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Chapter Ten - God Save Us All

''Can you drive or not?''

''Y—yeah.'' I stutter, seeing him handing me his car keys before walking out of his bedroom with me trailing closely behind him.

My head turns to face Greta who appears to be understanding of this whole situation as she nods, gesturing for me to take Haden out of this house. It's better to have someone around him rather than him going alone. I immediately run towards Haden who is already standing beside his familiar matte black BMW i8 but as soon as I see him hesitating on whether he should enter the car causes me to stand and mimic his action. ''Get a different car, '' He says.

''What?'' I ask, confused.

Our eyes meet in an instant and by the looks of it, he's this close to throw something straight towards my face but he ignores me by grabbing onto another pair of car keys near one of the cabinets before pressing onto it. Another car lights up, a Ford Mustang and this time, he doesn't seem to hesitate as he enters the car. I follow after, sitting in the driver's seat just seconds before he hands me the keys. ''You want me to drive this car?''

He scoffs, ''No, we're just going to sit here and stare at one another.''

Maybe, it's the intensity in his eyes or the amount of anger radiating from him but it's like as if everything he touches would burn into ashes. The way his eyes are currently piercing deeply into my own is causing me to stare back yet I fear he might see through me, all of my secrets and all of my flaws seeping through. ''Yes, for god's sake, I want you to drive this car.''

''What if I run into something?''

''You won't if you're a good driver.''

''I've never drove a Mustang before—''

''Belle, just drive!'' He exclaims, pinching the bridge of his nose before turning to look out the window.

''Just so you know, I won't take any responsibility if I—''

He cuts me off, ''—fuck, just drive the fucking car or I'm going to lose my fucking mind!''

Within seconds, I'm already starting the engine and pressing hard onto the gas pedal. The car accelerates fast with my hands gripping hard onto the steering wheel and my eyes focusing on the road but occasionally glance towards Haden's direction, seeing him looking out the window without being bothered by the speed we're going. My mind wanders off to the place Joanne, Seth and I used to go when we were a freshman and going through a hard time; it'd be best to bring him there.

Both of us befriends the silence, not wanting to start a conversation.

I make a quick turn, going down a different road before accelerating in order to reach the exact spot in less than ten minutes. It doesn't take me long to slow the car and park it near the edge, causing Haden to look at me. ''Why are we stopping?''

''I used to come here all the time. Maybe, you can too from now on.'' I reply, tucking a few strands of hair behind my ear. ''You want to get out?''

After stepping out of the car, I close my eyes to breathe in the fresh air before turning to see Haden doing the same minus him closing his eyes and actually breathing the air here. My eyes remain focusing onto him as he looks around, wanting to see his surroundings and by the looks of it, he seems fairly satisfied. ''What am I supposed to see?'' He asks, looking at me.

''The sunset.''

I make my way towards him in order to lessen the distance between us but keep it professional as he turns to look at the sun. His brown eyes and hair are lightening due to the sunlight and his already tanned skin appears to be glowing, making me realise just why I managed to fall for this man in front of me. Even standing facing the sun with his eyes closed can be seem as beautiful to an extend that it's making me smile. Our bodies are nowhere close to one another but for some reason, it feels as if we're already skin to skin even though it's just my thought.

How can I stand and stare like this? With the wind blowing onto our bare skin and letting it push his hair towards the back, actually seeing his expression growing soft rather than how he was earlier, filled with rage and blinded by anger. Right now, right here, at this exact moment, I'm the luckiest girl alive.

''How did you find this place?'' He asks, turning to face me.

''My friends and I were out that night, honestly I was a little bit tipsy and they had me to use the GPS.'' I chuckle, remembering back when Joanne and I were just recently friends with Seth. ''I wasn't even focusing or even looking down the route it showed and I just started pointing out according to my gut—they were a bit mad at first but as soon as they saw this. . . at night, at that exact spot you're standing, you can see the whole ci

.'' I breathe.

He runs his uninjured hand across his face and through his hair before sighing, ''I'm sorry.''

''What for?''

''I don't want to talk about it anymore. Let's just head back, '' He doesn't spare a second glance towards my direction as he enters the car, leaving me to stare at the empty spot that was previously occupied by him. My hand is clenching in fists because I know I'd burst out in tears right at this moment if I don't comfort myself to stay strong, to believe this man is hurting and unintentionally decided to hurt me. Besides, he doesn't know me.

The drive back to his home is like a curse. Having to deal with the silence and not being able to break it because neither of us wants to talk. My eyes would occasionally glance up towards the rear-view mirror and look at him, seeing him focusing out the window and sitting as far away from me as possible; it's almost like I'm a virus. A virus leading him to his death. A virus slowly but surely to kill him.

I park the car behind a familiar one, realising it wasn't there when we left—knowing instantly it belongs to his sister.

As soon as we step out of the car, Halley pulls the front door open and make her way towards Haden who has already taken a few steps towards the front door itself while I remain still at my spot, near the car. Haden towers over Halley due to his height but the look on Halley's face is enough to show that she's angry, ''Where the hell were you?!''

Angry is an understatement.

''Out.'' Haden replies, looking away from his sister as he tries to head in.

''I was worried sick, Haden. You were nowhere to be found and you didn't pick up your phone—Greta told me you were causing a scene in your room. What is wrong with you? What the hell is wrong?'' She asks, blocking his path by grabbing onto his arm which tenses him a bit, noticing his jaw clenching.

Haden pulls his arm away roughly, ''What is wrong with you? I'm not a kid anymore. You don't get to control my life!''

''I'm not controlling your life. You have to understand that—''

''—that what? I'm not fully healed? I might trip and fall? Stop it. Just stop treating me as if I'm fucking vulnerable. You think I don't know that you ask Greta to work overtime when Belle's not around? As a matter of fact, why did you think it was necessary to even hire Belle in the first place? I lost my leg, I didn't lose my mind.'' He replies, making his way straight towards the door before slamming it shut behind him.

My eyes wander to look at Halley, seeing her trying to control her breath as she holds back her tears from falling.

''I'm sorry, Belle. I think you should leave, '' She says, seconds before heading towards the door and stepping in without glancing back at me.

Maybe I should put myself in his shoes to fully understand what he's feeling. Everyone around him is trying to alter his life, fixing it up and organising the things he wouldn't want any part in. Maybe it's time for me to stop thinking about myself, about my feelings and start to be there for him more. He needs it. He needs someone to be there for him, not to manage his life.

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