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   Chapter 55 55 - Resolution

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Harry was, honestly, lost. Reliant? Reliant on what? And how did they get from sexual frustration to this? What was their relation? Was there even a relation? Should he ask for an explanation? He was about to open his mouth but looking at Elena, and her serious eyes, he decided against it. But she was obviously expecting an answer. What was he going to say?

This conversation had derailed from tracks he had planned. He had wanted to slowly talk through what had happened and introduce Noah. And he did start off on the right path. He knew he did. However, she had thrown a wrench in his plan when she had gone on about their continuous fights. Which, before he had had a chance to agree, led to Gail, sexual frustration and then him relying on anyone.

He would admit to himself that he could never follow the thought processes of women. They were beautiful creatures with unfathomable minds. He would always think that he had figured them out only for them to go a total one-eighty. That's why his secretary was a woman. And being around Elena specially reinforced this. But, while it exhausted him, he liked this part of her. He never knew what they were going to talk about and that charmed him. Although not now, when they were having this serious conversation.

Deciding on the direct approach, especially since her brows were furrowed even deeper as the second passed, he took a deep breath and asked, "Can I know why you're asking this question?"

"Why? What do you mean why? Isn't it a simple yes or no question? So since you're asking this, does that mean that you don't ever rely on anyone?"

"What?!"he exclaimed, feeling like he was threading on a slippery road. Even though he couldn't see what and where the path was, he felt that a careless answer was going to spell doom for their relationship. His mind moving faster than in any other meeting, he tried to bring up examples to support his case. "That is the wrong conclusion. I have relied on others plenty of times. I have to rely on my secretary, my staff, my housekeeper-"

"But no one in an intimate sense? No one who you share your feelings, your burdens with?" From her downcast expression, he knew his efforts had fallen short. But her response confused him. Intimate? What did she mean? Anyway, he needed more. More. Something with emotions. Stronger emotions. When? How?

The only person he could think about was her, Elena. Any emotion-filled moment had only involved her. But how could he convey them? In this area, he was as tongue-tied as elementary school boy talking to his crush. As uncoordinated as a teenager unhooking his first bra. As anxious as a high-schooler drinking his first beer.

"It's ok, Harry. You don't have to think so hard or come up with something. I know you're uncomfortable about emotions. I guess emotions leave even you vulnerable. I'll just have to get over this. I mean the boys comes first, right?"

Harry didn't know what to do. He felt like, instead of just being derailed, this conversation was now a high speed train, moving further and further from him. What was happening? Why couldn't he talk? He needed to explain himself. Needed to tell her of his resolve. But she continued without giving him any room to cut in.

"Anyway, do you know when I can leave? The dinner is tomorrow night and we need to be there to confront him. Did you manage

reiterated her answer. "No, that is the last thing I want. I don't want what my parents had."

"Something we can both agree with. That applies to my parents too. Then what about us? What do we want? But before that, what do you want? Do you even want to be in a relationship with me?"

"I don't know. I like you. You're hot, sexy, successful. Maybe not at this point in time but if given enough time, you'll be back on top. So there's perseverance. Then there's all your other bad stuff. Like your temper, impatience, aloofness. And, honestly, I don't know if I can deal with all that." Her eyes fixed on his chest, Elena couldn't look into his face. She had to be brutally honest here. He was showing her the same courtesy but it didn't feel good. She was feeling quite queasy now.

"Alright. Not going to lie, that hurts but this is a safe environment. And this needs to be done for us to move forward. In my case, I love you. So much. You're a refreshing breath of air that I need in my life. When you were gone, I didn't know what to do. You've been in my world, in my shoes, so you understand what I'm going through. But you left, and the reason you left is a sticking point for us. Having adjusted to living on your own, you've built a shield that, when provoke, attacks. Plus your hormones are at another level, "he said, ending with a joke. Or a half-joke as she acknowledged that her hormones are a problem in and of itself.

She had to smile. He was so candid and honest that any sting was erased immediately. And she had a feeling that he had something profound but couldn't comprehend it. A problem for another day. They had more important things to figure out.

"What now?"she asked, looking up at him. Looking like he had a weight lifted off his shoulder, he looked years younger. Despite the seriousness of their talk, she, too, felt a few pounds lighter. "I still want to get married before giving birth to the boys."

"Then let's start afresh. We can get married by tomorrow but develop this relationship slowly. We don't have to rush in getting to know each other and this way, we can share the responsibility of taking care of the boys too. So how about it? Will you marry?"

She didn't have to think twice.


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