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   Chapter 57 57 - mother, oh, mother

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The word echoed in her head. Her head that was, curiously, blank. The fear that had gripped her faded in the joy that blossomed. She knew there were other things she should focus on, other more important things but her mind was stubbornly fixated on that. She could feel her face heating up, getting flushed over an inconsequential label.

She didn't even pay attention when the doctor and nurses came to check on her again. Listening absently when they told Harry, who was standing by the windows, that her vitals and the boys' were fine, she just looked at him when he came nearer.

"Harry, is she alright?"

Distantly hearing those words, she was just swept along by the gush of glee and happiness. She didn't know why this, this insignificant detail, had her so excited but normal thought was lost to her at the moment. In her mind, she was running through a field of daisies and magnolias with Harry chasing after her.

When she felt someone shaking her, she wanted to bear her teeth like a rabid dog. Leave her to her fantasies a bit longer. She had never felt such euphoria before. Maybe never again. She wanted to savor it as much as possible.

"Are you sure you want her as your fiancee?"

Again, that man just had to cut in and ruin her life. Glaring up at him, she waited for Harry to answer.

"You know, she's not my first choice but she's growing on me." When she transferred her glare to him, he laughed and wrapped an arm around her. She knew he was kidding, his voice was so dry that if it was a bread, one touch would have crumbled it. There was a hint of mischief under that dryness. It suddenly dawned on her that she had been grinning like a fool for the past few minutes. Her face flushed even brighter and she hid her face in his chest. Deciding to divert the attention of the highly-amused men, she turned to Noah suspiciously.

"So who is he? That man there. And what is he doing here? And, and why has he been following me?" The abrupt change of subject caused the men to grin. Still embarrassed, she pushed away from Harry and frowned, folding her arms and resting them on her belly. It looked like they were going to laugh there for a moment but peace was able to be kept.

Then Harry began his explanation.

At first, she was skeptical. It was, in a nutshell, ludicrous. Granted, this guy, this Noah, was the mirror-image of Harry. So there must be some genetics involved. But is he really the son of Xavier? Harry's brother? The brother who is a bastard to anyone and everyone around him? From the way Harry told it, there was a feeling of deliberation in Noah's existence. It was like he wasn't a mistake. He was wanted. Which was one of the reason she was stumped.

The other reason was the whys of his stalking. He said he was just there to protect her and the boys. That he was unsure on how to approach her. But was tailing her, basically stalking her like those persistent paparazzis, the way to go? He was responsible for a fear that would have been there if it wasn't for his asinine actions.

Actions that would have been clearly unacceptable to a normal person. However, Harry looked like he was fine with them. He was even joking around with the man. As much as her heart was fluttering earlier, was this the man she wanted to marry? Or was this just a guy thing? Or a look-a-like thing? She was even willing to accept brainwashing over his explanation. That was more believable.

But from the way that man, this Noah, was looking at Harry, she saw a tinge of hero worship in his

t from anyone who had visited, even from those who were there for studying reasons. Despite being quiet, there was a dignified air around her, as if she was removed from her peers. And she was always respectful to the servants. Which her schoolmates never were, taking for granted this privilege.

To be honest, since she often came to the house, the both of them sharing many of the same courses, he had fancied himself in love with her. He had even mustered up the courage to confess to her, expecting ridicule from this college girl who had been told by a middle schooler that he liked her. but she had gently let him down.

Now, watching Noah try to wake her up from her stupor, he was finding it hard to believe this woman was the same woman in his memory. And Noah, he had forgotten about him. With knowing who his mother was, Harry was beginning to wonder whether the boy was really his nephew. It was difficult to imagine Xavier sleeping with her, much more conceiving a son.

"Harry, I thought you didn't know the woman?"Elena said, her voice ending in a question. Looking at her helplessly, he took a deep breath and explained. He had to do a lot of explaining tonight. She looked thoughtful after, her brows furrowed in a slight frown. "Maybe it was a drunken thing? People do drink a lot in college and this isn't an uncommon story. And wouldn't your family pay to wash their hands off this? Wouldn't Xavier?"

"Well, yeah. But what about the date? The date that you mentioned? What about that?"

"Coincidence?" That was not believable and his look to her expressed that. She let out a laugh and sighed. "Yeah, that is a bowl of shit. There's no coincidences in this world. But what? Does that mean that they were together and knew about the pregnancy? That he wanted the baby and kept up with the appointments and dates?"

"I don't know, "he said exasperatedly. He, himself, couldn't wrap around the idea that Xavier had been a happy expectant father. Even back then, he was a stuck-up brat who knew he was going to inherit the company. How could that guy have wanted to be shackled with a kid at that age?

Were they totally wrong?

All these conjectures were not going to get them anywhere. Seeing Jessica begin to rouse, he prepared to question her when the door burst open again.

And, lo and behold, in the entrance was his brother.

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