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   Chapter 60 60 - Unexpected meeting

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It was unexpected to hear someone in the barren corridor. Much less hearing his name. Harry couldn't help but jump slightly before looking around for the source. She was found immediately, a petite Asian woman in a neat suit and pumps. Her black hair was up in a tight bun, a bun so tight that he, himself felt twinges at his hairline. Her face, consisting of almond black eyes, small nose and thin lips, was devoid of all expression, her eyes looking at him lifelessly.

Well, Harry was certain she was the one who had called out to him. There was no one else in the corridor, even Noah was gone from his line of sight. But who was she? For her to call him so familiarly.

"You are Harry, right? Mr Harry Reynolds?"she asked when the silence had gone on for too long.

"Yes, I am Harry Reynolds. May I ask for your name?"he asked warily. He was distinctly aware that he was alone with a strange woman who knew his name. A woman who was clearly not there for money or sex, two of the main reasons women approached him. His mind was scrambling to untangle this mess.

"You don't need to know my name. Please follow me. My employer would like to talk to you, "the woman said emotionlessly although her eyes flickered with annoyance. However that was such a quick flicker that he was almost certain he had imagined it.

"Your employer? Who is that?" The guarded way she was speaking was raising his hackles. Why wouldn't she divulge her employer's name? It was extremely sketchy and he would like to get as much information as possible before getting out of there.

"That doesn't matter. I would like to assure you that my employer doesn't mean to do you harm. She would like to speak with you regarding your brother. I would like to inform you that she is currently waiting in the hospital director's office so we will not be leaving the premise. And the nurses in charge will be informed so you will be notified of any changes."

He was in a fumble. Curiosity was riding him hard but this was not a decision that only affected him. Sure, it sounded safe now. But what if it wasn't? He could lose his life. Then what would happen to Elena and the boys? He needed something more. An assurance, a more solid assurance than a verbal one. Looking at her, though, he had a feeling he wouldn't be getting anything else out of her.

"Let me update someone about this, "he said after thinking it over. The woman paused, as if thinking, before nodding. His guard easing slightly, he sent a message to his cousins and his brother since he was with Elena right now while his cousins were at the party. As he followed the woman, he hoped he was making the right decision.


Harry's suspicions slowly left him as they traversed the halls. The nurses and doctors treated her with respect, going out of their way to make a path for her on some of the crowded halls.. There was a big difference in how he was treated. He didn't know whether to be offended or impressed. On the one hand, he was never given such treatment. On the other, this meant that her employer must be someone powerful to get this treatment.

They finally reached the director's office. The secretary area was a stark, white walls and carpeted floor. At that time of night, the secretary must have left already but, from the voices he heard, the director must still be in the office. With a guest. This woman's employer. He hoped.

He was surprised when she just barged in without a knock but composed himself before following in her footsteps. Upon realising who was in the room, he stopped short. Nothing else registered apart from the woman he had not expected to see. The woman who had to be the employer.

"Sit down, Harry. I want to talk to you, "the woman commanded

you updated on anything that happens, "he called out to her back, ignoring the glare from her servant.

Now that she was gone, he was reminded of the folder in his hands and paled.

What was he going to do with this?


"You're finally back, "Xavier hissed when Harry entered the room. Suddenly confronted by his brother took him aback and he stumbled into the door. The sound of his collision with the door brought the women's attention to him and Xavier was pushed away when Jessica came to investigate.

"Are you alright?"she asked, helping him to stabilise. Harry nodded but couldn't help but be puzzled by the air between Xavier and Jessica. There was so much heat and anger between them that he was almost scorched by being so close to them. What happened while he was gone?

"Harry, you're back, "Elena chirped brightly from the bed. Looking at her, he sensed that she was beckoning him to her. Her smile also looked quite stiff. Dread filling him, he was going to about to move towards her but was held back by Xavier's grip on his arm. From the strength of his grip, it was clear Xavier was not letting go anytime soon.

"Ah, yeah, "he said instead. He really wanted to know what happened between the time he was gone but there was a need to defuse the tension.

"So where did you go? You called Xavier all mystery like and was gone for an hour."

"Your grandmother was here and wanted to talk to me. She was very worried about you." From her reaction, Elena was extremely surprised and deeply affected. All the tension left her and her jaw lowered in shock. He wanted to talk to her more about his meeting with her but a sudden movement from Xavier reminded him they weren't alone. He was just glad that the other couple were not cutting into their conversation. Although he could see that it was more due to their intense staring-no, glaring- contest than courtesy.

"I-is she still here?"

"She left before we could talk much. I invited her to come and visit but she refused."

"It's fine, "Elena said after a while. He had seen the flash of pain but was selfishly glad there were no tears. He didn't know what he would have done if she'd cried. "Anyway, what did she want to talk to you about? My grandmother is not known for sudden bouts of whimsy or travel lust."

"She came to pass me this file, "Harry said, holding up the folder he had forgotten. Then, turning to his brother, he was forced to cut into their stare-off. "It's about the two of you."

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