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Shock travelled across the room, the epicenter being Xavier and Jessica. The stare-off stopped and the both of them turned to Harry in unison. The move was so fluid and together that it felt like they had practised it. It was clear the two of them hadn't really heard what Harry had said. Even for Elena, herself, she had to make sure her ears were working. And she knew her grandmother. This was not outside the realm of possibility.

"What? Can you say that again?"Jessica said, still in disbelief. She had unconsciously moved closer to Harry, her eyes wide, her skin paled.

"Are you sure we can trust this? How do we know this woman can be trusted?" Xavier had gone to the other end of the spectrum. He was full of wariness and suspicion. His hand had even reached over to Jessica and restrained her.

"She's Elena's grandmother so there's all sorts of information at her fingertips. And she's been there for us before. This is legit, "Harry reassured his brother but he didn't make a move to approach them. It was clear that Xavier's wariness was a thing to watch out for. Like coming across an injured wolf. Caution was needed.

"I can vouch for her. We came here because she gave me some dirt on you, Xavier." Elena decided that she needed to intervene or this standoff between the brothers wouldn't end. The way he jumped slightly showed that he was shocked but the information didn't even faze him. He literally shrugged it off.

"Then we can take a look. Right?" Jessica had a rather harried air around her. Elena was puzzled by her reaction. The information must be important to her but she couldn't figure out why. Maybe it was the missing link from her past. Or maybe she had really liked Xavier so having to leave him had pained her. The latter theory sounded like a soap opera plot and the least plausible. The reason being that Xavier was the least likeable guy in the world.

On the other hand, it did sound like there was some emotions between them all those years ago. Could there still be lingering feelings? Were feelings going to be ignited once this was solved? Elena could feel the euphoria getting into her veins while her mind ran free.

"Don't look so entertained, "Harry suddenly said, sitting down beside her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. When had he gotten there? And what happened to the file? Surprised, her eyes went to Jessica and Xavier. They were still by the door but their faces were in the file, looking over and studying every page.


"I gave it to them. It was only fair. That didn't have anything to do with me, "Harry responded to her unasked question while snuggling closer to her. "Your grandmother is an intense woman."

"Why? What did she say? Did she do anything to you?" She was quite curious. When he had told her, she was shocked. This was the last place she would expect that old woman. If LA was too much for her, Las Vegas must be a nightmare. But the happiness that had filled her as well couldn't be denied. She knew her grandmother was worried for her. It was nice to know that someone in her family was concerned. Not that Stephan didn't count but the concern from a man and woman differed.

"Well, there was a flying teacup and an irate woman but basically, she was just worried for you and didn't believe I can take care of you. She knows I'm the reason you're here right now-"

"That's not fair. She don't know how we are and what we're fighting about. And this trip, that fight, was a growing moment. We wouldn't have come to a compromise. Well, not as fast. And you wouldn't have met your nephew. So it all works out, "she said, trying to comfort him. Looking up at him was near impossible since he was resting his chin on her shoulders but the warmth from him being behind her was a nice compromise. Also it was easier for her to drop a kiss on his closest cheek. Oh God, why was she blushing so much?

"Yeah but her words got to me. Just a little bit. I mean, if I hadn't pushed you so much, we won't be here right now-"

"Hey, stop that. We're over that. It's just time to move on and get married before I pop them out. Anyway, what is in that

a purposeless life." Xavier looked so affronted that Elena giggled softly. Jessica didn't help either with her wide-eyed curiosity. But Elena couldn't blame Jessica for her misconception. His description was remarkably sparse and open to interpretation. "I travelled around the world, worked in some companies, enjoyed life after. That's all. Anything to get away from the parents."

Elena liked how he termed it as "working" in "some" companies. Yeah, as if being the directors, chief officers and CEOs of multinational companies was simply working. That was an extremely simplified explanation. Jessica, however, took his words at face value and nodded. She was remarkably simple for someone who was in her thirties. Still, there was somethings that didn't add up.

"But, and sorry to interrupt, why do you always, I don't know, mess up on March twentieth? Like without fail."

"W-what are you talking about? I don't know what you mean. I mean a mess is a bit much. I didn't do much, just think about my kid and, like, something important is always scheduled on that day. It's not like my fault or anything. And how do you know this-"

"March twentieth? Noah's expected due date?" Jessica had a dreamy look in her eyes, cutting into Xavier's unexpectedly adorable blunder of a retort. "You remembered?"

"Well, yeah. I was looking forward to it and then, and then-"

"I left."Jessica suddenly sounded old, older than her years. The increasing closeness between them dissipated. And Jessica emotionally and physically distanced herself from him. Xavier's expression immediately shuttered and all traces of the father he was meant to be disappeared. He was so affected by that. "A-anyway, it was nice to see you again. If you're in town, let me know and we can grab dinner."

"Wait, "Xavier cried, trying to grasp her wrist but she managed to evade in time. "Are you not even going to talk to me about why you left?"

"You don't believe those papers which are conveying the truth. What else is there to talk about?"Jessica returned, her eyes filled with unshed tears. Then, ignoring Xavier, she turned to Elena. "If you see Noah, let him know I've went home. Sorry again for what my stupid son did and hope we can keep in touch."

"You're not even going to keep in touch with me. J-Jessica, wait up." Xavier's words could still be heard through the door as he chased after Jessica. It was quite a comical sight to see the cold, controlled Xavier act hotblooded and young.

"So, yeah. I'll book the chapel and we'll get married before the week is over, "Harry said, his voice still echoing the shock of seeing his brother in this manner. Elena was still unsure about the reason for the rush but a part of her liked his impatience.


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