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   Chapter 62 62 - Epilogue

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"Are you ready?"Harry asked Elena as they looked upon the chapel they were getting married at. Having made arrangements with the manager of the chapel, she only had to change into her dress and meet him at the altar. Tightening her hand in his, she nodded excitedly.

"More than ready. Anything to get this official and let me have a shower and some decent bed rest, "she said brightly. He couldn't help but laugh. She had been getting increasingly cranky since April and Sharon had returned home. The women had been very reluctant to part but the men had been raring to return, especially Jason.

And Harry didn't blame him. April, despite happily spending her last few days with the others, looked increasingly fatigued and lethargic. Maybe she was just not used to being out and about. Even so, she would visit Elena without fail during her stay. Despite her energetic front, though, she would deflate and lean on Jason once they left.

The one who surprised him the most was Cameron. He was very reluctant to leave. Making excuses and delays left and right, Sharon had to practically drag him into the car going to the airport. But it's not that Harry didn't understand his reluctance. From the way he was all over Sharon, the reason was clear. But, come on. This was a bit too much for a man as old as him. He was glad that that weird man had left.

However, now that he was on his way to becoming a married man, a part of him wished that his cousins could have stayed a bit longer. The man he was today was influenced, for the most part, by his cousins. They had shaped him and guided him, celebrating his accomplishments and chastising him when he was in the wrong. Why wouldn't he want to share in this glorious day with them?

Seeing as they weren't there, though, he exhaled loudly and entered the chapel. Only to receive the biggest shock of his life. Ignoring the wailings and screaming, the sound of children running around and laughing, he had to blink a few times to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Inside was his cousins. The ones he had been sighing over outside. Was he dreaming? If he was, this was the most realistic dream he had ever had. Because one of the babies was screaming so loud that there were echoes.

Echoes that hurt.


Blinking rapidly, Harry realised that this was real. His cousins were really there. With their children. Children that included a baby, three toddlers and two elementary-aged boys who have to hate being confined in a stuffy cathedral. The men was having a difficult time handling all of them.

"Uncle Harry, "one of Cameron's kids cried while he was still struggling to absorb the scene before him. Harry couldn't believe all of Cameron managed to bring all his children over. All of them. His elder two boys, female toddler and one baby girl. Barely remaining on his feet when one of the boys rammed into his legs for a hug, Harry smiled widely at his cousins. They were aware of his presence. That they were able to hear the announcement was a miracle.

"Congratulations, "Jason said while carrying his sniffling twins.These were the twins, a boy and girl, that he had been gifted with after the babies' mother got bored of looking after them. Harry could see that despite their red faces and running noses, they were dressed quite festively. In fact, all of them were. The men in their suits, the boys in a small shirt and black pants while the girls were in fancy dresses. It was evident that they had planned for this.

"How did you know?" Harry was genuinely stunned. He hadn't told them anything because there wasn't time to prepare. And they were only doing a simple wedding. Something just for them. To share the good news with the rest, they had also planned for a reception after the dust had died down. He would never expect them to be here today.

"Yo, little brother, "a voice suddenly came from the entry. Harry refused to turn around. He recognised the voice. In fact, he had heard too much of that voice in the past week.



"Ah, your brother told us, "Cameron answered hesitantly before returning to calm his youngest daughter, Dawn.

"We didn't believe it at first until I asked April. Imagine my shock when she corroborated his story." Harry felt himself sweating under his cousin's steely gaze but tried to throw him off.

"It's great to see you all here. Anyway, where are the women?"

"They're off surprising Elena and helping her get ready, "Cameron quickly replied, hoping to stave off a confrontation between Jason and Harry.

"Why are all of you ignoring me-


"Hey, Uncle Harry." Hearing another familiar voice, Harry turned in delight.

"Noah. I'm glad you are able to come. Where's your mom?"Harry asked, throwing his arm around his nephew. Noah and the other men greeted each other but the children were surprisingly quiet. All of them were looking up at Noah. Some in fear, some in curiosity. And this was split cleanly between the older boys and the younger children.

"Mom is with Elena. She was dragged away by a redhead woman but I'm not worried. Looks like she knows her, "Noah explained while looking down in apprehension. "So, um, who are the pipsqueaks?"

Leaving his cousins to carry out the introductions, Harry pulled his brother to the side. No one knew about the wedding. He had told no one about, least of all his brother. So how had he known? And why did he

ved them so much. Which was why she had left them with the other children while completing her tasks.

"I wanted to check on how you're doing. And they happened to be awake, "Harry said, also playing with the baby in her arms. Elena had to take out her earring before Caleb pulled it out. But her eyes were fixed on her husband in disbelief.

"Really? So was I dreaming when I recall putting them to sleep just half an hour ago?" From Harry's refusal to meet her eyes, she had her answer. But she couldn't blame him. He had been quite busy with the company and wasn't able to play with them as much the past few days. "So how's Xavier?"

"He's fine. Managed to get out of the meeting and arrived right on time. Still mad that Jessica isn't here though, "he related, bouncing Ethan in his arms. Both boys were slowly settling in for a nap. Elena was relieved. She didn't want cranky boys during the ceremony.

Looking at Harry and the circles under his eyes, she couldn't help but soften against him slightly. Xavier was still insistent on him coming back as the CEO but Harry managed to placate him by acting as an Advisor. The company was back on track and had improved as well. These didn't come without a cost.

Harry had to shuttle back and forth, from the company to the house, to take on the responsibility of a new father and Advisor.With barely enough sleep from the twins' nocturnal cries, he had to also assist his brother where possible. The one upside was that he didn't have to travel. This reduced a lot of stress from her end.

And her one issue, one worry about getting married was unsubstantiated. Harry never brought work home. He had to stay late but he was always back by the time for their bedtime. The twins were able to play with him and she believed their bond with him was stronger than with her. Some might sulk but she was glad that they had this bond with their father.

"Jessica is coming but only during the reception, "Elena told Harry while they headed back to the room designated for the children.

She kept in touch with Jessica, even after their return. The bond they had built, as partners of the Reynold brothers, kept them going. And she felt comfortable with going to Jessica about baby-rearing stuff. Jessica spoke to her as well about Noah and, sometimes, Xavier. It appeared that Xavier was still pursuing her. Which Jessica was not entirely opposed to but there was something holding her back.

Harry and Elena shared a look before shaking their heads. They had decided not to get between the two of them. Although Noah was coming to them to complain and whine about his parents often.

Even though Noah was back in college, he visited them often. It helped that his college was in California. He had become an integral part of their family. The twins viewed him as an older brother of sorts. And with Harry helping Xavier, it meant that Xavier also came to their house often, strengthening the father-son bond.

Hearing the sounds of laughter and crying behind the door, Elena was almost reluctant to let Caleb go. She wanted more time with her chubby little boy. Harry looked the same too. They stood there for a long moment before sighing.

"I have to get back to Jason. He is becoming a mess with the wedding just hours away, "Harry said softly as he dropped a kiss on Ethan's head.

"Yeah. And for someone who was remarkably calm during her hens night, I have to cross some stuff off my checklist otherwise April might blow a gasket." Sniffing Caleb's head one last time, Elena sighed.

The both of them nodded and then opened the door.

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