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''I fucked up, '' I breathe.

My eyes glance down at her lips, seeing them smirking at me—somehow making me realise how I've been a fool. A fool to break her fragile heart; I made her fell in love with me and she did just for me to leave her suffer. How can I be so stupid? I thought.

''Why couldn't you see that I was nothing without you? Why couldn't you see my love for you? Why did you threw it all away just because you wanted me safe? Why couldn't you see that I will never be safe without you!'' She leans closer, saying those words frustratedly.

I immediately close my eyes before leaning my head against the wall, remembering back the moments of us together. From the day I laid eyes on her and how I've brought her in my life. Everything about her was making me insane and it was slowly killing me if I couldn't have an opportunity to be with her. She's perfect.

Why did I risk it all?

''So, don't say that you love me.'' She adds, ''Because there's nothing left for you to love. The Rose you knew is gone and she's not coming back. She's never coming back because you've hurt her enough, ''

The way the words slip out of her mouth, it shows determination. It proves that she's determine to kick me out of her life; wanting me to be gone. Wanting me to just leave her alone because now, she's happier without me. Her life has gotten so much better.

It pains me to say this but I will never be her man.

The love we once had is slowly starting to fade and we both know that we can never go back to how we were. Things just don't fix easily—especially for us. We've been running away and pushing each other far, we can never accept or mend our broken pieces again.

''You're just going to keep on hurting me. If I ever let you in again, you'll just break me. Even if I heal from our past, we can never truly forget.'' She mutters. ''So, don't ever think I need more. Stop whatever you have in mind. There's no more you and I, ''

There goes another heartbreak.

''What happens if I keep on loving you?'' I ask.

''I won't love you back, '' She replies. In an instant, my eyes are tearing to show the amount of sadness I'm feeling yet I try my best to hold it all behind. With a small smile, I force myself to look at anything but her.

Maybe we were never meant to be. I was only meant to be her first saviour, away from a place like that and then I was supposed to set her free; I was supposed to set her free when we had nothing towards each other. Now, things are harder than it seems—I've come to love someone other than Danielle even after all those years so I don't think I'll be able to love anymore.

We both turn to see the headlights coming from Elis's car, seeing him stopping near us before stepping out of the car—I take my time to see him immediately looking at her, worry shows all over his face. It's such a pain to see my brother being with the woman I love. Then again, it has always been my mistake.

''What happened?'' He asks, walking closer.

Once he's close enough, he turns to eye my shoulder and his eyebrows furrow immediately; it's quite a shocker to remember that he's the same brother that used to laugh, fight and even cry with me. Our once perfect friendship is now ruined because of that title. A title that he had let go for the sake of his life but I had given up mine for the sake of our father's avenge.

''Let's just take him to the hospital, '' She replies. Then, she starts to stand up—standing beside him.

Elis glances down at Rose before crouching down and slowly helping me up. Within seconds, I find myself groaning at the pain but I hold it back. My hea

she doesn't.

''Then, don't. Let her choose, '' He says and I look down at the doctor stitching up my wound, ''But from the looks of it now, she'll choose your brother.''

She will choose him. It's clear. They're happy.

''For once, Elia. Give her a chance of her own instead of determining her life because she deserves so much more. She's a grown up woman. She'll make the right decision for herself, '' He adds before pointing at my wound and exiting the room—leaving me thinking.

I close my eyes again. This time, longer.

My heart can't take this anymore.

I'm actually growing weak for her and it's only now because I realised how she's my everything. I've lost the chance to be with her—how did that happen? We're supposed to be together like how we promised but now things are falling apart. I'm starting to imagine what she went through when I was gone.

Once everything is done, I start to exit the room and see the hallway empty. I slowly walk towards the elevator but I stop as soon as I see Rose near the balcony, her hair is being blown by the wind. Even in the night, she's such a stunner—mind blowing.

Just when I see that she's alone, Elis starts to appear.

''It's now or never, '' I mutter to myself before walking closer towards them but I stop as I hear them talking.

Elis turns to look at her, ''Do you want to tell me what happened? What happened, Rose? Why were you with him and how did you end up there? I was worried sick when I got home and you were nowhere to be found, '' He asks, looking straight at her as she sighs deeply.

''Someone kidnapped me. He took me to the warehouse and half an hour later, Elia was there.'' She replies, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Then, she turns to look up at Elis; eye to eye.

They keep quiet for a few seconds and all of a sudden, I find Elis pulling her closer towards him; wrapping his arms around her body and whispering something in her ear, making her nod with a smile on her face. She pulls him closer by the waist, letting the side of her face on his chest—listening to his heartbeat.

I take a few steps back, leaning against the wall.

I immediately place a hand on my left chest. My heart is beating fast and somehow aching with the amount of pain, almost tearing my eyes again but I hold back.

God, help me.


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