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   Chapter 8 The Diary – DAY 4

Towards the Inner By Jerronime Characters: 2494

Updated: 2018-03-25 19:02

Tonight there was supposedly an eclipse. I slept very deeply and dreamed strange dreams. With Patrick, his wife, children and all sorts of people.

I couldn't get up in the morning; I felt very tired. And I kept on crying… On and on.

I couldn't resist it any longer, so I wrote to my "new confessor" Alice, whether she could take a little "look" at Patrick with her vision, and abilities. Because I feel great sadness and I have a feeling that he needs help. Otherwise, he won't know love throughout his whole life. He has huge blocks, is materialistic and that's also the way how he's approaching everything. We're both stubborn, but he was drowning in his stubbornness and pride. He'll love only his children, but never a woman.

I realise

heir weakness. Although they maintained a formal correspondence concerning their children (…), almost two years went by before either one could find a way back that was not mined with pride.

But finally, the protagonist came to the wise conclusion that "we can neither live together nor love each other any other way as there is nothing more difficult in the world than love".

I have to hold on. Ten days have already passed. I have to hold on until the end of those two months. I have to!

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