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Winds blow counter to what the ship wants


As we step inside the house, I start to look around and see that I have blurry images of this place; it makes me wonder if anything has changed or not. Elia continues to trail behind me before the both of us stop in the middle of the living room, waiting for the man to come back from the kitchen.

''I think you would like to meet her, '' I hear him say from the kitchen.

I turn to look at Elia and I see him eyeing the whole place—for a few seconds before his eyes landing on a picture near the television; which makes me stare at the picture longer than necessary. He takes a few steps towards the picture, paying full attention.

''It's you.'' He mutters under his breath, turning to look at me.

Just before I can respond, a familiar woman steps out of the kitchen. Her brown eyes are very clear—exactly the same like the one in my dreams. Her face also look the same but of course, she ages; quite well I must say but what confuses me most is that she looks like me except for the eyes.

Both of her eyes are on my face, eyeing every single part of it. Without me realising, she is already standing in front of me before cupping onto my face as she smiles, controlling back her tears from escaping. All of a sudden, her legs start to weaken which causes me to quickly grab onto her waist; preventing her from falling.

I look up to see Elia clenching his jaw before looking back at me.

''I'm so sorry, '' The woman cries, letting the tears escape freely as she pulls me in for a hug—making me awkwardly place both of my hands on her back, trying to process the moment.

As soon as she looks back up at me, I manage to realise that she's the woman I called mummy when I was a kid—before I was taken. I feel my own tears escaping so I quickly pull her close once more, hugging her tight; wanting to show how I've missed her after all these years of not being anywhere near her.

''Ryan, '' The woman mutters before turning to look at the man with blue eyes. I furrow my eyebrows, taking a better look at him once more, wanting to know who he is.

The man—Ryan, walks towards us but his eyes are never leaving mine. The both of us stand while I continue to look at Ryan, ''I don't know you, '' I say; earning a slight frown from him before he turns to look at Barbara; my mother.

''He's your brother.'' Barbara says and I immediately notice the resemblances. Yet, he has more of our father's features but his hair matches Barbara's. Then again, I never come to know that I have a brother—which surprises me.

The four of us end up sitting at the living room. While I sit beside Elia, Barbara and Ryan sits near each other but Barbara's eyes held sadness—somehow, I manage to see regret. Ryan just rubs his hand behind her back, soothingly trying to calm her down. As for me, I don't really know how to react. This is all strange to me; it's something I've never experienced before.

''How did you get out, Rose?'' I look up at Barbara, seeing that she glances at Elia for a few seconds.

I follow her gaze before meeting Elia's brown eyes; knowing that he's probably feeling uncomfortable but I don't know what do or say. I grab onto his hand, ''He saved me.'' I reply which Elia responds with a reassuring grip.

Her eyes widen immediately, ''He paid for you?''

We end up enjoying the silence—prob

man who killed my father.'' He breathes out, turning to look at me, ''Revenge isn't really as sweet as I thought it would be. It'll never end. He killed my father, I killed him, his family might kill me—what's the purpose?''

''Elliot was too young. I was too selfish. I thought I was making my mum proud but all she wanted from me was for me to stop—just stop everything and leave it all behind. I didn't listen, '' He mutters under his breath, ''I did everything to protect her, took her far from here, wanting to make sure that she's safe. The last time I saw her was ten years ago, a few months after Elis left.''


He cuts me off, ''—I'm a terrible person, a terrible son. You don't deserve me, Rose. There's no future with someone like me, '' He glances at my direction for a few seconds and I see tears forming in his eyes, almost falling down his cheeks but he steps out of the car, quickly entering inside the house; leaving me here all by myself.

After minutes of trying to figure everything out, I finally enter the house, seeing that I can clearly see outside from inside due to the amount of windows around the house—almost filling each spot. I breathe out, exhaling deeply after running my fingers through my hair; realising the burden that the both of us are carrying.

I'm broken, he's broken. We're the perfect match.

I walk towards the nearest glass window before looking out; exhaling once more. I close my eyes, wanting to escape the whole pain and sorrow but nothing seems to disappear—everything is falling apart. From all the smiles I show, it'll always eat me alive, I'll always turn back here and look back at my past.

Elia is no different.

I've been wanting to know him and now that I have, he's no different than me.

All of a sudden, I feel someone wrapping his arms around my neck from behind, causing me to open my eyes slowly before feeling him breathing against my neck as he snuggles closer towards me—pecking onto my shoulder. I hold onto his hand, seeing our reflection from the glass window; noticing that he's closing his eyes.

With a sigh, I let a tear glide down my cheek.


If you understand, i love you.

Sorry if it's short :))

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