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   Chapter 53 53 - Nephew Revelation

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Harry knew the two of them had been staring at Noah for a while but he couldn't help it. He wasn't even sure his ears were working. Did he hear the wrong thing? The boy, Noah, couldn't have said what he had. Right?

"Cousin?"Cameron suddenly said, resting his forehead on his hands which were propped up on the table. "Like biological cousin? Related by blood? Like your parents are siblings? Siblings instead of, like, more distant relations? Like your parent is a distant cousin of ours? Those kind of cousins?"

"Yes. No. Ah, yes that, um, my parent is related by blood, "Noah mumbled in reply. It was obvious he was reluctant to speak on this topic. But the men were not going to let it go. This was an unexpected development. Obviously, if he even entertained the thought of running away, they would give chase immediately. And with Cameron being a former football player, his stamina was still nothing to laugh at, even if his speed might have been affected by age and disuse.

"Not like how Cameron's kids and mine are cousin? Not that kind of connection?"Harry interjected. For some reason, he wasn't able to wrap his head around this concept. Most probably because he didn't want to come to the inevitable conclusion. From the way Cameron was scowling, he, too, didn't want to reach there either.

"So, Harry, do you have a sister or another brother I have never heard of?"

"Cam, I know we're avoiding the issue here but that's just dumb, "Harry snapped, rubbing his temple with his thumbs. Ignoring his cousin's glare, he looked at Noah. "In other words, you're saying you're Xavier's kid?"

"That's what my mom tells me everytime I ask about my dad, "Noah responded, his tone becoming increasingly sullen. Harry could tell that their questions had hit a sore spot. And he wanted to believe him. But, but-

"Why is this the first time I'm hearing about this?"Harry finally asked the question that was burning in his chest. "The age gap between Xavier and I is big enough that I'm not that surprised about him having a kid. But one at your age? You're twenty, at most twenty-one. Meaning he had you when he was finishing college? Does no one in the family know about this?"

"Yeah. At first glance, I wouldn't peg you for Xav's kid. You look more like Harry's. Your hair, eyes, nose, it's like a perfect copy-"

"Cam, what the hell are you talking about? And how does this help-"

"Ah, I'm seventeen."

"What?"Cameron and Harry asked. Another shock to add to the day. He thought he was growing immune to them. But his immunity hadn't fully developed yet so he still felt some reverberation in his heart and mind.

"I skipped a couple of grades and am in the second year of university, "Noah hurriedly explained beneath the eyes of his uncles. Apparently, he had crumbled. "I happened to come across the internship recruitment post and managed to get it. But when I heard about my dad taking over, I quit-"

"Why? With Xavier taking over, wouldn't your life and work be easier?"Cameron asked curiously.

"No. My dad doesn't know about me."

Another incomprehensible statement.

Xavier didn't know about him? Surely not. As irresponsible as he was now, back then, he

e should stop but it was like a downward spiral. The beeping became louder and more frequent. A movement beside her caught her eyes and broke her out of the spiral.

Looking down anxiously, she relaxed when familiar brown hair greeted her. Laying his head on his bent arms, Harry was sleeping with his head right by her hand. Said hand couldn't help but come up to lie on his head. How long had he been there? And with his long body, this sleep surely wasn't comfortable.

Seeing him, memories of what had happened flooded her. She knew it had something to do about their fight about the stalker. For some reason, seeing him, knowing there had actually been someone following her, had made it all to real for her, She had seen his shadow everywhere.

And Harry hadn't helped. He had pushing her so much. She could still see him in her mind, demanding answers from her. She involuntarily shrank back from him. Her breathing, which had calmed down, became shallower and faster.

Did she really want to spend her life with him? Who's to say that this wouldn't happen again? Hadn't it happened before? He pushed, she pushed, she pulled away, she came back. She had done a lot just to stay by his side. But he had always pushed her away. Yet, even as half of her, the bigger half, wanted to protect herself, the other half was adamant in being with him. Was this what people called "blinded by love"?

Biting her lips in uncertainty, her hand unconsciously moved over his head. His hair was so soft for a man, she observed faintly. Feeling movement, her other hand came up to pat at that spot while her lips lifted up into a smile. It was so nice to have the guys around. It was especially peaceful when they all weren't talking.

She still hadn't resolved her fear of him. And this wasn't something she could overcome on her own. But from the way Harry was laying there, it was clear he cared about her. Whether he was able to talk calmly about the stalker was another thing. But she drew comfort from his presence.

And enjoy this rare time where peace reigned between the two of them.

"Elena? Oh my god, you're awake."

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