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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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An envious person is the unhappiest


My eyes widen as soon as he pushes the man towards the side, punching his face. Everyone in the flight starts to turn around at the sight they see—their eyes widen in shock. The stewardess quickly run towards the cabin; getting help as I eye Elia.

To my surprise, the man fights back, revealing a small knife in his back pocket. As he pushes Elia down the aisle, he starts to directly point the knife towards Elia's neck but he kicks him on the groin, causing him to fall down onto the ground and lose the knife from his grasps.

I quickly put my head down as I see the man throwing another knife directly towards my direction. Everyone starts to scream as soon as the knife hits someone else in front of me—causing my eyes to widen and my body to react by running away from the dead body.

''This is an emergency!'' I hear one of the stewardess says at the back through the phone before eyeing us all—I immediately run towards the back of the cabin while Elia keeps the man on the ground.

I start to panic and my windpipe seems to having trouble as I fall onto the ground, holding onto my neck. Within seconds, someone pulls me by the hair before pushing my body against one of the counters; making me scream loudly but he wraps his hands around my neck; blocking me from breathing.

Then, he pushes me down onto the ground, hovering on top of me. His grip on my neck never loosening while I try to reach out for something—that might help me. My hands are trying to push him away but all I keep on receiving is the tightness of his grip.

I turn left to see Elia stabbing a knife onto the previous man's neck while I am suffering due to the lack of oxygen. My whole body starts to hurt from an unknown pain as I continue to fight back, not wanting my life to end here.

My eyes widen once more as I see two stewardess laying dead at the back, making me look straight into the man's eyes. He has anger raging with every strength he's showing from gripping hard, then, a small smirk appears—showing how he's winning.

Luckily, the man loosen his grip around my neck, slowly letting go after receiving a few hits by Elia. I quickly crawl towards the other passengers, not having the strength to stand up and run due to the pain I'm feeling. As I continue on crawling, I see that half of the passengers are dead while others are held as hostages at the back.

I let out a soundless scream as I feel someone pulling me by the ankle, making my body being pulled backwards. As the figure turns my body around, I see him pointing a sharp knife near my neck, making me shake my head in disagreement, ''No, please just let me go.'' I say, my voice shaking with fear.

My eyes wander around to find Elia's body on the ground, blood flowing from his head but I try to keep calm—assuring myself that he's alive. I close my eyes, wanting to make sure that when I open them again, this would all disappear but I keep on feeling the pain and the sensation, traces of reality.

''Get up!'' The man says, pulling me by the hair as he keeps on pointing the knife at my neck, making me follow his every orders.

''Please—'' He pulls my hair once more, making me scream as he places the knife on my waist this time, earning a low groan from me. Then, he sniffs in my scent by leaning in towards my neck before pushing me onto one of the seats.

I look around and see that there's no one at the back, as they are being forced to go to the front. My whole body shake

mean everything. Things isn't normal with me; I hope you understand that. If I have to give you up just for your safety, I would.'' He says.

''You wouldn't, '' I reply.

He leans in, ''I would. No one deserves a life like this, especially you.'' Then he leans back slightly, ''Tell me, you must have your life planned out. Somehow. A little bit, maybe? What do you want to be if it's ever possible for you?''

I keep quiet for a few seconds, thinking. For once, I realise how I actually have thought about this when I was stuck with Gonzales. I thought about freeing myself and start a normal life, ''I wanted to study law—probably becoming a lawyer one day, but that's never going to happen, '' I mutter.

I watch as he stands in front of me, locking me in place by putting both of his hands on the kitchen counter, beside my body—as he looks straight into my eyes, ''I'm letting you go, Rose so now I want you to let go.'' He says.

''I'm not going anywhere, ''

He looks down at my lips for a few seconds, ''You're worth much more than you think you do, amore. You're worth a million dollars but to me, you're worth a lot more than any fortune—I'm considering myself lucky to have met you.''

I cup onto his face, ''I'm not going anywhere, Elia. Stop it, ''

As my body feels his touch by my neck, I stay still, feeling him placing my hair at the side, revealing my neck, ''I want you to live your life. You're a very beautiful woman, you're strong, you're capable of anything. Forget me, Rose. It'll ease the pain, '' He leans in, brushing his lips against mine before fully kissing me—letting me feel sparks all over my body.

He pulls my body closer towards him by the waist as he stands in between my legs.

To my surprise, my eyes widen as soon as I feel a sharp pain on the side of my neck—making me look at him immediately, my breathing slowing down. My eyebrows furrow in confusion but as I meet his pair of brown eyes; I come to realise how I'll never see them again.

As I blink a few times, I only feel his hand at the back of my body before pulling me closer towards him; letting my body fall onto his, once I've lost all control before meeting the darkness.

Forget me, Rose. It'll ease the pain.


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