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   Chapter 58 58 - Explanation

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Harry looked at his brother in shock. There were many reasons for the shock. One of them was because he had not expected to see Xavier, both in the hospital and Vegas. And the other reason, the most important reason was the wild look in his eyes. Despite his tuxedo, his eyes had been locked onto Jessica the moment he opened the door. The look of a desperate man, a man who had been lost in the desert for weeks and seeing the first source of water. And he wanted to gobble her-no, it- up.

Jessica, on the other hand, was pale. She was so pale that her lightly tanned skin had an ashy undertone. And she appeared to be shrinking. In the arms of her son, she was pressing into his side, hiding away from Xavier's eyes.

The discrepancies between their expressions puzzled him. Essentially, Xavier looked like a stallion getting on a mare in heat and Jessica looked like a mouse under the cat's gaze. Glancing over at Elena, he almost ran his hand down his face. She looked like a spectator going for her favourite movie. All she needed was a tub of popcorn and soda. He would like to take her out of the room, the air inside being so tense and pregnant with the past.But he had a feeling she wouldn't leave discreetly.

Taking a hold of her hand, he hoped she would keep herself in check as they watched the scene unfold.

"Where the hell have you been?"Xavier demanded in a low voice as he moved into the room. It was clear he was not there to visit the patient because the direction he was heading to was straight to Jessica. And Noah. Who, having taken note of his mother's actions, planted himself in front of her. Xavier stopped right before they collided. Sneering at his son, his eyes showed clear disdain. "Who the hell are you?"

"Who the hell are you?"Noah returned antagonistically. It was obvious he didn't like the man who was scaring his mother. Any child would. Not giving any ground, he was calm when Xavier pushed himself into his personal space. Seeing them together, Harry was struck by the striking presence the both of them have. Both being of almost the same height, Xavier's blond hair and Noah's brown clashed horribly. As if two different, opposing elements suddenly met. No one knew what was going to be the outcome. They all waited in bated breaths.

"That's none of your fucking business. But to save time, I will just say that this woman is a fraud and a liar and I have not gotten my fill of her yet. Now move." Xavier lunged to the side to get past Noah but Noah seemed to have anticipated that and mirrored him. Xavier's face twisted in frustration and he glared even more fiercely at him. Suddenly, as if struck from behind, Xavier froze. Then his face flushed and he turned wild eyes on Harry. Harry, not able to move under his gaze, let go of Elena's hand in preparation for the worst. "You fucking bastard!"

"Wait, stop, "Harry shouted, escaping from his brother's frantic rush. Hearing metals colliding together, he feared the impact to Elena but she just smiled and waved when he turned to her. Her eyes were sparkling; she was enjoying this too much, dammit. Then he didn't have to time to think of her, having to escape from his brother's charge. Suddenly he managed to grab Xavier and put him on a chokehold. "What the hell is your problem?"

"That man- that boy, he looks like you. He's your fucking son. Your son with that sl-that woman. That Jessica. My-" He suddenly stopped. Stopped moving, stopped speaking. Fearing he had stopped breathing, Harry let him go. Only to have his heart jump out when Xavier fell to his knees. Ther

king quite dashing, rushing to defend her and Jessica. Maybe not consciously but his actions were not overlooked. Silence, sweet silence, reigned again.

"Mom, I think it's time you explained what happened."

Jessica, looking both stunned and angry, slowly shook her head. But her son was unmoving and, looking at Xavier, it felt like this was one secret that needed to be cracked.


"Our being together was not premeditated, it was not an organic progression of developing feelings and confessing and then being in a relationship, "Jessica began after being seated on beside Elena's bed. Xavier, as if he couldn't stand being near her, was at the window, the other side of the room from Jessica.

Jessica was so tense that she began shredding the tissue in her hands. Elena believed this was an unconscious action but found herself being distracted. Until a nudge from Harry returned her attention to the story. "It began with alcohol. I found Xav drunk as a skunk one day. I was visiting him because I needed his part for a project we were submitting that day. Now, usually, I can't stand him. He's arrogant, entitled, horny and all out jerk. But, when I found him drunk that night, he was the most charismatic, suave man on earth. And being that naive, gullible girl I was, I succumbed to him and was thrown out the next day with my loins full of his seed-"

"Eww, Mom, you don't have to say it like that, "Noah cut in with a cry. Harry and Elena smiled at his reaction but Xavier looked like he didn't notice.

"Why are you making it sound like this bastard is my kid?"Xavier asked with an insolent wave at Noah. Elena expected Noah to take offense but he was surprisingly calm about it. Instead, his face was still screwed up in disgust. "I mean, I might believe you the first time and was taken for a ride but looking at him, it is clear he isn't mine."

"Well, excuse me, Mr Reynolds. I don't know how genetics work but what I do know is that you can't pick an choose features that the child can inherit. The fact that he looks so much like your brother makes the case for him being you son."

"Then if you're so sure that he is mine, why did you leave? Why, when I have planned my life around you and this kid, did you leave?"

"I left for my safety!" Shooting to her feet, Jessica glared furiously at Xavier. "If I hadn't left, I would have died."

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