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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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''Satisfied?'' I ask, clenching my jaw.

With a smirk on her face, she appears out from the shadows; the spot she has been hiding ever since Rose came. Her light green eyes stand out most and highlighting her every features, telling almost everyone that she's absolutely stunning—but a heartless bitch.

Her red coloured lips are curving up into a smile, showing how she's satisfied that her plans worked successfully. Then, she takes a few steps towards me before placing both of her hands on my chest—fixing my shirt, ''Not what I expected but you did well, '' She replies, placing her hand on the side of my face.

Her touch does not affect me. At all.

''Don't be so coldhearted, Elia. I just made you one of the richest man and settled all of your debts. You no longer have to worry about getting killed, '' She says, standing beside me before placing a cigarette in between her lips; inhaling the smoke.

I, on the other hand, continue to think about Rose. The way her eyes show the amount of pain; it kills me deeply inside—yet, I can never tell her the truth. It hurts me to accept the fact that I'll never have the chance to be with her, I'll never be able to live my life with her because we're never meant to be. Even if we try. I tried.

''Oh, don't worry about your amore, no one will be able to hurt her—as promised. She will be safe, '' She exhales the smoke as she looks deeply into my eyes. ''I'll keep my promise as long as you keep yours to stay away from her in any way possible, '' She adds.

For some reason, I am left without a choice. My whole life has never felt so useless and broken until now. Due to the troubles I've caused, I'll be repaying them by sacrificing my own happiness; my own amore. My soul weakens at the sight of her leaving and at the tears of her sadness, I am the cause of her pain.

I am the cause of her destruction.

''I won't hesitate to kill you, Elia.'' She mutters, glancing up at my face, ''You've caused so much trouble and chaos. You've disobeyed our laws. You may own half of Europe but most of it are your enemies. Thanks to me, I cleared up your name.''

''I'm doing this for the sake of her safety, '' I reply.

All of a sudden, she closes the distance between us, ''She's no longer your concern. She should've been dead but I'm not as cruel as you think, I'm letting her live her life. The life that you can never offer. Isn't that much better than a life like ours?'' She sighs, deeply before cupping onto my face; letting me face her.

Within seconds, she has her lips planted on mine for a loveless yet lustful kiss. Both of her hands are cupping onto my face for a better access and as she deepens the kiss, I respond back by grabbing harshly onto her hair; causing her to smirk. I look down at her lips with hatred all over my eyes but I can never harm her. Harming her would also harm Rose. I can't.

Just like that, I lean in to fully meet her lips but from the kiss, it's far from love. Too far. Love can only be explained and showed with Rose—while I express hatred and disgust with this bitch. I'm only using her for my own satisfaction; she gave me the rights.

Alessia continues to pull me closer towards her body as I roughly kiss her lips; she doesn't seem to mind. She has both of her hands in my hair, pulling onto the ends and making me groan—through our kiss. I grab onto her bottom, purposely giving her pain by biting onto her lip, hardly and causing her to bleed.

It doesn't surprise me that she lik

her hand on my arm, purposely grabbing everyone's attention—at her father's building. I've been warned by him to stop killing and just let my men do it because if I continue killing people, it'll leave me more enemies. Now, he wants me to make allies. The more, the better.

I turn to look at Alessia. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with her; she's not a blonde bimbo. She's just trying hard to attract me and yes at times, it does work but it leaves nothing behind—usually, men would be falling head over heels for her but I feel nothing. Maybe because someone have stollen my heart and I wouldn't want to take it back.

It's a surprise that she has been clinging onto me without even flirting or seducing other men; it appears that she sees us more than just using each other.

When we step out of the elevator, someone manage to catch my attention which causes my eyes to widen slightly and stop my steps. The woman has dark blonde hair; which reminds of someone and she has the same posture, same body and same height. My eyes remain focusing on her as she continues to talk with the receptionist—leaving Alessia impatient.

As soon as she turns around, my face shows clear disappointment, causing me to continue my steps. For once, I thought it was Rose but why would she be here? She wouldn't know where I am or what I'm doing because in her head, I was only toying her.

When I was dead serious.

To my surprise, Alessia is currently standing in front of me before grabbing lightly onto my face, making me look at her at once; straight into her eyes. I would be lying if I say that her light green eyes always fail to attract me but that's it, it's just the colour of her eyes.

''You're with me now, why bother looking at other women?'' She asks, pouting her red coloured lips.

''I'm looking at you now, that's all that matters.'' I answer before slowly leaning in and placing a soft yet meaningless kiss on her cheek; only to make sure that she's calmed down. If only she understand or know me better, she would've seen the emptiness in my eyes.

Both of her green eyes are squinting before leaning in near my ear, ''Remember our deal, Dominic.'' She whispers, causing me to tense up immediately.

How can I forget?


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