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   Chapter 52 52 - Stalker

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Although Harry wanted to start on his resolve as soon as possible, the person who was the center of his world was still unconscious. And she had been so for the past ten hours. Laying his head on his folded arm on the bed, he looked forlornly at Elena. He was glad that April and Jason had left; it would be very awkward if he had an audience.

Why hadn't she regained consciousness? He had no illusions about himself. He knew he was the cause, the very reason she was here. But how was he supposed to apologise, to redeem himself if she wasn't awake?

The nurse who had come in to check on her vitals had taken pity on him and suggested he talked to her. When he had looked at her askance, she explained herself.

"It's been proven that patients who suffer brain or psychological damage can hear what is being said around them. So it's best if the surrounding is filled with positivity. Especially from a loved one. Why don't you give it a try?" Like a mother nudging their kid to greet the children in the playground, the nurse had patted his shoulder once and left.

Now, hours after she had left, he was considering her suggestion. But a part if him felt the awkwardness of speaking to a comatose Elena. There wasn't even any guarantee she could hear him. And what was he supposed to talk about?

He wanted to apologise to her so much that his eyes were twitching. But he didn't want to start on a such heavy topic. And he wanted her to be awake and aware when he did it. Casting around the room for a harmless topic, he settled on the stuffed bear April had bought before returning to their hotel.

"Hey, um, Els. I don't know whether you can hear me or not. I mean you're not even responsive to the slightest noise. How can my voice reach you, right? We've fought so much, I pushed you to the breaking point and now we're here-"

Realising what he was talking about, he forced himself to stop. What was he doing? Didn't he just tell himself to keep the heavy stuff until later? When she was awake? Conscious? Shaking his head, like a wet dog, he began describing the toy.

"So, anyway, April bought you a stuffed bear. It's big- Scratch that, it's huge. It's almost the height of the bed when it sits on the floor. The face is… cute, I guess. It's bear-ish but no self respecting bear would wear that ridiculous bowtie. I mean, it's so constricting. When I wore it, it felt like a boa constrictor was squeezing the air out of me. And that heart, "he shuddered, "any man would have their Man Card taken away. Not that I know if the bear is a man or not. They don't put genitals on them. Wait, maybe that bowtie is an indication of gender. Or this is a female bear who likes to cross dress-"

"Harry? What are you doing here?"

His jaws snapping shut, Harry sat up and looked at the door. It was Sharon. Surprised, since Jason hadn't managed to get in touch with them before they'd left, he hoped she hadn't heard any of his rambling. Hoping she couldn't see the heat creeping up his neck, he got to his feet.

"Sharon, "he exclaimed loudly. A bit too loudly, he realised, so he spoke fast to cover that. "It's a surprise to see you here. I mean, it's not like I didn't expect to see you but, you know, April was saying she can't call you. She was complaining loudly about it, even saying you dragged her to this shop earlier only to leave soon after. So, um, I didn't think you got the message. Uh, where's Cam?"

Silence reigned. Harry had to stop himself from rambling further. His embarrassment was taking full control of his tongue and using any and every topic to leave false trails. But he had a feeling all the trails were leading back to the reason for his embarrassment. Reining in the urge to run his hand over his face, he looked at the oddly quiet Sharon.

Her face was so red and hot that he could feel it all the way from the other end of the bed. Playing with her fingers, her eyes were fixed on the floor. Hoping he hadn't said anything offensive, not that he could recall what he had said, for the second time that night, he had to

o, more like boy, muttered, sinking into his chair and looking away. That just reinforced the impression of a boy in Harry's opinion. Suddenly he straightened and slammed his hand onto the table. "I don't know why I have to be treated like this. I am an American citizen. I have the right to be anywhere I want."

"Does that include following my fiancee around? Like a stalker? That you are?"Harry demanded tightly. It was taking all his effort to not reach over and wrap his hands around his scrawny neck.

"I wasn't stalking anyone."

"What are you talking about? Clearly you were. I mean, what do you call following someone around without their knowledge? Elena saw you enough times that she can even identify you."

"They are called paparazzis and there is a legitimate reason."

"So you're following her to sell incriminating information?"

"What? Of course not. What kind of person do you think I am?"

"I don't know but I don't like the attitude you're showing, brat."

Suddenly, Harry felt something pushing on his chest. Blinking, he was surprised to find himself standing, shoving his face against Noah. He had no recollection about getting to his feet. It must have been done within the heat of the moment. And the pressure he felt was from Cameron's hand. Cameron who had also gotten his feet when the air had gotten too heated.

"Calm down. We are in a public area and I don't want this to devolve into a fight, "Cameron said, forcing the two of them apart. They resisted but his years as a football player made quick work of their resistance. In the end, they were separated. In a fit of temper, Noah dropped to his chair. Looking away when Cameron's eyes turned to him, Harry felt himself pouting before taking a seat again. Once ascertaining they wouldn't jump to their feet, Cameron sat as well.

"Now, let's examine the facts. Noah, I don't know what is going on exactly but I can't help but notice that you aren't refuting Harry's claims that you have been following Elena. So to set the record straight, have you? Been following Elena around, I mean, "Cameron asked. Harry wanted to protest, he was certain that he had. And, as per his cousin's observation, he had practically indicated he was guilty. What was the point of asking? He was just going to lie-

"Fine. Yeah, I have been following Elena, "Noah admitted. Harry immediately shot to his feet, ignoring Cameron who mirrored his actions. That wasn't important. "But I didn't mean anything bad about it. I was just looking out for her since she's pregnant with my cousin- Ah, I mean, she's pregnant so I was worried…"

His voice had petered out after his revelation. The other two men were stunned.


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