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   Chapter 9 Flight from Reality… Relax

Towards the Inner By Jerronime Characters: 24233

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Naomi was once again at a southern European airport waiting for her flight back to the Island.

"Ciao, bella!"

"Hi… We know each other?"

"No. Why? But we should get to know one another."

"Thanks, I thought that as you called me by name, that we know each other… or was it just a lucky guess? If we don't, then I don't have the capacity today."

Why she got involved in the debate when she concluded the conversation with a cocky cue. Gee, one cocky woman, thought the guy, but she looks great.

She had no desire to get to know anyone anymore. Five days of nightlife, beach clubs, dancing and drinking, in crowds full of all the pleasure-seeking tourists, mostly show-offs and gays were enough. She never liked leaving Mykonos, it was the end of the life outside reality, outside all the problems and daily stress with which she continuously had to fight with. Pity that for she had other meetings scheduled on her beloved Island, she could not travel back together with her closest friends, her favourite "Chicas": her sis Lilly, Nelka and Nina. They were already on other flights. One to England, the other to Switzerland, and the third was returning to the Homeland. Naomi already missed them. They always had such a great time together. Mainly the humour, daily routine salted by sarcasm, irony, and snappy, witty answers – this they had in common. The only time when they were not laughing, was when they were sleeping… Well, when they managed to sleep.

That small Greek island was high on their list of favourite destinations. The energy, which you feel as soon as you step out of the airport, is loaded with positivity, and reminds you of paradise; everyone feels elated… Scientifically, it is one of three places on Earth where the sun's rays refract light in some other angles which is why such vital energy streams here.

She was here for the third time, second this year. The first visit had happened last year and had been the best for one simple reason – they had had no clue at all of what they would get into, what would wait for them here. The most relaxing part of their visit had been by the sea, in the environment breathing by the entertainment, music, clubbing, beach bars with the world's best DJs, well-known living stars, the best wine everywhere, world-famous restaurants, yachts of all shapes and sizes, helicopters taking off and landing.

For this stay, the third one, they booked two boutique hotels, at two different places, so that they would not have to continually look for taxis, which were only 22 altogether for the whole island crammed with roughly half a million tourists. Supposedly due to local legislation and lack of licenses.

Therefore, they chose two different hotels and adapted the program to their locations. For the first three days, they were staying near the capital with life pulsating 24/7. For the next three days, they had accommodation with a view of the most famous Psaros Beach, with the most luxurious yachts from around the world at anchor. And the most luxurious beach club with the most expensive and probably the best meals ever, where one had to place a reservation at least a week in advance. First of all, it was the best gourmet experience one can experience in a lifetime. Secondly, after five in the afternoon, the waiters cleared the delicacies from the tables and turned this "posh" restaurant into a dance floor. Suddenly everybody was dancing on the tables. Just imagine, that you are on the table, which is your dance floor, great music plays, and everyone feels relaxed. And how cool is that, to dance next to Greek television stars, world famous directors, fashion designers, actors… They all were there, in flash-and-bones, having fun, just like you did.

On the left from their cosy family suite, there were another two beach bars, just a little less "posh", yet still with the global DJ's and top music. The main program was just music, alcohol, festivities and pleasure-seeking tourists from around the world. At all these places, you could arrive at any hour, day or night without any dress-code; from morning to morning, you actually survived or danced through in swimwear, just with a bolero or shirt, as you liked… if not, swimwear was the most comfortable clothing.

The beach bars were full of people dancing on the bar counters, on the tables, on the sand… everywhere.

From the clubs' VIP sections, a bottle of champagne erupted in ten-minute intervals and its content sprayed onto the dancers or observers around. It was a "celebratory custom" of the richest or those who that evening or day, just needed to show off in the form of showmanship… but in every case, it was very stimulating. It brought the surrounding crowds further to the boil and ecstasy.

"Naomi, are we going up?" asked her radiant sister. She meant to go up on the bar counter.

"Sure… and where did Nela and Nina disappear?"

"They went for smoke down on the beach."

"Let's go somewhere to get something to eat, it's already seven, and since morning, well, since we woke up and had our small brunch we haven't eaten anything. I'm getting hungry."

"OK, let's go next door to that new beach bar that has opened. Apparently, they have great cuisine. Supposedly it also has a Michelin Star."

"Good… wow… listen, 'Animals' just started!" So much for their shift to the next door club for eating. This summer hit brought them to a boil.

They both had a great dance and went crazy when they heard music, mainly their favourite songs. They were well aware that they are the centre of attention, but even though such feeling was nice, it was not their priority. It was all just an entertainment which they enjoyed, a fling, full relaxation. Who cared, that from every side, a drink was coming, or a comment, such as "Ciao, bellissima", "Ti kaneís koúkla", "Hello baby, you're so SEXY". So… these were just phrases, verbal twists and turns, that are common and normal at such events. And let's admit, which woman does not like to be admired? Be desired? And so, they both flipped back and forth two or three words with the admirers, even ten sentences with some of them, knowing, that when the time comes, they would vaporise as ghosts and move to another place or back to their hotel. Regardless of how sexy they looked, especially Naomi, their goal was always clear! To dance, have fun, eat, drink something and leave. Quite a paradox, as before her arrival to Mykonos, Naomi had been determined to meet someone, and that someone would be the predestined one. But at the "crime scene", she just re-read it and did not expect anything, because this was all about just fun. Although, after the first Mykonos visit, it had not been so. At that time, two men had fallen in love with her: an Italian fashion designer (who she had not like at all and it had taken quite some time to get rid of his phone calls), and a Frenchman, with whom she even had started going out. He had not hesitated, and after a week, he had hurried to her Island to see her. He was handsome, intelligent, and younger… ten years younger, and that had attracted her the most then. Never mind, Naomi already ceased to believe in true love, She was just in fun, dancing, laughter.

"Who's going for br

not even her, what was happening deep in her and was hidden deep within her.

"When are you coming over to us?" asked Lilly. "The children keep asking after you. You know how much they love you."

"Lilly, I know, I love all of you too, but right now I have a lot going on. I'm happy that I've managed to free myself a little to come with you here."

"And things are fine, at least? Is everything OK? Company's running? What about the school of marketing, which you wanted to open – did you manage?"

The waiter brought another course.

"Eucharistoume – Thank you!"

As usual for a small isle, a gentle breeze was blowing, which would become stronger at dusk. It's pleasant because otherwise, the hot August would be unbearable. Above all, to dance and move in hot summer weather without the breeze would probably not be attractive to anyone, and the whole show, all the beach bars and clubs would not be crowded with sweaty dancing bodies. It was all manageable with this lighter breeze, without which no one would certainly move from the sea.

"No, that project with the school didn't work out. Thanks to the legislation in our dear Homeland… Would you believe!? Even though the school would be limited only to foreign students, thus an 'invisible export' to the country, it didn't pass! New schools aren't trendy… and it doesn't matter that it would be a prestigious franchise, completely private and wouldn't cost the state a cent; never mind that only rich students from abroad would study there, no! Sometimes I'd roll over the land of our home, a bunch of fools, embarrassing thieves sitting in the highest positions…"

They ordered more wine and lit up a ciggy. These "bad habits" were not on their daily schedule at home, but here they were part of this entertaining life, an integral part of their holiday.

"Naomi, and what about the other things? Is everything OK?"

"Sure…sure, all is fine!" she replied with a smile on her face. Lilly was disturbed by the local bar cat, and so she did not notice the slight shock – a grin – which ran across Naomi's face.

This question brought Naomi back to think about what awaits her when she returns to her Homeland… the investigation, organising a loan, lawyers, court hearings and who knows what else. Her company was close to bankruptcy. Why, why had she gotten involved in a business which she had not understood, with people about whom her intuition from the first moment had said that they were not okay? Only she just had not listened to it. All the numerologists, fortune tellers and other psychics – to whom she fled when in need of help, hope – many times told her that all she has to do is just listen to her intuition, which is very strong. But she was not capable of it. She did understand the speech of the psychics. She did remember the situations in which, if she had listened to her intuition – the initial idea which comes out of nowhere – her life and all the processes would have evolved differently. But – she had not done and did not do it. And so she periodically visited other "magicians" to get a confirmation whether her path and direction are right or not, just to chose from all such predictions and prophecies the one which would fit her, which would come out as a positive one for her.

"Naomi, let's go? The girls are certainly missing us. I'll pay, and we can go, " Lilly pulled her out from her dark thoughts.

"Sure" sighed Naomi grateful that Lilly interrupted that flow of negative thoughts, which started to roll over her, and which she apparently did not know how to stop until they would grow into a depression and she would extinguish them by clubbing and parties of too much quantity and intensity.

"Can we pay?" Naomi called a waiter.

"Of course, beautiful flowers. The wine's on the house…"

"The waiter's nice or he might be the owner, right?"

And it went like this throughout their entire stay. In the morning (well, late in the morning) a siesta by the pool or by the sea and after that, one beach club after another and at night another club, and again and again. New acquaintances, new faces, new Fun-Club, one big party in place of a difficult reality, which Naomi did not look forward to at all.

She was sitting at the airport, and the fear started, she was overruled by the dark thoughts until she stepped onto the plane. She had already created such catastrophic scenarios and with her heart pounding so fast that a weaker person would have got a heart attack right way on the spot. But not Naomi, she returned to her Homeland pretty shaky and stressed out as if she had not been on any holiday.

So here she was, back on her usual merry-go-round, frustrated, inferior, with a desire for success, fame, power and revenge – the longing for achieving all of this changed her into a bundle of nerves.

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