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   Chapter 59 59 - Squabbling and Closeness

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The room was stunned into silence. No one knew what to say. Harry saw the enjoyment drain out of Elena's eyes. This was becoming serious. Not that it had never been serious; this was clearly a conversation that needed to happen no matter how long has passed. But, previously, it had only been between Jessica and Xavier. Now, it implicated the entire family.

Does it really implicate the entire family? A devil within him questioned. It was a fair question despite Harry's propensity to think the worst of his family. But jumping to conclusions wouldn't help either.

"What do you mean?"Harry finally voiced out his query. "Was it my family? My parents?"

"I-I don't want to implicate anyone without evidence, "Jessica said shakily. Her eyes darted from Xavier to the floor. She was clearly nervous and hesitant about what she was about to say. Harry didn't know what to do or say to convince her to trust them. They were essentially strangers even if her son trusted them. Then Elena came in.

"Look, Jessica. I can tell that this is a sensitive topic for you. Especially with your claims. I would be nervous, too, if I say all of these without anything backing me up. And having kept this to yourself for, what, eighteen year? If it was hard to open up then, I'm sure it's even harder now. But, you also have to understand that this affects all of us. Even more so for your son. He's so hungry to know about this side of his family that he followed me around. Like some stalker, "Elena said, glaring up at Noah slightly.

"What do you mean he's been following you?"Jessica asked suspiciously.

"It is as the literal meaning of the word, he has been tailing me wherever I went in the city. I didn't really suspect anything because he looks so much like Harry but when Harry told me it wasn't him, my heart dropped to my shoe. This is the very reason I'm here right now."

It was clear that Jessica didn't really believe Elena but her glare was directed to her son. As if asking- no, demanding- whether what Elena said was true. When he didn't say anything, she gasped and her glare intensified.

"Even if that is true, that doesn't mean that I have to tell all you total strangers a thing. This is my business and mine only-"

"What if I ask for a DNA test?"Harry interjected. As much as he didn't want to alienate or force Jessica, they all needed to know the truth. Particularly Xavier. He had become increasingly pale as the conversation had gone on. It was like, the more they talked, the more he believed that Noah was his son. Well, that was what Harry believed but he couldn't be far from the truth. Especially from the way Jessica was acting.

"Why should I agree to that? I was just protecting my son from all of you. Which is within my rights to do as the mother. So please excuse me as I leave this inquisition-"

"Then, as you have admitted that Xavier is his father, I do believe that he has some rights to Noah. And with all the money at his disposal, he can make your life a living hell. Lawyers, judges, the media, the public. Do you really want that when all you can do to avoid this is to tell him the truth?"

"And us, too, "Elena chimed in. When everyone's were on her, she shrunk back slightly, looking away. But Harry wasn't fooled. She was milking out every ounce of enjoyment out of this. "I mean, since we are totally involved. Yeah, involved."

Jessica looked torn, her expression as open as a child's. Harry could see her considering both options but unable to come to a decision. He wasn't sure what else he could say to convince her. There was no other area he could exploit or heartstrings to tug. While they all waited in bated breaths, it was her son who made the decision for her.

"Mom, I want to know the reason too. Please."


The room was again engulfed in silence, everyone waiting for Jessica to respond. Elena didn't know why she didn't want to talk about it but had a feeling it had something to do with the family. The Reynolds family.

Having met the parents once, she had been left with a strong impression of elitism and snobbery. The worst kind of rich people she knew of. The same kind as her parents. Which was why her grandmother

re only limited people walked by at this time of night, he led Noah to a bench and looked down at his quiet nephew. He was so pale that his tanned skin took a grayish cast. With his head hanging between his legs, his shoulders slumped down, he was the very picture of a defeated man.

Unsure of what to do, Harry couldn't help but look up at the ceiling. This was an entirely new situation for him. Giving advice or comforting someone else. Just looking at how he was with Elena and everyone would know how inept he was. Him being a young man wasn't helpful either.

"So, ah, how is your mom usually like?"he asked, thinking that it was a simple question.

"N-not like that. She's a very strong woman who can find work anywhere. Whenever we had to move, she was like the pillar that moved, not like one that crumbled and rebuilt itself. I can always count on her for anything, "Noah gushed, looking up and beaming. That was unexpected but he should continue with this.

"That-that's great. She sounds like a wonderful person. Did she ever talk about your dad?"he asked curiously. Noah had mentioned something about Xavier briefly previously but hadn't gone into details. At his nephew's nod, Harry probed further. "What did she say? Exactly?"

"That he's a good man. Tends to drink a lot. But reliable."

"What about why you guys aren't together?"

"She'd always clam up about that. So I was so curious when the man asked about it. But I didn't realise that Mom still liked him. She's my mom. Why does he have to come in and take her?" The sudden outburst caught Harry by surprise. He was thrown into further turmoil. This was clearly a sensitive subject. Something he was poorly equipped to tackle. But, as much as he wanted to foist this onto someone else, there was no one available right now. And Elena expected him to handle Noah.

"Your mom is not going to go away-"

"Oh yeah? Then why doesn't she realise that I'm gone? All she cares about is him."

"L-look, my brother, your father, is only going to be here for a while. You, you, are going to be with her far longer. So don't care about this for now."

Hoping he had defused the bomb, the stubborn set of Noah's brow, so much like his father's, said otherwise. Why, why, is Xavier not there? Just as Harry was scrambling to think about what else to say, Noah got to his feet.

"I'm going to walk around."

"A-alright. But first, lets exchange numbers. If there is other news or something."

Watching him walk down the corridor, Harry slumped into the creaky, plastic chair and sighed. This was not his evening. Was being out of the company dulling his mind? He was sure he could think much faster than this. Well, for now, he didn't have to wrack his mind for the rest of the evening. Time to head back.

"Harry, can we talk?"

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