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My hand is gripping hard onto the knife as I look up straight at pictures of Elis and Rose. They are both laughing and smiling at each other as he has his arm wrapped around her waist; pulling her close.

For some reason, my heart continues to ache.

''God fucking damn it, '' I mutter under my breath. Without me realising, I have already thrown the knife straight towards the board against the wall; trying to find some sort of distraction but it's not as easy.

''You're a fucking idiot, Elia. Why the fuck would you let your girl be with your fucking brother? Fuck. Just tell her the truth, run away with her and bam, you get her for the rest of your life. Fuck it, '' I mutter to myself before standing up and picking up my coat. As soon as I turn towards the door, I see one of Alessia's men standing there; looking straight at me.

''What do you want?'' I ask, harshly. They've been keeping an eye on me for the past few weeks and it has been irritating the hell out of me. I feel like shooting onto their heads and watch them fall onto the ground so that I can get them over with.

The thing is that, Alessia won't let my men enter my office. They are allowed to be in the building but they can't be in my department, my office or anywhere near me in this building. Who the fuck does she think she is? She may have helped clear my name from the list but fucking hell, she can't control my life.

A lot has happened for the past eleven months, other than the fact that I've been fucking with Alessia. Look, I don't want to lie and say that I don't find myself lusting over her but that's the thing, we just fuck. There's a whole lot of difference between fucking someone due to lust and making love. A whole lot.

Yeah, she's sexy as hell and the way she walks would make any men go crazy; not me. I'm utterly disgusted by the fact that I wasn't able to push away her pathetic temptations but I couldn't help it, she wants me. For some reason, I don't feel a slight sympathy for using her in order to fulfil my satisfaction. She wants me to use her and so I did, I used her. Still do.

Fucking her was great, she's a mindblower in bed but she's not the best. Well, she has been the one pleasing me. For instance, I have never went down on her like how I did with Rose; or Danielle. I find it hard to go down on a woman unless I love her. Going down on someone is not something that I take for granted.

Well, she has got to deserve it in order to earn it.

''You're not allowed to leave, '' The man replies and I immediately look at him, not satisfied by the fact that Alessia is not just trying to control my life but she's starting to control everything. I ignore him as I keep on walking towards the door, towards him.

''Move.'' I say, sternly. My whole body tenses when I find him standing still, not letting me leave the room. Within seconds, I am already pushing him and strangling him against the wall; showing my dissatisfaction and anger that I've been holding.

''If you haven't heard, I don't like it when people test my patience. I also don't like it when people disobey me because I can guarantee your death. Don't fuck with me, I can kill you and your family even if they are already dead to begin with. I'll just kill them again, '' My eyes looking straight into his and realising that I've been choking him; almost cutting his windpipe.

Just like that, I leave him on the floor, trying to catch up with his breaths as I continue to walk out of my office and straight towards the elevator but once I've reached the elevator, three of that bitch's men are standing there; blocking my way. My anger starts to raise again but before I can react, she steps out from the elevator, her dress tight around her hips and her waist; provoking men, ''Elia. I thought I told you not to leave. Why do you always disobey me?'' She asks.

''Get the fuck out of my way, '' I reply.

Her lips curving up into a smirk as she makes her way towards me before caressing the side of my cheek and running his thumb against my lower lip, ''Come on, baby. You fucking me last night was rough enough, you don't have to treat me the same.'' Her lips puckering to the front, causing me to glance.

''I'm leaving. Ask your men to fuck off, '' I demand before pushing away her hands from my body, not really liking her touching me; like I said, I use her for my own satisfaction, for my own pleasure and her touching me in general does not do any good.

''Do you still want to leave if you see her?''

My eyebrows furrow in confusion as I look into her green eyes, wanting answers. Then, she glances back at her men, ''Don't think that I'm stupid, Elia. You're leaving because of her. You're going back to her. So, being ahead of your pathetic fucked up plan, I decided to bring her to you. Isn't that a lot easier?'' She asks.

''What did you do?'' I ask, this time filling with concern because I know that she's capable of doing anything to hurt anyone; she may be looking like an angel from the outside but she's sure a satan on the inside. A fucking satan. ''The fuck did you do?!''

When I don't receive answers from her, I start to grip onto her throat before pushing her against the wall; causing her men to raise their guns towards me but I ignore as both of my eyes are focusing de

ely. I glance down at my phone, seeing that she's stopping at Elis.

Without wasting a single second, she presses call.


''Elis, it's me. I need your help, '' She starts to speak, ''Actually, we need your help—look, I'll explain everything when you get here. So—'' She stays quiet for a few seconds, ''—don't worry about me, ''

Deep inside, my body is breaking; not because of her calling Elis but because of him actually worrying about her while I've only caused her trouble. She wouldn't be in this mess if I actually did stay away. The thing is, I can't—she's addicting.

''He's on his way, '' She ends the call.

Within seconds, her eyes meet mine; causing us to look into each other's eyes without any intention of looking away. Her eyes show a whole amount of sadness and I can tell, they came from me. I clench my jaw once more, holding back my own anger.

Towards myself.

''Don't look at me like that. I don't like it, '' She says.

''You used to like it, '' I reply and she rolls her eyes, ''But that's the thing. You used to. Things are different now, aren't they?'' She continues to look back at me, actually glad that she's not walking away and cause awkwardness between us; after all those months, we actually have the strength to talk again.

''Look, I don't know what you're thinking but I don't like it. I'm helping you because you got shot for me. You came all the way to save me so I owe you. Just, don't think that everything is fine. It's not, '' She says; her eyes are piercing into my soul. Yup. My soul.

''Nothing is fine, Rose. I know that now, '' I reply.

''What? You don't know anything. You barely know shit about anything. It's fucked up that I can't get over you even if I try but then again, I've crossed that impossibility. I've gotten over you, Elia.'' She assures, her words are cutting and stabbing me deeply; causing more pain than the actual cut.

''You need to let me explain, '' I breathe, almost begging for her to listen; we need to communicate.

''Explain, '' She says, her eyes tearing up.

For some reason, I can't really utter a single word. My lips are sealed shut—only letting my eyes focus onto her, not wanting to look away at anyone or anything else. Yet, I want to explain everything to her. Let her know and let her understand about us.

''Explain!'' She shouts, frustratedly.

To my surprise, she starts to look down onto the ground and crying out—causing me to feel my eyes tearing up too, not quite believing myself at the moment yet this is me, this is us. We're too fucked and broken that we actually feel all the pain.

''I love you, '' I lean to cup onto her face.

''Love doesn't fix us, '' She looks up, anger showing in her eyes as our faces are inches apart. I continue to wipe away her tears; not bothered if she might end up pushing me away. My hands continue to cup onto his face even though it hurts me to lean forward, causing more pain than before. ''If you love me, why did you let me leave? Why did you ask me to leave? Why did you want me to leave? What is it with you and leaving? What's so good about leaving?!''

''I love you. Don't do this to me, '' I beg.

My eyes are tearing up at the sight of her, now understanding why I should've been there for her so that she'll make it alive—so that she'll be able to move forward without a second glance behind. She needed me and I needed her but why didn't we stay?

''No. Don't do this to me, '' She stares into my eyes.


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