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   Chapter 11 After the First Fatal Break-up

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That freedom, which was waiting for Naomi after breaking up with Bradley, was for the first three months a wheel of fun, flirting, travelling, fine dining, and working, the pace of which she chose and decided for.

She was thin as a skeleton from clubbing, insomnia, and stress at work since she put a lot of responsibility aside in favour of social life, and it piled up and began to be unbearable. She became more and more nervous with bags under her eyes, and by losing common sense, she receded from her centre, from which she had been far since childhood, but now she was not even close to the surface. Naomi began to lose her judgement, to miss Bradley, and the regrets and reproaches were frequent guests of hers. She did not want to be alone, but at the same time, she did want to be alone, and could not imagine losing all the possibilities and contacts which she was gaining every day thanks to her busy life, travelling, and all the events around her. She did not long for men, for sex; she neither wanted nor could live that way. All she wanted was a stable someone to lean on, but could not bear another Bradley again, his restrictions, commands, accusations, and jealousy. To live with him, the only road leading to a happy end would be having a family – she would be at home with children, no career, no job; he would be the head of the house, deciding on everything. Eww! After all, her income had made a substantial part of their budget from which they had lived, and now she would be supposed to scale back, or what?

Seven years ago, the time had solved this dilemma for her. She plunged herself fully into work, meeting new people tirelessly, all the time and under all circumstances. Her credo was: know, acquire, use it for business. Her sub-credo was: be popular and outstanding, feel admiration, esteem, respect, and uniqueness. After all, she is "different" – no one ensures any contract better, no other PR agency invents a better campaign with maximum effect than she does. Whether on the Island or in the Homeland, one or other company of hers, both have been equally successful. Time has come to spread the tentacles internationally – into bigger and better waters.

Bradley became the past, which did not even come to her mind after half a year in a wheel of working obligations, dinners, invitations, parties, and clubbing. It took half a year to wipe away all "doubts", whether it was the correct step or not, but afterwards, she did not react to his imploring messages to come back to him, that he loved her. She already had other suitors, and she was enjoying it – she knew from the very beginning that those proposals would not lead to a relationship but used every opportunity to gain contacts. Of course, after careful consideration of the "Candidate's" character, regarding his position, contacts, intelligence, just anything that could be helpful in her career. But wait! She did not ask them for help or money or gifts; her goal was her business, her move forward, her success and her career only.

She missed love; wished for it, spoke about it with her best friends. Every interesting object, she evaluated, and then fell in love – like four or five times during the whole five and half year until she met Patrick.

The first man was ten years older, a well-known Swiss businessman, who would have torn down the sky for her, he wanted to marry her right away, and have a child. That scared her; she was not ready for that. It finished after five months. From her side, of course.

The next man was Greek, five years younger, simple, beautiful, a young actor of the Brad Pitt type. He was charming and had a beautiful, sinewy, muscular young body. His physical perfection and his interest in Naomi were both very flattering to her. At that time, she had already crossed the 35-year border and moved closer to 40! To the age when women start to deal with the issue of what they had or had not achieved, their age, their appearance. Naomi's advantage was that she always looked young, maybe six years younger. Even though she was ageing, with more supervision of her lifestyle, and diet, with sufficient exercise and sports activities, she looked even younger. In her 40's, was an object of interest of twenty-five-year-old guys, not as a "cougar", but as their peer. It was incredible, especially, when she appeared on a beach just in a bikini, with no make-up, simply in all her natural glory. Body and face of a twenty-year-old… but only until she began to talk. A twenty-something does not communicate like that; it was the only thing that gave her away. Otherwise, she could compete with any college student. The young often asked her, where she had her breasts done. She had them from her youth, a gift from God or nature – her Cs which remained Cs regardless of how much she weighed. Always the same size and like stones, like silicone prototypes – even though they were not silicone. The actor was interesting for six months. Then she concluded that artists are too far from her way of life and that she cannot live this worldly life of intellectuals, she needs the bustle of business and opportunities for success in it, the charge of work and stress, a power struggle. The lust to succeed and prove to the world that she is the best, and can do everything, anything, was stronger than the need to settle down.

After the first visit to Mykonos, she tried one more "serious" relationship – this time with a wise, kind and intelligent young man – about ten years younger – from a well-situated French family. Shortly after she had left Mykonos, this young man flew after her to the Island and fell in love so deeply that he had her name tattooed on his wrist. She enjoyed this relationship for three months. He obviously loved her and wanted to start a family with her. No. In her eyes, he became weak. Damn, why does she always have the feeling that she can "read" them, that they do not give her anything anymore, that she is stronger than them, does not have their support, does not feel the life force, the magnet that would attract her? The fire went out. It was not worth anything. She felt as if

s, we'll meet again for further steps."

"OK, " babbled Naomi, scared.

"Afterwards we'll see what to do with your company. It's probably the best to get rid of it."

"But the company's clean and has a great name; I've paid everything, and fulfilled every single contract to 100 %."

"Yesterday, I sat with some people and one of them was a co-owner of a foreign PR company. Surely you've heard of it. I talked to him about you and what happened."


"He knows your company and right now is interested in acquiring into fusion new companies which have built good connections and stability here. And maybe on the Island as well. How do you function there?"

"Perfectly… But, wait… What will I do???"

"Here, his contact. Meet with him, and you'll see."

Mike became her guardian angel. It happened just as he said it would. Of course, he had not mentioned to her all his references and praises on her behalf, which took Naomi into the clouds in the eyes of potential buyers or better said, her saviours. Her company had a clean slate. Nobody knew about the case, the set-up she had been tricked into. In her point of view, there was no case at all, only an unfair fabricated accusation, with a goal to have an official culprit, just to accuse someone, anyone. She had not known about anything. She had just taken a ride. Her part had been to ensure and realise a deal based on a contract with a private subject. And she had done so – she had fulfilled everything to the last contracted letter and paid all to the last agreed penny.

Mike explained all of it to her. The game had been agreed upon beforehand and she, with her naivety and blind belief in the goodness of all had fallen for it. The guys even allegedly have been in cahoots with the investigators, with the police. Each had gotten their share. But she should not be worried; he will bring it to a successful and just conclusion. Well, hello! What place is she living at? Where has she found herself? She hates this Homeland and its so-called "Justice".

Thanks to Mike, she handled it – she sold both companies, improved her financial situation, and her "babies" became part of a gigantic corporation. And as the icing on the cake, Naomi is to manage both of them as an unofficial General Manager.

At that time, she accepted the offer at the Ministry, which Mike mediated and advised so that she could obtain new contacts for the future. She indeed handled both jobs, and more than that, she became very clear that never ever in her life, would she want to have anything to do with the state, government, politics, and all those lazy thieves and parasites.

Mike organised a percentage of the turnover for her so that she would also have a financial motivation – to give all of her energy to her former companies, her children which she had put on their feet. Last but not least, Mike brought a lawyer, who started to pull "the case" in a brand new direction.

In return, Naomi realised quite a number of deals for Mike, for which he did not have the right team of people and necessary know-how. She became his right hand, and their relationship was ruled by the maximum understanding and trust. Her exceptional organisational and managerial skills brought a remarkable load to Mike and perfection in managing to Naomi. A project, an automobile plant, a hotel, or a state institution – she would get anything eventually out of the red into the black. No obstacles were in her way, and her creativity and ideas often surprised even her. Not immediately, but later on, when she started to wonder – How did it occur at all? How did she figure it out in a given situation?

Although it was not over yet, the stinking creatures of ministries and the pending case were still hanging in the air, but everything became somehow more bearable. Naomi was lucky, for at least, someone stood by her side, watched her back; someone she could finally trust, and who was like a brother to her. Too bad, that it took such a black cloud to hang over her, so she got the opportunity to meet such a man of quality in her life.

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