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   Chapter 54 54 - Waking up

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Thanking the nurses and doctor while they were leaving, all the tension and stress left her once the door closed. She hadn't expected the onslaught of medical professionals the moment she had woken up. Since she had been expecting a quiet moment, the entrance of that woman had not been welcomed. Although it was kind of worth it to see Harry sputtering awake.

But, now, finally, she had some time to herself.

"Finally, they're gone."

Or maybe not, she grimaced to herself, watching her friend enter. As much as she was happy at her appearance, a bit of time to absorb what had happened would be appreciated. Not realising her grimace having turned to a scowl, she waited for her always talkative friend to start. She always talked, even when the situation didn't call for it.

"So, what happened?"Gail asked, her hand covering hers, Tears suddenly welling up in her eyes, Elena was too choked up to say anything. The silence that came after reminded her that Gail was her friend for a reason. Sure she talked a lot but when it mattered, she had the best listening ear. And, when she was at her most uncertain, most unsure, she was there for her.

Spilling everything to her, what had happened since they had last met, since their lunch a couple of weeks ago. When she was next aware of herself, Elena found herself crying into Gail's shoulder, letting out the fear, the indecision, the pain. Embarrassed, she drew back and tried to stop sniffling. But everything felt lighter, felt brighter when she finally let her go.

"Are you done? Is this over now?"Gail asked when Elena laid back on her bed.

"Screw you, "Elena responded, not liking her indifferent tone. She had opened her heart to her and this was her response? Sometimes, she wondered why they were friends.

"No, I think the one who wants to do the screwing is you."

"What are you talking about?" Taken aback, Elena wasn't able to do more than gape at her.

"Maybe it's because I haven't been in the loop in a while but isn't this all just your sexual frustration messing with your mind? You were pretty horny when you first got back to him. Maybe his lack of interest warped your mind and everything he does is an attack to you."

"That doesn't even make sense, "Elena protested. She couldn't believe what had been said. How had she even get to that conclusion? "This is a legit concern. I mean, if this was all it took to make him go so far as to push me against a wall, who's to say he won't go even further?"

"Like hit you?"


"Do you really think he's going to hit you? The man who looked up your information after a one night stand?"

"That just shows how creepy he is."

"The man who became putty in your hands when you cried?"

"Not used to being around crying women."

"The man who brought an entire ultrasound machine just because you can't bear to be in a clinic?"

"Rich men can get whatever they want, no matter how ridiculous their requests."

"Then why are you chasing after him?"

"I'm not chasing after him. What have I ever done to show that?"

"I don't know. Maybe it was when you left his house and then going back? Your constant talking and worrying about him during lunch? Or the fact that you were practically glowing when he came back into your life? I think these all mean something."

"No they don't."

"I think thy lady dost protests too much."

This was going nowhere, El

er Gail had said as an explanation. For some reason, that hit a bit too close to the truth. She could only look at him in silence. Fortunately, he continued without probing further. "I'm sorry."

Elena was stunned. Those were the last words she had ever expected from him. What was happening? Did hell freeze over? That was the only explanation she could think of. And what was he sorry about? Maybe it was the effect of her shock but nothing came to mind. It was a good thing he wasn't looking at her.

"I'm sorry for suspecting you of working together with Xavier. For a moment there, my paranoia took over and I was going to do anything to get you to admit. I'm ashamed that it took me too long to realise that you were having a panic attack. Can you forgive me?"

Blank, that was Elena's state of mind. No words, just pure emotion. Now that he spoke about it, everything returned. The anger, the fear, the hallucination-inducing paranoia. The insecurity she felt upon gaining consciousness. They were all reasons to stay away from him. The reason she left him when he had lashed out on her previously. But another desire was fighting against this urge for self-preservation. The need to stay with him, be close to him. She was vascillating between the two so much that she felt tire.

"Oh, Harry, "she said on a sigh. "I know we've talked about it but what are we going to do about us? This is something we are always grappling about. We fight, we talk and things are resolved. Then, not even a minute later, we are at each other's throats again. Just what is the underlying issue? Is Gail right? Are we just too sexually frustrated? Or is it something even more fundamental? Is it a lack of trust?"

"Sexually frustrated? I'm not frustrated. This is not the longest I've been without sex. And-"

"That's great for you then, "she bit out, sulking for some reason. When she realised this, she was surprised. Was this the sexual frustration that Gail had talked about? But the frustration wasn't purely sexual in nature. Delving deeper, Elena realised that this had more to do with Harry's utter rejection of her as a partner and equal.

Or was she overthinking this?

Then the best way to resolve this was to probe further.

"Have you ever relied on anyone?"

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