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''There's an emergency at the office, I'll be back after dinner. Don't wait for me, '' I look up at Elis, seeing that he's busy fixing his hair by looking at the mirror before making his way towards me, pecking onto my lips and looking straight into my eyes. He leans in once more, this time kissing me longer; which I gladly return.

''I'll be going out too, '' I reply.

He furrows his eyebrows but before he can respond, his phone starts to ring again. Both of his eyes are focusing back at me, ''Be safe. Call me if you need anything, '' He smiles; hurrying out the door.

As soon as the door close shut, I am left with the loneliness that I haven't felt for awhile. Within seconds, I am already tying my hair into a lose ponytail before wrapping a scarf around my neck. After checking one last time in the mirror, I quickly pick up my handbag, walking out the front door with my phone in my hand; truthfully, whenever I walk out of this door, people will see me as normal.


Well, we don't end up knowing other people's story when they walk down the street, do we?

With my mind being filled with my own thoughts, I continue walking down the road; heading towards the nearest grocery store—wanting to buy something to eat instead of eating out. I turn to look around and my legs stop walking immediately, as soon as I see a familiar figure standing with a jacket on his shoulder.

My heart starts to beat at an unstable pace; leaving me speechless before actually feeling my eyes tearing up, wanting to make me drop onto the ground but I stay still, only looking at him. Yet, he doesn't seem to notice me standing here, he seems busy looking at something else.

I cover my mouth with my hand as I run towards one of the walls; leaning my back and slowly letting the tears fall, accepting my weakness. Without me realising, I am slowly falling onto the ground, replaying the images on my mind—seeing that he hasn't changed much except for the light stubble on his face, making him much more attractive than he already is.

He didn't see me.

Tears are blurring my vision, making me lean my head against the wall; ignoring other people's stare because they don't matter. Elia matter. My head is hurting with the amount of pain that I haven't felt in awhile but now they're coming back with much more force than usual.

To my surprise, I find someone crouching in front of me before wiping away the fallen tears on my cheeks; making me open my eyes and come face to face with him. My eyes widen at the sight of him—seeing that we're undeniably close to each other; knowing that we were once this close. Closer even.

Both of his brown eyes are looking straight into my blue ones, leaving me breathless. I take my time to stare at his every features, realising how I've missed looking at his face—especially appreciating them this way. We have been away from each other for too long, we need this.

He drops his hand before smiling down at me, more like showing his sadness. My whole body feels the sudden sparks from his previous touch; knowing that I've always felt that way with him. I start to sob harder and tears are falling without any signs of stopping once I notice how he's real.

My heart can't take the pain anymore as I quickly make my way towards the other direction; running down the road—leaving him behind because being near him would only cause more pain. My tears are continuing to fall, leaving me breathless and in pain. Mostly sadness.

I immediately stop running when I feel someone pulling me by the waist; making my body being pulled backwards to his. We are standing in the middle of the road with both of his arms around my body as I remain still, crying my heart out, showing all the sadness and pain that I've been dealing.

Elia continues to pull me closer before cupping onto my face, wiping away the tears from falling yet they never seem to stop. I've been holding in too much and now it's time for them to fall, to show. He looks straight at my face, ''Don't. Leave me alone, '' I mutter through sobs.

''We need to talk, '' He clenches his jaw.

''No. I don't want to talk. I don't want anything to do with you. So, let me go.'' I reply, roughly pulling my hands and taking a few steps back but he continues to walk closer towards me—even with me pushing him away; he's trying to lessen the distance between us. For some reason, I'm terrified of him. Not of him hurting me physically but of him hurting me mentally. He

e glass table—my pictures.

Pictures of me with Elis. Pictures of me.

''I'm leaving.'' I mutter but as I'm about to turn and pull the door open, I hear the doorbell ring; causing both Elia and I to stop breathing immediately. He pulls onto my hand, bringing me into his bedroom before gesturing me to hide inside his walk-in closet.

He turns off the lights in his closet and his bedroom as he walks out towards the door, opening it. I lean further inside, trying to hide myself from being discovered but I can't help eavesdropping.

Heels are clicking onto the floor and as I peek through the door, my eyes widen at the sight I behold which is highly expected but I don't understand why it hurts me; Elia is kissing someone as she cups onto his face.

Of course.

The woman stands beautifully tall, her palazzo defining her long legs—someone could have mistaken her as model. Not just that, her face is nicely sculptured; almost perfect which I slightly envy. My legs continue to weaken at the sight of them kissing, causing me to lean back and hold back my tears. What hurts me most is that Elia has both of his arms around her waist, kissing her as if he loves her.

She smiles up at him, ''How are you, love?''

Elia glances at my direction for a few seconds before looking back down at her, his lips curving into a small smile, ''Good now that you're here.'' He replies.

''You seem to be in a good mood, '' She says, slowly sitting onto one of the sofas without breaking the eye contact with Elia. Her green eyes are probably highlighting her every features; making her look like a goddess. That's one of the reasons why Elia likes her.

He continues to smile at her, ''I've booked dinner at your favourite restaurant, if you're not busy. I want to make it up to you, '' He stands in front of her, seeing that she has a seductive smile on her face.

''Can we stop by at Cartier?'' She stands up.

''Sure, '' He replies after glancing at me and pecking onto her forehead.

I immediately drop onto the ground once I find both of them exiting the apartment; after hearing them closing the door—my heart aches and producing a whole lot amount of pain, almost killing me and almost suffocating me again.

As I cover my mouth with my hand, I let out the tears that I've been holding back for a few minutes since she came in; this time, I finally feel how lifeless and hopeless I feel. I shouldn't have come to watch him living the happy life while I suffer just because I'm not able to move on. What ever happened to us?

Why do we have to hurt this much?

No. Why do I have to hurt this much?

It feels like hours when it has only been ten minutes since they left because the tears won't stop. I continue to cry, letting myself show how I'm deeply sad and hurt; there's no use in hiding my feelings. There's no use in pretending to be happy when I'm fucked up.

''Just kill me, '' I mutter under my breath.


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