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Falseness lasts an hour, the truth lasts until the end of time


I open my eyes before falling down onto the ground—hitting my arms hard. Groaning, I use both of my palms to try and push my body up as I look around, seeing that I'm in an unfamiliar dark room. My eyes wander around the room until they landed on Elia who is currently standing near the glass window; smoking his cigarette.

My mind goes entirely blank. What happened yesterday? Who injected drug into my neck? I thought. I've had enough of being held like a prisoner. Elia might have saved me from Gonzales but I am never free from anything. Even with Elia, I feel trapped and yet I feel like I've gotten myself involved into something that I shouldn't have.

As I was about to call out his name, he cuts me off by turning around to face me. I watch his every movement as he pushes the curtain slightly; letting some sunlight in. I continue to look up at him and he does the same—not uttering a single word.

''What happened yesterday?'' I ask, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

''I guess it's no longer your concern.'' He replies, exhaling the smoke through his nose, eyeing deeply into my eyes.

No longer my concern? I was involved, for fuck's sake. What kind of drugs is he on now? Does he not remember that I jumped off the freaking mansion because he forced me to and I had to run away as far as I can just because someone was running after me? Does he not remember all of that?

Elia walks towards me, crouching as soon as he's close enough. He runs his thumb on my cheek—earning a sigh from me but I push his hand away, making him look down on the ground, clenching his jaw, ''Look, Elia. Why am I even here anyway? Why did you even pay one million dollars for me? If you think that you own me now, you're wrong.'' I stand up, walking away from him.

I stop walking and I hear him standing on his feet, ''I don't own you, Rose. No one owns you.'' Then, I turn around, feeling unsatisfied myself.

''Then why the fuck am I here?''

He smokes once more, clenching his jaw longer this time, ''Does it even fucking matter?'' I flinch at the tone of his voice but I remain calm, not wanting him to sense my discomfort. ''You should be fucking thankful that I got you out of that shit hole. You shouldn't question why you're fucking here or why the fuck did I pay one million dollars for you.''

I stand still even though our faces are inches apart. My heart starts to beat faster at the sight of him—at the sight that I never get the chance to see until now. Maybe Elis was right, I barely know anything about Elia. Maybe being a gentleman was one of his acts. I really did underestimate him.

From up close, I can smell the cigarette but I'm used to those things. I've smelt worse. He continues to look into my eyes while I look away as much as possible; I couldn't stand this. I couldn't stand being near him. ''I can't be thankful if I don't know the reason.'' I reply, my voice low.

To my surprise, he steps back, ''I didn't even want you here. I shouldn't have brought you here nor wasted my money on you. You should have just stayed where you belong. That would have been easier for both of us, wouldn't it?'' He says.

I try to seek for any lies by staring at his expression but all I see is a cold-hearted Elia. Probably the true Elia. I breathe out, trying to come back to reality—trying to realise that this isn't a freaking fairy tale and I'm not Cinderella, ''Let me go, then.'' I answer.

''No one's holding you back, anyway.'' He replies.

Somehow, I immediately stop breathing all at once but that's just an impression. My heart hurts for a few seconds but I regain my consciousness by smiling slightly at him, ''You see, Elia. I barely know anything about you yet I still think of you as a good guy. I think of you as someone who respects other people and never once would treat them like shit. I guess I judged you too quickly.'' I take a few steps towards him and once we're close enough, I look straight into his brown eyes, ''Who are you, Elia Dominic Morello?''

He leans in so that our noses are touching, ''Are you any better, Rose?''

I bite hard onto the insides of my cheeks, trying to avoid myself from tearing up. For once, I really finally have lost hope on my own. Maybe I'm never worth it. He wouldn't see me as anything else but a fucking prostitute. I was raised and taught to be a prostitute—not a woman who men will desire.

I walk out of the room, not even glancing at what's behind me. I head straight into my room but I stop immediately as soon as I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My eyebrows furrow as I look into my own eyes before turning away and change into a black shirt and a pair of dark skinny jeans.

Like he said, no one is holding me back—so I might as well leave.

Quickly making my way downstairs,

own? You're asking me to calm down?! How the hell am I supposed to calm down if someone is shooting at us and we're driving in a very very fast pace? This is really not okay, Elia! You need to tell me what the hell is going on or—'' I stop talking, ''—I don't even know anymore.'' I groan.

He presses the brakes which causes my body to move forward but he stops me from hitting my head against the dashboard by using his hand to block. I close my eyes, keeping quiet, hoping that as soon as I open them, everything will go back to normal. But wait a minute, nothing was ever normal in the first place!

''I did something, okay.'' He starts talking and I look left, waiting for him to continue as he keeps on looking at the rear-view mirror, ''I—I committed treason to my old gang members.''

''Gang members?'' I frown, ''Wh—who are you?''

He looks at me for a second, ''I stole their money and ran away. You can say that I put myself in danger because I really did. Apparently, they found out about it and now they want to kill me.'' He says, casually.

''You're with the mafia.'' I mutter under my breath as soon as realisation hits me—I start to massage my temples once more, calming myself down.

''Congratulazion, we have a winner.'' He says, sarcastically. ''Took you awhile to find out but hey, it's better late than never, right?''

I look at him in disbelief before eyeing his whole body—to look for any sign that he's in a gang. I see that he's wearing a metal ring which is just a plain one so that doesn't explain anything; but I continue to look and see that he has a tattoo at his wrist, some sort of code, ''That explains it. Last night, you knew about it, didn't you?''

''No, I didn't. They came unexpectedly. I wouldn't know what they had planned.''

''How much?'' I suddenly ask, wanting to know if this is actually a big case. Honestly, he's got guts for stealing from his gang members. No one in his right mind would steal from a freaking mafia, that is insane.

''Ten million euros.'' He replies, nodding his head as my jaw drops to the ground. Ten million euros? That could support my entire lifetime and I wouldn't be complaining about money. ''I don't know why I did it but I guess I needed some sort of adventure in my life.''

Rolling my eyes, ''By stealing ten million euros would bring adventure in your life?'' I ask, sarcastically before leaning back on the seat—turning around to see if the car is still following us. Fortunately, they aren't. I exhale, full of relief, ''They're gone.'' I mutter.

Elia look up at the rear-view mirror again, ''That's odd—'' Just before he could finish his sentence, my eyes widen at the sight in front of us before we both hit the car up front—causing Elia and I to move forward towards the airbag but I hit my head to the side, making me see the darkness immediately.

I keep on hearing noises—more like voices. Blinking a few times, I see Elia's eyes are tightly shut as blood keeps on flowing down from his head. It also took me awhile to realise that we're upside down. Just like that, I start to close my eyes and every noise that I hear disappears due to the fact that I can't bear the pain anymore.


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