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Planning is half of living


I blink slowly as I try to fight back from being consumed by the darkness before turning to look at Elia—seeing that he is currently trying to push the door open. My eyes remain focused on him without wanting to look anywhere else. I realise that we're still upside down; the car must have turned after the impact.

Elia coughs; one of his hand on the top, preventing his head from hitting down after unbuckling the seatbelt. He glances at my direction before crawling out of the car—taking out something from the car's dashboard on my side. I can't seem to make any sorts of movement due to the headache.

My heart starts to beat faster as soon as I hear gunshots. A few more before everything goes completely silence—leaving me in my own world of confusion. What's going on? I thought as I try to push the door open but as I feel pain occurring on my left wrist, I immediately pull my hand away, groaning in pain.

I turn to look right as soon as I hear someone pulling the door open harshly. Somehow, I let out a breath of relief when I see Elia laying on his stomach, trying to get me out of the car. He looks straight into my eyes—seeing that they are probably teary. I use both of my hands to support my body before he unbuckles my seatbelt but when I groan in pain, he immediately furrow his eyebrows at me.

''I'm getting you out of here.'' He mutters, near my ear before slowly pulling me out of the car.

As soon as I manage to slip out of the car, he holds me by the waist; waiting for me to stand properly. Once he sees that I'm all good, he slowly cup my face, checking for any head injuries. I start to feel his warmth radiating to my cheeks but I keep quiet, only looking into his eyes—completely enjoying how light they are right now.

He slowly let go of my face by holding my chin up, checking again. I clear my throat, catching his attention, ''I'm fine.'' I say, assuring him.

My eyes drift away towards the scene up front and my heart somehow stops beating immediately. Two dead men on the ground while two others are dead in the car—due to being shot. I look back at Elia and see that he's keeping his gun in his back pocket, not realising that I'm in a complete shock.

What the hell, I thought to myself. Should I even be hanging around with him?

I awkwardly stand near Elia's now—ruined—car as I watch his every movement. Why don't I feel like it's wrong to be around someone like him? I mean, for fuck's sake, my entire life was with criminals, what makes him any different? I shouldn't feel bad or anything, I'm obviously involved in this!

''Come on, we have to hurry before the police comes here.'' He says, glancing at my direction before pulling my arm. I see a few cuts at the side of his head but he doesn't seem bothered.

We walk towards the other direction—where we came from. I follow close as we walk past blocks, avoiding attention as much as possible; we use the back road. Both of us didn't even say a single word because we both had nothing to say, honestly.

After walking for like, fifteen minutes, we both enter a dark alley and I keep quiet, not wanting to ask what we're doing here. Once a in awhile, Elia would glance behind to see if I'm still keeping up. The deeper we go into the dark alley, I start seeing a few men hanging around with suits. Exactly, suits.

I can't help but eye each one of them and see that they are also looking at me. I'm used to this kind of attention—stares from men, so it doesn't bother me much yet, I still feel slightly uncomfortable. It makes me feel cheap.

Elia pushes one of the doors open, dragging me in by grabbing onto my waist—as once we're in, my eyes widen at my surroundings. Men. All men in suits; a few are just having fun while making out at the corner, while others are busy talking or handling their weapons. Most of the men looks up at me then at Elia before they stop talking.

I feel Elia letting go of my waist and I just stand still. He calls someone from behind and I come to realise that it is the man that I saw a few weeks ago—when Elia bought me. He was there too; with Elia, ''Is he in?'' I hear Elia ask and the man nods, as an answer.

Honestly, I start to think that I wasn't born to be safe. Just because I saw these crazily attractive men around me, with guns—I mean, yeah they're good-looking, I can't deny that but what they do for a living, it's insane. For instance, Elia. You get that vibe from him—yet you can never really figure out that he's a mafia unless you see his house and how many cars he owns.

I hear someone clearing their throat and I look up to see Elia waiting for me so I quickly make my way towards him as we walk into another hallway which is empty and quite dark—only a few lights vanishing the darkness, ''I know what you're thinking.'' He suddenly says.

''What do you mean?'' I respond.

He chuckles before pushing another door open, revealing a man who is cu

around and I can't help but feel mesmerised by the beauty.

I step inside and I just watch as Elia stretches; his muscles flexes under his shirt. Oh lord, how perfect is he? First, he owns a mansion, he probably owns different types of luxury cars and now look at him, he owns a second home—condominium. I breathe out as I thought, I don't know whether I should consider myself lucky or not?

''Make yourself at home.'' He mutters, taking a glass and pouring water, ''You can use my room—clean yourself up, there's extra clothes in the closet. Use anything that makes you comfortable.'' Then, he drinks the water—eyeing my face.

I nod, walking straight towards the other side—heading towards his bedroom and I can't help but eye the bed; feeling the soft mattress. I've missed my beauty sleep, I thought as I furrow my eyebrows. Walking towards the walk-in closet, I turn on the lights and see that it is filled with Elia's clothes. Slowly, I pull out a drawer to find a few oversized shirts, well they are oversized for me but they'll fit perfectly for Elia.

This whole closet smells like him including the clothes which is crazy—it makes me go weak on my knees for no reason. I step out, placing the shirt and pants on the bed before turning around to undress myself. Once I'm standing in the middle of the room with only my underwear, I run the tips of my fingers on a visible cut near my elbow.

My wrist doesn't hurt much now which is good—it must've strained.

I hear the door closing from behind so I turn around to see if there's anyone—Elia but there's no sign of someone so I just ignore my thoughts and head straight towards the bathroom, to clean myself up.

Once I'm done showering, I step out of the bathroom feeling all fresh and clean; which cheers me up a little. I've always hated feeling dirty. For fuck's sake, I just got into a car accident but I'm perfectly fine and I didn't even go to the hospital—how insane can this day be?

I quickly put on the shirt that I picked with the pants before stepping out of the bedroom and walk down the hallway—seeing Elia standing near the glass window while smoking. I know how unhealthy smoking is and how unattractive it is but when it comes to Elia, he makes everything look fine and perfect.

He turns around, eyeing me. I notice him looking down at my body before exhaling the smoke and both of us just stay quiet, not uttering a single word. Then, he clears his throat, ''I'm going to take a shower.'' He says, walking past me, disappearing into his bedroom.

Crossing my arms as I stand near the glass window, seeing the view of the city from up here seems perfect. I have never gotten the chance to experience all of this—I was too busy caught up in darkness instead of actually enjoying life.

My eyebrows furrow in confusion as I hear the elevator doors open and I look straight at the glass window, seeing a woman wearing a tight black suit as she smirks at me. I immediately turn around but she runs towards me—holding tightly around my neck as she places a knife near my waist.

''Hush, baby girl.'' She whispers.


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