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   Chapter 56 56 - Reunions and Shocks

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"Are you sure you don't want to go?"April asked dubiously that evening. The two couples, April and Jason, and Cameron and Sharon, were all gathered in Elena's hospital room, checking up on her before heading to the party. They only managed to come together that evening as the women had been busy with the party preparations earlier in the day. The men, on the other hand, had been busy catching up with any work that had piled up. Even so, Elena was happy they came. Aside from the company, she was able to feast on their outfits.

April and Sharon had really dolled up for the night. April, with her hair up in a messy beehive, was wearing a long, sleeveless dark turquoise gown made of chiffon. The sweetheart neckline perfectly accentuated her girls, especially now that pregnancy had plumped them up even more. The dress gathered right below her breasts before falling her shin. The fall of the skirt was clever in hiding her pregnancy bump. A nice detail was the slit that ran up to her hip. Elena loved her strappy nude low stilettos that peeked out once in a while.

As someone who exclusively picked black, she loved the change from what she'd expected and the color went well with her creamy skin tone. Her accessories were none to laugh at either. Elena didn't know whether Jason had cleaned out the shop because April sparkled from head to toe. Her hair glittered, her ears twinkled, her neck gleamed, her heels had a shiny gleam. A simple black clutch completed her outfit.

Sharon, on the other hand, had surprised her, Elena had no idea what she was going to wear because Sharon had been deciding over three outfits. Three. She had been agonising over them yesterday, dragging the two pregnant women to three different shops multiple times before buying all of them. It had been torture, her feet had been killing her, her back hated her, her boys protested violently in her womb and, still, she would not let go. In the end, April had had to run interference and all of them got out of it relatively unscathed.

The outfit Sharon chose was the most unexpected though. It was a cocktail dress that hugged her every curve. And she meant all of her curves. Hourglass figure, thy name's Sharon. She was unexpectedly curvy. To think she was hiding all of them under her shapeless tops. Elena was still reeling.

But she couldn't forget her dress for tonight. The top half being a sleeveless black, matte material. The skirt was a lacey number, the black and gold flower lace over a black, silk underskirt. She looked fierce in it and her skyhigh stilettos added to the image. With a simple necklace and understated earrings, she looked ready to kill during the party.

Now, Elena wished she was going just for the chance to dress up. But, glancing Harry who was arguing with April, she was overly enamored by the idea.

"April, for the last time, I'm not going, "Harry said firmly, glaring at the obstinate woman. Elena didn't care, these were all music in her ears. Being cooped up in the room was wreaking havoc on her mind. Harry was always there and they talked often, about their future, about the boys, but always from the bed. She was always in the bed. Her limbs felt so antsy, her legs wanted to run even though she knew that was impossible in her current shape. But that was how restless she was.

Even so, it was a great moment to see

showing something alarming? Why couldn't she move?

And then a sound startled her into movement. It was Harry. He had thrown the door open, looking troubled. But upon seeing him, something in her calmed and she was able to breathe again. Although she faintly wondered when she had held her breath.

That moment of relief lasted a few seconds.

Because, behind him, was a man she had never thought to meet.

It was her stalker


"I should leave."

"No, I need to explain everything to her. You being here would make it easier."

"But wasn't I the reason she fainted in the first place? I'm telling you this isn't a good idea. You're my uncle and all but I don't think you know women well."

"Trust me. I've been with a lot of women and I think my years of experience counts for something."

"Really? Your begging for me to stay doesn't add to that image."

"Uncle?"Elena croaked, her eyes fluttering open. She had regained consciousness a few moments earlier and managed to follow the conversation. Recognising Harry's voice, she had been intrigued by the other man's voice. He sounded young. Her sight was blurry for a few seconds but it cleared up soon after. And, lo and behold, the person in her sight was him. That man. Letting put a yelp, she tried to move away from him but the bed was to small and her girth made it impossible. Looking around, she ignored Harry, wanting to get leave the man's presence.

"W-wait. I can explain, "the man said. She heard him but didn't, couldn't, register his words. The only thing she noticed, in her panic, was his voice. He sounded like the young man, the one who called Harry "uncle". She stilled. He called Harry "uncle"? Meaning Harry was his uncle? Harry was an uncle?

"You're an uncle?"she asked Harry, turning to him. He was on the other side of the bed. His brows rose from the sudden question and his eyes shifted around but, eventually, he nodded. "Since when?"

"I, um, I just found out. Ah, before that, let me introduce you." Moving to the same side as the man, Elena couldn't help but shrink back when her eyes landed on him. "Elena, this is my nephew, Noah. Noah, this is my fiancee, Elena."

She froze for another reason now.


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