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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Chapter Eight - Small Talks, Meaningful Talks

''Still here?'' Haden asks, walking further away from me as I turn to look at him.

''Still here.''

It has been exactly two hours since I arrived and we've spent the time ignoring one another. He didn't bother going up the stairs to his room but he kept himself locked in the guest room, hearing him moving around only once in awhile. Even though I'd want to know what he has been doing since I got here, I keep my cool and mind my own business by writing simple notes for my upcoming tests-it's easier for me to read the highlighted parts rather than opening the book itself.

My eyes wander to his figure, eyeing him from behind as he heads straight towards the fridge in order to get a glass of cold water. Maybe because I have a massive crush on the man in front of me or maybe because he was born beautiful but the sight of him putting the glass near his lips and his jawline becoming more prominent from his head tilting slightly towards the back, it's a sight worth seeing. Makes me wonder if I'm looking like a fool.

Probably, a fool in love.

''Don't you think staring is rude?'' He asks, causing me to immediately look away from him.

''C-cold water is not good for you, '' I respond as I try my best to sound calm. ''it'll shrink your blood vessels, your digestion becomes restricted and hydration is hindered.'' Our eyes meet in an instant, the beautiful brown eyes that I've managed to find myself lost in. ''so, your body expends to regulate your body temperature instead. It leads to water loss, ''

The two of us stare at each other without uttering a single word, it's as if everything around us has drifted away and we're left behind. Being able to hold his eye contact for this long is a surprise to me as well because I, for a fact know I'm never brave around him. I'm a coward around Haden Merrick but why am I suddenly filled with courage? Well, courage to withstand our eyes.

''Okay.'' He replies, walking away.

It doesn't take me long to facepalm myself. The facts about cold water wasn't needed in our conversation but I had to blurt it out, like a miserable person who couldn't think of anything better to say. So, turning around to watch him enter the guest room without sparing a second glance towards my direction seems like a sensible thing to do before continuing writing down the notes in my notebook.

The time passes by quickly as I walk around with the book in my hand, memorising the highlighted parts. Just as I continue pacing back and forth, I hear the doorbell ring which causes me to immediately walk towards the front door-peeking through to find a group of guys, somewhat familiar standing and waiting for someone to open the door. I slowly hide the book behind my back before pulling the door open, catching their attention.

One of them smiles, ''Is Haden home?''

Just as I'm about to ask, a familiar voice speaks behind me. ''Let them in, ''

I step aside to let them in as they walk towards Haden, pulling him in for a hug while I close the door behind me; unsure of what to do. One of his friends turn to look at me with a small smile plastered on his face which causes me to fix the disposable mask covering half of my face, ''I'll be outside if you need me.'' I say, loud enough for Haden to hear as I quickly make my way towards the backyard; shutting the sliding door to block out the noises from t

hem as I try to look away.

''Uh, they're blue.'' I frown.

''And the mask?''

''Comes with the job?''

Haden turns to look away, making me sigh in relief. If he continues to question me more, I'd probably die of a heart attack. ''What kind of situation do you hate being in the most?'' I ask, out of the blue.

''Being lied to, '' He blinks a few times, looking at his hands on the ground as the words stab me in the chest. ''being in that kind of situation hurts the most. Trusting someone with all of your gut and finding out they're lying to you at the end, I wish no one has to go through that. What about you? What kind of situation do you hate being in the most?'' He asks, eyes on mine.


''-there you are!'' Halley appears near the sliding door. ''Belle, why don't you stay for dinner? I bought extra, ''

I immediately sit up straight, ''I actually have plans.''

First of all, I don't have plans tonight but staying over for dinner is a big no. How would I be able to take my disposable mask off in front of Haden? He would notice and realise that I'm the girl he met that night, the girl he said he'd find. Second, I wouldn't be able to eat in peace knowing Haden would probably glance at my direction once in a while or he'd simply wouldn't care and eat his food. Then again, I don't want to be in an awkward situation where I'd embarrass myself-especially not in front of him.

''Ah, really? Maybe next time?'' She asks.

''Definitely next time.''

Halley disappears inside, leaving only Haden and I by ourselves. Haden slowly grabs onto his crutches as I grab onto his arm but as soon as my hands manage to securely wrap around his arm, he shakes his head to make me move away. The way he struggles to stand up straight leaves me in a situation to help but he doesn't want any, ''I'm good.''

''I'll get going, then.'' I say, picking up my notebook and slowly walking inside the house.

Just as I'm about to enter, his voice stops me. ''Belle, ''

''Yes?'' I turn, finding him taking a few steps towards me.

''See you tomorrow?'' It's more of like a question, as if wanting to make sure if I'll be here or not tomorrow which causes a smile to appear on my face even though he can't see it clearly.

''See you tomorrow.''

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