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Chapter Six - The Perks of Losing My Contacts

''God damn it!'' I exclaim with anger before storming out the bathroom and straight towards my room, bumping into Joanne in the process. As I look for an appropriate outfit to wear in order for me to start my day, I end up feeling frustrated instead of fulfilled. ''This day can't get any worse, can it?'' With a loud groan, I fall onto my bed and slowly closing my eyes.

Joanne appears on the doorway with her arms crossed, ''What's up, kitten?''

''It's either I have a bad luck or today is just not my day, '' I sit up straight to find her looking at me with a toothbrush hanging in her mouth as she starts to make her way towards me. ''I dropped my contacts in the toilet bowl and now I'm literally blind.''

''How many fingers am I holding up?'' She makes a peace sign, holding up two fingers which causes me to roll my eyes before slapping her hand away. ''See, you're not that blind—you're just not comfortable of not being able to see things clearly.'' Then, she begins to lay beside me as I look down at her, finding it odd how Joanne is always calm and collected while I panic and stumble with every step I take in life; sometimes, I wonder if her life is just perfect or mine is horrible.

''I have to go to work in ten, '' I frown.

''Where are your glasses?'' She raises an eyebrow, her eyes meeting mine.

''You broke it, remember?'' My mind wanders back to when Joanne sat on my glasses when we were having a movie night a few days ago. Then, to only realise she broke my glasses into half but we shrugged and laughed it off but now desperate times call for desperate measures, if only she didn't break my glasses.

She cringes, ''Yikes. . . here, let me give you my money and you can go buy a new one. Besides, I was the reason it broke.''

''It'd take hours to finish or even days. I need a solution ASAP, '' Running my fingers through my hair, I feel the desperation sinking in and for a small amount of time, it's eating me alive.

Joanne and I have been busy cleaning up the third room because Seth is moving in tomorrow and we want to prepare the best. Knowing Seth, he might be bringing a whole lot of things. One of the reasons he didn't move in earlier is because he was desperately clinging onto his roommate who is good in calculus, he thought he'd get the perks of being his roommate because then, he'd get the chance to study with him every single night. Apparently, things got awkward when his roommate started having his girlfriend over—it was a lot for Seth, he hated every moment of it which explains why he's eager to move in.

''Oh! What about your coloured contacts?'' Joanne sits up, looking at me directly. ''You know, the one you got for halloween? You were dressed up as Harley Quinn and you got blue contacts because you wanted to make it seem realistic? Hello? Does it not ring any bells?'' She raises an eyebrow, waving her hand before I sink into realisation—exactly four months ago, we were all dressed up as different characters because we thought it'd be fun to play that part and we got crazy about it.

Joanne went all the way as Daenerys Targaryen while I went as Harley Quinn. To say the least, I enjoyed every moment of being a crazy girl and all over Joker or more commonly known as Seth. ''Right, right, right. I remember, '' I mutter.

Apparently, the contacts I bought can last up to six months which means I can still wear them. So, after putting them on and applying a little bit of makeup on my pale skin, I manage to look impressively different as if I'm not my own self. Plus, being sick from the constant coughing has made me more uncomfortable as usual which I have to force myself to wear a disposable mask so others won't get infected. It takes me awhile to get use to the feeling of staring at my own reflection but to find a different eye colour looking back at me instead of my natural hazel ones.

I turn to face Joanne, ''How do I look?''

''You look different—good different and with the mask on, you don't look familiar but you're good to go.'' She replies, a smile creeping up her face as she continues to stare at me; her eyes wandering up and down my face before nodding to herself.

''Okay, ciao. See you tonight, '' I walk out of the apartment and wait for my Uber driver to arrive.

It doesn't take me long until he arrives and before I know it, I'm already on my way. Just as I'm tapping my fingers on my thigh as I listen to the music on the radio, my phone begins to vibrate in my bag which causes me to pick it up as soon as I realise it's a call from the hospital. ''Hi, Carmen speaking. Is this Mirabel?'' The other person known as Carmen, speaks from the other line.

''Hi, yeah this is she. Is everything okay?'' I respond.

''Absolutely. I'm just here calling to tell you about your new patient, '' There's a slight noise coming from the other line as I frown, trying to focus onto her voice as she speaks. ''You're assigned to a new patient—it's not Peter anymore. I'm guessing you're already on your way there?'' She asks, making me nod even though it's quite clear and obvious she won't be able to see me. My eyes wander up to the rear-view mirror to find the Uber driver glancing up at my direction, probably wanting to eavesdrop.

''As a matter of fact, I am on my way there. Why—why am I not assigned to Peter anymore? By the way, Denise is the one who always handle my schedule. Where is she?'' I lean back on the seat, eyes looking out the window.

''There are other nurses coming in today and we thought it'd be best for you to finally get assigned to a different patient. Lucky for you, he lives in the same neighbourhood as Peter but just a few houses further.'' She replies, ''Denise is off for today and I'm taking in for her. I'll text you the address right away and you'll receive an email from me in a few regarding the patient's biography. If there's anything at all, feel free to call me back at this number and I'll as

n't you see that?!'' He replies, his voice raising as his eyes begin to water but he holds himself back by running his fingers through his hair before turning away. ''Just get the hell out of here. Leave, ''

''I think I should go, '' I speak up.

''No, Belle. That won't be necessary, '' She sighs, shaking her head.

To my surprise, Haden begins to grab onto his crutches before standing up and making his way towards me. As soon as we're close enough, he stares down into my eyes but due to the intensity in them, I look away. Just like that, he walks out of the room with his arm bumping onto my shoulder in the process, ''I'm sorry, Belle. I really am, '' Halley breathes, hands on her waist.

''No, it's fine. Don't worry, '' I take a few seconds to breathe before continuing to speak, ''You're going to be late for your meeting. I'll be fine and we'll warm up soon—don't worry about it.''

Halley's eyes meet mine and I smile, wanting to hide away the uneasiness in my heart. She seems to be hesitating on whether she should leave or stay, ''We have a housekeeper, her name's Greta but she's not in today. I can call her in if you want—''

''Please, don't trouble yourself. Haden and I, we'll work it out.'' I reply.

''Call me if there's anything. Here's my number, '' She hands me out her business card and I take it, nodding my head. It's obvious that she's worried about Haden especially by how he reacted earlier but she seems to be caught in between. ''I'll be back around five. I'll see you then?''


''Thank you, Belle.'' She places her hand on my shoulder before giving it a squeeze, walking out of the room.

My eyes wander around Haden's room to find it exactly like how I imagined. Everything is decorated nicely and sophisticatedly, not like any other typical boy room but I step out of the room and immediately walk down the hallway to find Halley getting into her car while I look around. This house is fairly huge enough but the light seems to be seeping in through the windows which makes everything visible and it doesn't take me long to find Haden standing alone at the balcony.

The first time I saw Haden, I wasn't just mesmerised by the way he looked but more fascinated by his smile. The sight of his lips curved up into a smile as he revealed his perfectly straight teeth, it was a sight to behold and even from afar, I was attracted. He never did lay his eyes on me, maybe because he never really did saw me—I was always running away whenever he was close and I blame myself entirely for that. I've never been confident enough to face him and it was my fault.

Yet this time, I'm the one to approach.

I stand near the doorway to watch him, ''You're still here.''

Our eyes meet once more as he turns around to face me; the same beautiful brown eyes that managed to draw me in closer towards him is now somehow not as soft as they were. His gaze is a little harder than before but then again, I never knew him that well. ''Sorry to disappoint but I'm not going anywhere, ''

''Your loss.'' He replies, eyes piercing into my own.

We spend the next few seconds to just stare at each other and deep down, it worries me if he recognises who I am; the girl he met at the party who called herself Jasmine and himself, Aladdin. The girl who leaned in to kiss him but he decided on a better way, he wanted to find me. He wanted to find out about me but fate was against us, probably still is. Such a funny way to let two people meet—were we Romeo and Juliet in our past lives? Were our love always a risk?

''You're wasting your time here, ''

''You can't say that.'' I respond.


''You can't decide that for me. Whether I'm wasting my time or not, you don't get to say that.''

''Like I said. . . '' He takes a few steps closer towards me before gazing down into my eyes, our faces are inches apart yet not too close. Not as close as we were when I wanted to kiss him. ''your loss.''

Then, he walks past me.

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