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Anger begins with madness, but ends in regret


We walk down the pavement, silence accompanying us. All I can think of right now is about Elia; slowly, things about him are being revealed. He was married and that's one of the things that I would never expect from him—who would? He's probably in his late twenties but I never knew someone like him would consider settling down.

I never knew someone like him can even settle down.

''I know you were awake, '' He says.

My eyes widen slightly before clearing my throat but I choose to not respond. When he notices that I'm not saying anything, he glances at my direction for a few seconds, ''You can ask me anything, Rose.'' He adds.

We both keep quiet once more. Deep inside, I want to know more but I'm only hesitating. I look straight down the road; not really knowing where we're going, ''I don't want to ask you anything.'' I answer, shaking my head a little.

''There has got to be something.''

I stop, putting both of my hands in my jacket's pocket. Elia turns to look at me, realising that I've stopped walking, ''No, Elia. There's a lot of things that I want to know about you but I don't want to ask you anything. It's better if I know nothing.'' I say, not quite sure myself.

Elia starts to look around as he sighs deeply, probably thinking something, ''I was married once. We were both madly in love with each other that I don't think I'll ever find anyone like her. I was right, she was the only one that would end up breaking my heart and leave everything behind just because she was scared.'' He responds, looking straight into my blue eyes.

Furrowing my eyebrows, I start to walk down the road, not wanting to hear anymore from him but he stops me by blocking my way, ''She left, Rose. She left because she found out about me. That I'm a killer, that she married a killer, '' He leans in, saying it directly at my face but I turn away—not bothered to look into his eyes.

''You're not a killer, '' I cut him.

He takes a few step back, ''Don't. You saw me.''

I take a closer look at him, remembering the amount of people he killed. That's only when we're together. The amount of people he killed in the past—that's not a surprise, ''But did I walk away?'' I ask, earning a confused look from him.

''Nobody's perfect, Elia. Get that in your head.'' I mutter, even though my voice is low but it's loud enough for him to hear. Then, I continue to walk down the road—leaving him behind as I let out another sigh.

''You are, '' I hear him say from behind, making me stop walking at once.

My eyebrows furrow in confusion but at the same time, my heart starts to beat fast at the excitement. I turn to look at him to find him also looking at me, ''Well, maybe not.'' He quickly say, earning a chuckle from me and within seconds, we're already making our way down the road—where it'll lead us somewhere.

Once we're further from where we came, I realise that we're currently at the dark side of the road. I start to look around; looking at a few men in suits that are talking and smoking near the wall as they all look at Elia and I. At moments like this, I regret that short dresses are ever created.

As soon as we step inside, every men starts to look at us with some sort of meaning but Elia pays no attention. He continues to walk inside with me following behind him—knowing that no one has the guts to bother me so he didn't bother to care anyway.

Before we could reach one of the doors at the back, a tall, huge and well-built or overly-built man blocks the way, making Elia sigh in annoyance, ''Move.'' He says, looking straight into the man's eyes. He may be a few inches taller than Elia but Elia doesn't seem affected by his body size nor his height.

''Leave, boss doesn't want to see you.'' The man replies, looking directly at Elia before glancing at my direction.

''I'll count to three. You will move or I will make you move.'' From the side, I see Elia's lips curve up into a small smile as he stands still—not even showing any signs of leaving this place.

I start to feel uncomfortable as I look around and see a few men standing up, looking at us.

''One.'' He starts, earning more attention from other men in the room.

''Two.'' He continues, once he sees that the man in front of him is not slightly affected. I take a few steps closer towards Elia, incase one of those men ever think of causing any trouble.

''Three.'' Elia stop

receiving from a few people here. I turn to look at the river, realising how I'm actually in Milan—with all this problems that Elia and I face, we barely notice the beauty of this country. The street lights are turned on; brightening the road even though the sun hasn't fully set yet but it's getting dark soon.

Elia stops walking, gesturing for me to go inside first—once we have arrived at a different hotel. He handles a few things at the receptionist before we start to walk towards the elevator and it takes me awhile to realise that we're still holding onto each other's hands.

As soon as we enter our suite, I turn to look at Elia, seeing him putting his backpack on the coffee table before sighing and walking straight towards the bedroom. I walk down the hall, wanting to head straight towards the other room but as I turn to look left, I see him taking his jacket off—causing me to continue on staring.

When he turns to look at me, I immediately turn to look away; feeling my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. To my surprise, when I turn to look once more, I see him still looking at me, slowly taking his shirt off; revealing his toned body.

Elia walks towards me, leaning his side against the door as he looks down at me, ''You can come and join me if you want, '' He says, his voice deep and inviting—making me question my sanity.

My body keeps on saying yes while my brain keeps on saying no. As I breathe out, I feel him reaching out for my arm as he slides his hand down to my wrist, leaving sparks at the places he touched. Then, he entwine our fingers together—lightly pulling me.

''If I want, '' I mutter under my breath once I realise that our faces are inches apart.

''If you want, '' He replies, brushing our noses.

''If I don't want to?'' I question, making him let go of my hand and pull his body away immediately, leaving quite a gap between us. My eyebrows frown in confusion at his sudden reaction. Then, he reaches onto the door, wanting to close it.

''Then walk away, '' He answers, with a playful smirk. Within seconds, he is teasingly closing the door before opening it again for a few times—making me laugh. Then, he breathes out, the smile never leaving his face, ''We can do this forever, tesoro. I don't mind.'' He adds.

Without me realising, I am standing on my tiptoes, cupping onto his face before meeting his lips in an instant. He places his hands on my waist, responding to the kiss—but before he could kiss me any further, I pull away and close the door in front of me; leaving him dumbfounded on the other side.

I walk towards the bathroom, with a smile but as soon as I step inside, I look at myself in the mirror.

Was I giving away my only chance?


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Sorry if this chapter is boring and short :/

I was listening to colours of the wind by tori kelly while doing half of the chapter because the melody fits so much with what's going with those two!! xx

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