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   Chapter 5 The Diary – DAY 2

Towards the Inner By Jerronime Characters: 6773

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On this day, I obtained incredible knowledge. I was sad the entire day. Despite the few sources of happiness, namely a short one-day visit of my dear sister; despite a lovely lunch with my best friends and my beloved sister, despite a reduction of my mortgage's interest rate arranged by one of my friends; despite all of that I felt sadness. Maybe, I was subconsciously waiting for an SMS, a flower, a kind word from Patrick for my name day. But nothing like that happened.

My sensitive mood was escalating, and in the evening, I found myself in the office alone, crying and couldn't stop.

I had to take a ride by car and let the "others" speak for me in the name of Patrick. I had a vision of the future, heard his voice saying, "Naomi, I love you, I've realised it. I've never loved anyone as I love you. You've given a new meaning to my life. I don't want to lose you. I want to take care of you, make you happy, and make all your wishes come true… I was selfish, blind, and blocked. You've shown me the way and direction, how to change that, and that I have to change that. Otherwise, I would be sad all my life, focused only on material things, money and a blind parent's love for my children… I'd never come to know the true love, humour, joy… Thank you for that. I love you, and I'd love to prove it to you and make you happy."

Suddenly, I started to feel better… But the cherry on top of the day was when I got home. Alice – my flatmate – with her crystals, had been already waiting.

I wonder, who had brought her into my life? How had this good creature got into it? This open-minded person with a pure heart is the seat of spiritual forces and unconscious processes. And she had come into my life to help me understand and to finally step on the path which I'm destined to go on and to step out of the cycles and conditioning, which belong to the past.

She's been a proof of that in our lives sometimes we have to overcome all those twists and turns, pain and joy; meet better or worse people to help us to get to the last ones – to the "Helpers" who are predestined to assure us that our intuition is correct and that we are close to the goal.

Alice started her interpretation. It seemed to me that her form of communication with the pendulum was hiding a conversation with someone or something else. That evening, however, all of her revelations were incredibly helpful. She started to "uncover" me, and I realised that I'd been here on a life mission – a mission that we all have; and all my sadness, black thoughts, and negative people became irrelevant.

I understood that I should take the road of cleansing, road of change of my inner settings; I should forgive everyone and everything.

My flatmate – an angel, who was most probably interposed to my life very intentionally – said (well, she reproduced what "the crystal said") that all my chakras are open to the maximum; I'm open to the universe and have a great spirituality in myself; and I'm in connection with the universe. She had never seen this much energy in anyone before. I carry a shining light inside, and there are even archangels by my side: Michael and Raziel. I can influence anything just by my thoughts and faith, and will succeed in every area – whatever I think of, plan, do – everything will come out well if I do that from my heart, with love, faith, and determination. I

should merge with my creative energy and wish to speak with angels, archangels, and the universe; and so everything will be fulfilled.

That meeting Patrick had been destined and mutually beneficial. Thanks to him I can now develop my "unexplored" abilities. And for Patrick, there's also a lot to understand and change, but it'll be only up to him: blocked chakras, basic thinking, no love in him, incapable to fully experience true love, hung up on materiality and ownership, loves only his children; rather said he's been manipulated and carries sadness in him.

With me, he had the opportunity to know what love, joy, humour, and daily pleasures are and how not to be fixed on money and materiality. He must unblock himself, advance to a higher mental level, and begin to work on himself. Until he does, he will never be happy.

My energy is supposedly enormous but has never been used in the right direction until now. First I had to experience home and peace (with Patrick), then pain, and then to get to know myself. Self-cognition. With Patrick, I should learn a family life and to find out that I like it, that I'm responsible, caring, that I'm a friend with cooking and household, and especially that I know and can love one single person, change because of him and work on myself.

These were Alice's exact verbal expressions.

I should fulfil my lives, and I'll know exactly which ones… The archangels Michael and Raziel are by my side, I've stepped onto the path of spiritual maturation, so they've supposedly come to help.

Of course, I immediately googled what archangels are, for the whole thing to make some sense to me. You know, in a state of grief and suffering, any good and supernatural prognosis gives you the light of hope.

"Archangel Michael is one of the main archangels and the closest one to God, " said the internet, "Michael is an angel of protection, peace, safety, and movement forward. He helps to overcome our fears, gives us strength and shows the way our further actions to be correct." So, Mike, really thank you, as this redirection is what I need most right now. I'm already tired of panicking; I don't have the energy to stray onto the various forest and field side-tracks, here and there to bump into a bear, an adder, or a viper, to return to the same beginning again and again…

"Raziel can help you understand the esoteric, principles of expression, sacred geometry, quantum physics and other information at a high level. He can also open for you the doors to higher levels of psychic abilities and increase your ability to see, hear, feel and know divine knowing. As a divine guide, Raziel can also help with your speech.

"Raziel is loving, kind and intelligent. His presence may seem subtle, but as you call on him in the course of time, you'll realise his positive influence on your spiritual exercises."

Alice explained to me how the chakras work and what their significance is.

Indeed, I had had no idea of their importance. Of course, after a subjective description of the condition of my chakras, which are reportedly fully open and harmonised, I was so enthused by this topic for the first time in my life that I spent over an hour studying their meaning. It was so very congenial that both, my seventh and the first basic chakra are open to each other.

I guess, a drowning man will clutch at a straw…

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