she is okay.

No one.

Exactly like Patrick.

The last piece of the puzzle was the following event, which express the "deep respect" to Naomi and that his only muse really manipulated "nothing".

Naomi loved surprises. Especially she loved to prepare them and to see people surprised and full of happiness. Patrick's birthday was approaching, and she decided to prepare a big surprise for him. A super birthday party where all his friends would meet. She knew them only fleetingly, each from some other area, other hobbies, other parts of Patrick's life. Yet, she gathered courage, got all the numbers, through those who she knew a little bit better and sent them invitations with a warm request and an appeal of discretion and confidentiality; and they all – about thirty people – accepted and enthusiastically confirmed their participation. She organised a place, paid the deposit, ordered dancers, illusionist show and an excellent solo violinist. Long story short, a surprise-with-class. Since even his closest – children – could not miss it, she informed his son first who did not give a hang, then she let know his daughter, who accepted it with enthusiasm typical for a phlegmatic. Daughter even helped her to complete the list of Patrick's contacts with names, which Naomi apparently did not have. Together they prepared also the plan – how to set the whole thing up to look like a simple family birthday dinner, while as a surprise when he arrives, the restaurant full of all of his friends would wait for him.

Everything went according to plan.

Naomi is sensitive, empathetic and receptive.

When the great crowd screaming Happy Birthday bounced at Patrick, she watched him.

He was NOT surprised.

He already knew everything.

Daughter must have warned him. She could not let Naomi to accidentally "show off". The good-hearted Daughter just had to destroy her surprise.

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