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   Chapter 12 The Diary – DAY 6

Towards the Inner By Jerronime Characters: 4190

Updated: 2018-03-27 19:02

Last night with a super important island couple… at a Greek Tavern with music. I hardly knew how to unwind. They kept asking me what was with me, commenting that I was closed and in my world. And yes, I was… The whole time, I was visualising that Patrick was with me. I missed him, and there was only one thought in my head and on my tongue: That I'm not complete, I'm complete only with him. I can make my dreams true, and all of them will come true, but only with him. So hold on. Hold on and believe.

The interesting that evening, was another of my new dimensions: I was interested in no one. I was bothered by the irritated looks of my island friends and their constant state of battle stations. No one, absolutely no one came to my attention because the whole world around me became a fog, a cloud passed by without my interest. But when they took me onto the dance floor after a long persuasion, I felt attention, tension, and energy of everyone there. It's here… My dance became an artistic expression. After two years of training, my dance has become a real dance. It's a sign of my intuition being right and that my "hobby" has advanced me and will advance me even further.

Next thing on that day, was golf. Of course, golf reminded me of Pat

t slander, and intrigue. Such person would be clean and happy, with a fulfilled destiny. There certainly would be a drop in divorces – actually, there would be no divorces at all. In the leadership posts and key positions destined for the chosen ones, there would be only those predestined to fulfil a certain life mission that way, so really only the chosen ones. The Visionaries, because they have stronger capabilities to "see", dream, have ideals, and they wouldn't worry about their realisation and fulfilment. Such visionaries' predestination would allow us to move on, to make a leap further. Until all people are in their right place, the Earth won't be energetically balanced, and people will keep on causing disasters to themselves. Exactly as they've been doing since ever; all the disasters are done by people – to people.

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