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   Chapter 45 NO.45

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My lips curve up into a smile as a little girl waves back at me; holding onto her flower until she steps out of my flower shop with her mother. I look around—seeing that my workers are busy attending to the customers in here, bringing them the fresh new flowers that just arrived today.

I turn to look left on the counter at a picture of Elis and I; the same picture that we took four years ago. It has been long since what happened yet I still miss him every single day, no matter how.

Months after his death, his lawyer called; made an appointment with me, told me that there was something important. I thought it had something to do with his sudden death so I had no other choice but to meet him—which shocked me most when I found out about it.

Elis had placed half of his company under my name while the other half belongs to Fiore; his mother. All of his fortunes will be inherited by the two of us—instantly making us the owner of his company. Everything was legally signed months before he passed away.

That's one of the reasons why I opened up a flower shop where I can display my paintings and at the same time, sell flowers. Obviously. The thing is that, it wasn't just the contracts or the agreements but it was the ring—found hidden in his office, in one of his drawers.

Knowing that he admitted his love for me; the ring could have belonged to me. Then again, I could highly be mistaken but the chances are high—if it weren't for me, accepting Elia's proposal, I might've lived a happy life with Elis. I wouldn't have to risk his life just because of my stupid decision.

I look up at the doors.

As I make my way towards the customer, I immediately stop as soon as I see him turning to look at me; my eyes widen in surprise—not expecting to see him, after all these years. We are staring at each other, somehow, both of us are not expecting to meet here.

''Mummy!'' My four-year-old son runs towards my direction, holding onto my hand as he gives me a sunflower—he loves it very much and he say that I resemble the sunflower due to the happiness and shine that I give him. I instantly look up at the door, knowing that he went out with Fiore.

She stands near the door, her eyes wide; looking at her son. The son that she wasn't able to meet for such a long time for always disappearing and trying to keep others safe. The one and only son that reminds him so much of Elis instead of Elliot who seems more of like himself.

Elia continues to look at me; his dark brown eyes are showing the amount of sadness that I once saw four years ago—showing how it's too much to process. Our eyes are piercing into one another, going straight into our souls, probably trying to find at least something to say but we're left

ly slow; expressing how we've missed each other and how our choices have made us who we are now but it doesn't matter because I hardly regret my past. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be able to find true love or experience the love like ours.

I break the kiss to slowly let go of his arms, taking a few steps back and immediately hold onto my lips; quite surprised at my sudden action but by the look on his face, it shows how he's surprised too—not expecting me to react this way for our first encounter after years of not seeing each other.

''Would you like to go and grab coffee?'' I ask.

''Only if you marry me, '' He replies.

''Oh, you know, we just met but why not?'' Then, we end up smiling at each other before he starts to lean in again—cupping onto my face before letting me hold onto the flower, this time, our kiss seems a little bit more sincere and based on our past love.

Elia and I, we've faced quite a lot in the past but what matters most is that we faced them together. Our adventures are something that no one can replace because we had each other in every one of them—no matter how frightening, thrilling or horrifying they might be.

My love with Elis; it will always be real and will always be a part of my life. He will always own my heart no matter what—but he said so himself, move on. Loving someone else does not mean forgetting the other and that's far from what I have in mind; he will never be forgotten.

Jodi, a part of Elis and I.

This is real life. We overcome the obstacles and the fears that we once had with strength, no matter how hard or impossible it might be—we have overcame it. Life is never easy but it's never too hard. There will always be an end to everything; whether it's happy or not, it's our choice.

We just have to forgive.

Forgive. Forgive and forgive.

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