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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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It has been a week since he left and ever since that, I was left with an unsure feeling—somehow confused and stressed but it's not severe. I won't stop thinking about Elia and even if I try, he will always be in my mind or his images will continue to haunt me.

Ever since he left, I've never heard about Elis or Elliot. It's like they all disappeared; which confuses me even more. As for Luciano and Marc, they've been taking care of me. We are building up our friendship and we're slowly getting comfortable with each other even though they were far from what I expected.


That's the only question I have in my mind. Every single day. I want to know why. Why can't we just be together? He's risking everything while I don't want him to risk anything; but he's right, we can't always run. If we continue to run, we'll never make it. We'll just be running.

Nonstop running.

I don't want that.

''I know you'd be here, '' I turn to see Luciano entering the room as he sits down beside me, glancing at my direction while I let my lips curve up into a small smile—glad that he's here, I could use a distraction because I need to stop thinking about Elia for once.

When he notices that I'm not uttering a single word, he starts to bump onto my shoulder, causing me to glance up into his eyes, ''You're still thinking about him. I can see that, '' He says and I just respond with a sigh—wanting to get him out of my head. If I keep on thinking about him, it'll feel like forever.

''I can't stop, '' I mutter.

''Rose, I haven't heard from him. Marc has been looking everywhere, he has been asking every sources but he's nowhere to be found—even though it has only been a week. I know he would've pulled a stunt like this again, '' He continues, frowning.

''Again?'' I ask.

Luciano clears his throat, ''It was a long time ago. He kind of went rogue. We couldn't find him for almost two years; I guess he's good at that, running away, hiding. Then, he appeared out of nowhere. He never really tell us about it.'' He mutters under his breath, earning my attention since we're talking about Elia—he would always have my attention.

''I don't understand him, at all. He would act like everything is alright and he would promise me a lot of things but then, the next day, he'd disappear. He would leave me and he wouldn't come back, not until he thinks that it's the right time—let me tell you, he left me thrice, I don't know if I can handle it anymore. Maybe, one day, I'll be the one who leaves.'' My heart breaking at the thought of leaving him because I've never wanted that.

''Honestly, we don't understand him either.''

We both end up chuckling as I run my fingers through my hair—I don't know, it hurts me to know that he would easily leave me, whenever he wants. I know, he's trying to protect me and all that shit but at the same time, he's also breaking my he

t understand.'' I mutter.

''I can't keep it a secret anymore, not when you're life is at stake. Elia left you thrice, it's not on purpose. He planned it all because he knew, one day, he would risk everything including his life just for you.'' He continues, ''Luciano and Marc doesn't know about this but Elia trusts them enough to let you stay with them so I guess, you'll need to trust them too.''

''No, Elis. Where is Elia?''

''He's not here, Rose.''

Why won't he tell me? Is it so hard? I've been so lost without him and I can't continue on if he's not here with me; I'm not strong. Yes, he might have planned everything but why can't he explain it to me? Why is he keeping this a secret if it has anything to do with my safety? Why can't he be honest?

''So, people want to kill me?'' I ask.

Elis looks at me for a few seconds as he keeps quiet, only focusing into my eyes before he continues to speak, ''That's half of it. Look, Elia has a lot of enemies. He has more enemies than friends. That's one of the reasons why they want to kill you. There are a lot of things that you don't know about Elia; a lot worse and a lot more terrifying things. He has been the caused of destruction before you show up, he was what anyone would call a monster.'' He breathes.

''Elia left because he wanted them to think that he has nothing to do with me? Then, he's stupid. If he wants me gone then I'll be gone but he doesn't need to keep on hiding secrets from me because that's not what I want.'' I try to calm myself down, trying.

''Rose, don't misunderstand.'' He sighs.

''No, I'm tired. I'm tired of him leaving me behind. So, fuck it because I'll make sure that when I find him, I'll stay for good. If it kills me, then fuck because I don't care. No one can stop me, not even Elia himself.''

Then, he clenches his jaw, only looking at me.


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